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March 24, 2012

Saturday has its own journey. It can't be stopped, nor it can be advanced. It steadily go a week after week.

It may not be a great and full of fun Saturday for you but for Saturday, it is already a fun one since it already passed then, don't you think? He! What made me think of such. Alright, it's the start of weekend. I may not be going to shop or stroll the way I want to, I many not be as happy and relax as the other Saturdays but for sure, I am happy that my DH can stay in our house as he don't get up early five o'clock in the morning (5:00 a.m.) for seven o'clock (7:00 a.m.) work and come back at after six o'clock in the afternoon going evening (6:00 pm). He may have stuffs to go which needs him to go out in the house but not that much compared of him working in the office. The catch? I can wash clothes, have a long shower and anything that need attention of our daughter Sam as a sitter. I don't do things which take long or out in the house (doing laundry is meters away out in our apartment though it is just here in the complex) without Sam's sitter.

And so, have a great Saturday! Smile. :-)

March 27, 2011

It were two consecutive Sundays (before this day, Sunday) that I had guavas bought from farmer's market. This time, supposed-to-be the third consecutive Sunday, no guavas for me. It is the fact that there's no guavas in farmer's market anymore (and I do not know if it has still or none but I am more convince FM still has it lately, FM hours by the way is early in the morning up to 1 p.m.) but because I shop not at farmer's market. I went to 168 Supermarket for the sake of getting more vegetables and stuffs I like to have and good for the baby-in-my-tummy too than in the former. So I sacrifice the guavas, roasted shelled peanuts (hubby's favorite) and banana cake. These three are my favorite buys in there. And yes, I got it more than just that three in 168 SM. I even had what I want more than what I imagined to get. ;-) So no regrets, I still had the shelled roasted peanuts but not as good as in FM, the other two I haven't got (169 SM don't have it) but as I said, I got others which can substitute such though I ought to get the guavas. I thought there would have something in the latter but then fine. No regrets! I still had a great Sunday despite some other stuffs I don't have. ;-) I wasn't able to attend mass but I guess God will understand because it's been so cold lately and am afraid I would be dizzied in the church. Thanks Lord God for this day. ~hugs&kisses~

How about you, how was your weekend/Sunday?

January 08, 2011

It has been Saturday already which obviously following this day will be Sunday and it will a word day to those who work in private or public establishments. To those who are just in the house, a homemaker like me, then probably you will be going to miss your spouse being with you during weekends and spoiling you unlike the weekdays which mostly you are going to see each other during noon break and night time. I am not complaining though, just saying. Really, it is not only sometimes but we have to exercise expressing what is on our mind not because we have something to get or alike but just to let what our thoughts flow without hesitation but of course, it should entail no badness but with the thought of it would not harm  or hurt others depending upon how it should have to be delivered if telling such would make one a better person or would make the situation better, huh!

Okay, just saying, Happy Saturday or weekend everyone! Have fun!

November 06, 2010

Hello ladies and gentlemen! How have you been doing all? I hope you are in a great condition and all are in best. I know we cannot have it all but at least, we have all the healthy strong body and great, sharp mind. We should not always forget that whenever we have trials (which is normal), let us just think about it as spices of life (which is true) and it will be gone not too soon but it will (well, it is either be so soon, soon, or it will come on its right time) be gone and what comes in is what we really wanted to be. Hooray to that! Isn't that sharp? Alright, I do not want to make this long since I know you also have something to read after this which I bet it interests you (of course *wink*). Now, let me greet you all  a "have a great fulfilling" weekend! Have a great bonding with friends or family (or both)! I wish you all the best of everything. :-) ~hugs&kisses~

October 29, 2010

(Contribution by Saul Martin)

When I think of the Fall, I think about Rugby. The best time for a little rugby is just as the leaves start touching the ground and the weather gets a little nasty. I've been playing rugby with my friends ever since I was a wee little tot and while I enjoy a spot of angling as well in the Fall, rugby is most definitely my favorite of all the fall sports. 

