February 01, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Today is Sunday- A Catholic Lord's Day. This should supposed to be a relaxation day but opposite for me for am so very busy doing cooking, laundry, cleaning, e-social networking, and updating my bl og! Well, it is because I don't have time for all of these tomorrow 'coz I will have to go to school- it's fulfilling though- that I have the courage to do all the stuff and be busy. Lately, I cooked ampalaya vegetable with eggs and salted shrimps fry. And also a kangkong (which we bought at the Asian m arket 2 days ago- Friday) soup with pork meat. Am glad my husband likes wha t I cook- usu ally he don't like vegetables- it's just seldom he eat when I cook vegetables unless it is lettuce for salad, spinach for shrimp soup, and potato for estofado. Anyway, the following pictures(fresh from my stove) is what I took from my missed and two of my favorite vegetables that i used to eat way back when I was still in the Philippines. Am just glad that I can still eat it here thinking that this is another country of different foods, culture, and lifestyle. My husband told me that I should have to learn eating American Foods and fo r that, am learning the taste of it now. Still, I miss what has been into my m outh before.. heheheh .. Am really glad that I can't miss that much knowing that there's still in here (imported already from Asian Countries and Philippines is one which it came from). Am really glad thanks God. (~_~)

Well, for those who wanna know how I cooked it, here's the recipe:

Ampalaya w/ Eggs and Salted Shrimps Fry:

*2 pcs. bitter melon (ampalaya)
*cooking oil (if possible use olive)
*2 pcs. garlic and 1/4 small onion
*2 eggs
*2 tablespoon salted shrimp fry(from bottle)

*Slice the onion and flatten the garlic(or slice) and set aside.
*Slice the ampalaya, and squeeze get rid of it s bitterness.
*Saute onion and garlic in cooking oil, and place the ampalaya when it's brown already. Wait until half cook- about five(5) minutes then put the eggs and salted shrimp fry. Simmer for two(2) minutes and done! Serve hot and eat with rice. Drinks too of course to avoid choking.. heheheh.. (~_~)

For the Por k Kangkong Soup , here it is:

*half(1/2) a pou nd o f pork l oin chop
*half(1/2) a bundle water spinach (kangkong) vegetable(sold in Oriental or Asian Store)

*Cut the pork loin chop into square as for the soup size and wash. Set aside.
*Slice the onion and flatten the ginger.
*Boil 2-3 cups of water and once boiled: put the pork, ginger, and salt. And wait until it boil again.
*Once boiled again, put the kangkong and sliced onion. And let it boil again for the third time and taste. And done! Serve hot. Good for two(2) persons.


  1. vhingF said...
    do you have kangkong there? gush!!! miss it very much sa sinigang...gutom tuloy ako. hehehe

    thanks on food menu tips.
    Rechie said...
    Klamian kaau ani sis...i sense that you missed filipino foods a lot.. Filipino fooods just ang da best pra nato..I wish i can have some of these foods...
    Cacai_Nad said...
    Yep Chie, da best jud ang lutong-pinoy.. hehehe.. I really miss this food!

    To Vhing, yes there is kangkong in here and dried fish! a lot but my hubby wants me to learn to eat to be familiar with the taste of their food, that's why I just seldom cooked Pinoy Foods. Thanks for dropping-by! muahh!
    chubskulit said...
    wow, i miss kangkong/...

    thanks for following my blog, following yours too..
    Shawie said...
    that's yumm, Beckay! i missed adobong kangkong...just had adobong string beans for dinner which has been frozen for weeks now, hahaha!
    Ruthi said...
    Wow... I missed these all... I missed going to church too. and the ampalaya with bagoong... wow... you make me hungry.

    Joops said...
    Hi Cacai, I have an award for you at my boat, come sail by and grab it please...
    misty said...
    Hi Cacai, just visiting

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