Nowadays, I often play with my roommates on the weekends. Since we all go out for the entire day, we make sure to set our home security alarm (ADT CA online offer) before we go. After throwing all our gear and a cooler in the trunk, we head over to the store for some liquor and grub. Once we reach the field at Skyline we flip a coin to pick the teams and get started with the 1st game. Afterward we all down some ale and then we get on to game number two. We continue on this path for as many games as we can go. It's quite hysterical once we're getting on to games number six or seven. By then most of us are well liquored up and not in our right state of minds. It really doesn't matter who wins or loses, its all in good fun. Although I'm not sure all my friends would agree with me on that one.

October 19, 2010

I know this just put-up or saved-up and it was supposedly published Monday but then here I am. Sorry about that or sorry to myself I wasn't able to do what I wanted to finished, my goal was messed up though it's not that too late, yeah? ;-)And so how's your weekend? Mine went great. I finally able to attend mass after how many Sundays missed. I know, I put it on my FFI meme as planned and hopefully realized (okay, seldom only I missed the filling-ins, okay? Now you're relieved? Hehehe.. :-P) but then circumstances that can't be avoided came to take a place. No worries because am still here and it still published, eh? Thanks to you for reading this.

And so what other happened last weekend passed? Had my grocery which I always enjoy doing. It was just months ago DH let me shopped alone and he's at the parking lot or in the house and as soon as am done, I just have call him. It is not that he do not know how to shop, in fact he does it great, but then I can feel I do it greater! Nyahaha.. yep, because I am in charge in the kitchen, am homemaker you know.. :) and I love it!

What else? Hemmm.. (thinking).. I guess you may like to supply what's missing, I mean how was your weekend?

August 16, 2010

Hi folks, thanks for being here. How are you? How was your weekend? Mine was not a fruitful one but good thing I was able to relax my mind as well as my physique. It was quiet a pretty hot weekend which triggers my body to get about into trouble. I mean, I was about to catch a cold because of it. Ooh well. I just hope everything's great there on you despite of all the trials and struggles like mine. Well, as I always said and I believe trials and struggles will come-by. It may not very soon but it will, so let us just being hopeful and optimistic in our life's journey in general as what we do will echo unto us. :-) It is great and better that way, don't you think? ;-) Aright, seems like I was just from problems and alike huh! Whatever it is, I tell not to make people sad but lively despite all of it. I have shares of miseries and woes too not to mention embarrassments but that's life. We have to grow-up and learn from our mistakes and get rid of the person who cannot relate unto thee. :-) Let us choose how to live what we like and want in our life but of course with precautions and being responsible. *wink* And so with that, I have to say have a great Monday!

July 25, 2010

Just leaving something before I am heading off to church for a Sunday five o'clock afternoon mass for today. As I can remember, Sunday eleven morning mass is my favorite time hearing the words of God through the bible. Though I was not used to go an 11 a.m. mass as while I was still back in country home but surprisingly I easily adopted it here. And now, for two times in a row, I like more attending this afternoon (going night time) mass. Why? It was because there is a pretty young girl's voice band. Nope, I am not in church just for that but it brings more great ambiance. Yep, not because of the four-seasons banana cake below which is my favorite. ;-) It just feels like a sort of. :)
I bought that yummy foodies above so I do not know how to make it but surely it is yum-o! Signing-off now. I leave that sweet deliciously cook foodies above. I have to prepare myself for such an important and great Sunday celebration -- bonding with God and great folks. Ciao for that banana cakes! ;-) Happy Sunday (or Monday to other parts of the globe) all! :-) ~hugs&kisses~

July 06, 2010

Yep, it was a long weekend here in United States of A or the entire America especially to those who were celebrating. Much more to the Thursday-off government employees (like my DH) but pending of works to do which need to be done today if there are backlogs to tend to. The 4th of July fell Sunday, though folks were celebrating on Sunday but the observation of the holiday (commemoration of America's birthday), was yesterday -- Monday. So it was a four-days off for Thursday-off government employees or private establishments exercising the same way. Whatever it is, the thing was it was a fun weekend! How was yours on your side? To those who were celebrating, how was your 4th of July celebration? What did you do?

Mine was a fun though DH and I were just in the house. We just got some foods outside (to and fro for many times in a day, I love it! I took a lot of pictures too, lol) and ate in our humble rented-abode. Just had some internet thing, watched movies and some little house chores in observation of the holiday. It was great to just be lazed and I would like it not to be ended but that is just an imagination. Back to stressful weekdays again. Ha! We just have to manage and hurdle all the stuffs here and there, whatever! ;-)

How was yours on your end? I bet you had a great one on your long weekend journey. That's great (or you can share about it -- should you like to, of course but it's great if you share even just some sentence)! *wink* ;-) ~hugs&kisses~

May 24, 2010

My weekend with my dear husband went well. It's pretty great though I wasn't able to go to church (sorry Lord, promise I will go next Sunday --- rain or shine) but other than that, our plan went smoothly. We went to places that we planned to went and even had our photos together as well as pictures for my passport for renewal and stuffs like that. I went twice to photo center to get additional copies and also had a big photocopied picture together. Then lo and behold, our fun together watching movie and NBA western conference final (though Los Angeles Lakers loss for game 3 against Phoenix Arizona team but that's okay because the first 2 games against each other were in favor of my favorite team, Lakers. waaa.. ;-) Its 4th game (LA Lakers vs Phoenix Arizona) by the way will be tomorrow at 8 PM ET or 5 PM PDT.

To continue my wit with my weekend, I had some cooking and doing some pending household chores. Last night, myself was able to finished the movie "Rudy" though it ended up to eleven o'clock but slow volume of just two. You know.. DH already asleep because he wakes up five o'clock every work days, am just glad that he let me finished to watch the movie. I just liked it (the movie) because it is a struggle over patience and perseverance with his hard work and smartness to acquire his dream, to get into a famous school "Notre Dame" and its football team, Fighting Irish in such school. He's juggling over a lot of trials to get into it (in addition of his inspiration after his bestfriend's death) until he's about to give up, just so glad that he didn't bought the negative thought and his team mates and inspirations was with him at about end. It was a great movie (though DH said it's a dull one.. waaa.. well, that is also because he can't watched it because he needed to get a good sleep). So that was it, I (and DH) was also able to grab pizza hut's deal $10 all size (small, medium, large --- it is still its prize nowadays, you can grab it if you like to eat pizza) with an order meat lover's (our fave) with a lot of green bell peppers and olives, soft drinks also at the side with an equal bill of $17 bucks delivered unto our home apartment. It's a great weekend!

How was yours?

May 10, 2010

:-( Aw.. not so.. ;-) It was just that I wasn't able to do my plan to update what I want to update. The thing is it was ruined of my poor stomach behavior (for the negative sides) and the laze part as my internet thing went up to the maximum drama... ah ha hah! Yep, just in time that I wanted to do it, for some reason either my stomach cramp or had gastroenterology, or either my internet connection is down.. it won't cooperate as in, the obstacles of my blogging journey won't get rid of me that time... Ooh ha! I seriously wanted to do it way-back two days from my birthday (it was Wed is my birthday, so supposedly I should have did it by Friday or Saturday or Sunday! Ha ha! But nope, as I said obstacles won't get rid of me. Aside from house stuffs and family matters bonding and such (both here and Phils through chat and calls), I was out of time. Ooh well, did I rant my blues? And now you understand (if you like to)... ;-) *winkz*... Alright, that's my weekend with blues of my blogging journey but on my family/close family circle and friends moment, it was so very happy... as in all smiles... :-) How was yours, folks? I bet you had a great one! Whatever it is, if not, we still have to be happy (since sadness won't last)! ;-) ~hugs&kisses~

April 19, 2010

Mine, was a bit of low. I mean just normal but a lazy weekend. LOL... Ooh well, that is why weekend is a fave of mine.. he he he!.. I can be lazed as I want to. Ooh yeah, I was not able to finish my task. :-( Okay, during weekend hubby is in the house at that time and with that, I am not alone just like weekdays that he is at work. Thought I got used with it but it is still different. Also, hubby likes to spoiled me sometimes and so does me likes to spoiled him to the sense that he orders me an outside foods and I can cook him his fave breakfast foods and some other snacks and heavy meals, yeah I do that on weekdays but not much especially breakfast. DH does not eat breakfast when he is going to work unlike weekend. I am having a great weekend in a slow-pace mode. The thing was I haven't went to church yesterday because I forgot it. Ooh God, please forgive me. It was on my mind but I just remembered it in the neck of time. I was busy, ooh well it is not an excuse, I know. That is why there was really keep on hunting my mind but it cannot came out. That is why because of going to it. Ooh well, promise --- the next Sunday which is this Sunday coming I will really be prepared of it --- rain or shine. :-) Promise to the Heavenly God. Diary, keep it in memory.

What about you, how was your weekend?

March 16, 2010

coated red snapper fillet {I just ate the other piece of fish:) }with tartar, ketchup and hot sauce, french fries, bread, and macaroni salad

Yep, that was the usual lunch of mine during weekends because my dear husband likes to get food from outside and I like it so that I am free from kitchen sometimes (though I like to be in kitchen to prepare foods for my beloved). Did I mention before that I cannot be full without any rice on my food even if it is already a heavy meal for common Americans? Yep, am like that before but not until now. I can now eat without rice and full. :-) Yay! That is one of my great achievement. :-) So, am convincing my tummy and taste buds that I can already live without rice sometimes and perhaps I can already eat a week without eating rice. That would be cool (one day)! So that is my typical lunch of either tilapia and catfish or that red snapper. The tilapia won't need anymore coating but this red snapper and catfish really need one. When it comes to its drink to pair with the lunch. My DH usually get soft drinks or lemonade but sometimes I just only want water. Yep, sometimes weird but at least it saves more that being weird. :-)So, my tummy is already happy and contented! :-)

March 15, 2010

Weekend is over and now I have a manic Monday! --- It is not a problem though. :-) I am already charged for this another stressful week... (~_~). After having a two consecutive luxurious sleep (yeah sleeping makes me energetic), I am so happy to announce I am energetic again. :-) Yeah, that is all I want and I guess everyone does want that too. I hope you guys have your best of everything. And also I come to analyze the problem of my handy cam why there is no face detection I can find upon reading and reading on its manual. It was not specified there and I thought there was something I did that it did not showed up what has to show. Ooh my.. I was pissed a bit that time but glad I was able to analyze the problem after several attempts. I was happy then. One thing also that the weekend was a blast to me is it was because of the baptism of my "bessy" baby that I attended. It was really a fun one. We had laughs with the folks attended that it seemed we really were that already friends before. Several of them was my first met but we already clicked with our attitudes and that is the idea of laughing out loud... as in hahaha.. (LOL)... :-) even without that particular topic of discussions but we really can get what it was and just laugh without any hesitation and shyness. And also my DH showed in the last minute and also had a blast! It was such a very happy baptism celebration aside from the many different courses of different nationality of foods.. hehehe.. :-) From sea foods to beef, pork, chicken, desserts as well as exotic ones! Yep, from foods to laughs --- I/We had a blast! I would like to grab this opportunity to the host (or the family) and to the folks attended that made my day. :-)

How was yours folks? I bet you guys was having a great weekend bonding with family and friends as well.. How was it?

November 22, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Tomorrow is another day. New steps for another journey! Ooh well, tomorrow is Sunday - a relaxing day. Happy Sunday folks! I bet you will be busy tomorrow for family bonding, cooking, going to church, and more fun, eh? Enjoy.. I cannot say more but be happy!

November 09, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Today is Monday, so how's your weekend folks? As for me, it's okay. I got a lot of rest with my hubby. Ooh well bonding moment time when there's no work for him then. At Saturday, just some little cleaning in the house, grocery time, and went to get my dried fish -- well not really the dried fish that I want (bakay) but dried squid I had. Perhaps next time to other store (far though). Anyway, I also got some Indian mackerel fish and I fried it, suddenly hubby liked it! I just got the bones after fried with olive oil (olive oil is good for people on diet) for his convenience. I got also pan-de-leche bread which I love to eat every now and then for snacks and breakfast with coffee and milk. I also got durian fruit which I miss it so much. Then yesterday (Sunday), same as usual daily household chores, cooking, etc. then watched football (college football and the matched-up of San Diego Chargers vs. New York Giants = Chargers won with one point) and sci-fi movies (the old movie Alien vs. Predator, etc). All in all it was okay. I love it having a lazy day.. (~_~) I don't want to get always excited which I got from my hubby who is just cool. (~_~)

October 18, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Just want to say Happy Sunday! Or lemme say Happy Monday at the other side of the world! Have fun and enjoy this day! I hope you all the best!

Just a glimpse of the weather here in my place, it's kinda windy and gloomy today but no rain. The weather forecast said that it will only goes up to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. It is sun and clouds mixed. Ooh what a day! Great. And am loving it! (~_~)

May 19, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

My weekend had been great though am still busy as a bee me. I even had not gone to church. I would like to say sorry to Lord God for not visiting him last two weekends. Promise this coming weekend I will. How I wish it will be spring class vacation already so I can hit up all my works to do. I still have my printer not yet hooked up and telephone to deal with so I could then use the fax machine which hubby wanted so he will not goes to depot store every time he has something to fax on {as well as me to chitchat nation wide unlimited (~_~)}. I don't have yet time to do that now because I want to take works at a time so there's no mess as to the contracts and terms. Hemmm, my student permit to drive will expire soon some time next month(June) and yet I even haven't touch a car's wheel *huhuhuh* , no time for now. I hope it will be soon but it's okey if not I will just take an examination again about it next year (I guess and planned). Lots of works to do at the house too, in blogging too (heheheh).. I will then update, comments, and so forth blah blah. Well, it will be 3 to 4 weeks to go and it will be school vacation. I will not take summer class anymore so I could have some good time and do the other task from the other side so little patience about it. hemmm.. watch me out and I'll be hitting you folks! I mean you know... or just watch me out optimistically... heheh.. muahhh! Lab yah folks! Have a pleasant week!



May 17, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

It's pretty one week past that me and my hubby went to my co-blogger and friend as well as neighbor in Gingoog City and in Los Angeles (hemm.. lots of adjectives huh? heheh..) - Analou's home in Westchester to visit her. While we're there hubby took a pic of me and my friend as to remembrance. I also have something for my immediate family and she offers to bring it for me. She's one very nice and accommodating friend. I appreciate it. Anyway, hubby got amazed of their garden, I like it too. Her husband have a lovely house too. We could be very near if the old house in front of them is for sale but unfortunately it's not. The good thing about it is that it's near the airport and the house is quiet old and it's just need renovation, the cost is just not too expensive as we(hubby,me, and my friends) saw the face value. Well, that's okay perhaps we're just unlucky about it. The following were the pic for the remembrance.

In the middle of Ann's house going to the rooftop and the billiard hall, wanna play?

my humble friend Ann and me at their garden and at their other room, I love the paintings!

Analou works as a manager at one of RD Pawnshop wayback as she was in our homeland before and she's also working here in Los Angeles now as a sales associate in BBB store. She's one lovely friend and one of the good people I found and treasured. Anyway, she is travelling now going to my one hometown- Gingoog City. I hope all is well. It will be fiesta in there soon on coming May 22, so, Happy Fiesta Gingoognons! Kudos!


April 21, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Huhuhuh. Yep! Supposedly or supposed to be my shopping day of two full length coat(black and brown) at Burlington Factory at Baldwin but in any sense I haven't got it even if it's already there and we're there! What? What happened? That is what I sense will then be your question to me folks if am not mistaken. It's just that I guess of my own word it's a punishment of God to me, as I mentioned in my other post . Well, I don't want to talk it on detail, it's just that we (hubby and me) went to the store using our gps because it's our first time to go in there and it's some kind of far from our home. Hubby just drived me there because I can't find it online as I browse at the e-store . I was just unfortunate enough because it's limited and mostly they sell the short-length coat and for the spring and summer clothes. And I really want to buy it even if it didn't fit to the weather now, it is because it's we can save more if we will buy not for the fit season and also I need it when going to school on windy days and inside the room. So then, it's just happened that we run out of time and eager to go home already. Ahhhh, I felt not good when we're there! so postponed! errr... I will just then browse in internet if there is or hubby will then drive me this weekend too to get it. I tell you folks, it's been how many weeks already that I want to buy of it but am no lucky, maybe this weekend or online as I browse in here. I hope so. I hope it's still on sale! lol. (~_~)
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