May 10, 2010

:-( Aw.. not so.. ;-) It was just that I wasn't able to do my plan to update what I want to update. The thing is it was ruined of my poor stomach behavior (for the negative sides) and the laze part as my internet thing went up to the maximum drama... ah ha hah! Yep, just in time that I wanted to do it, for some reason either my stomach cramp or had gastroenterology, or either my internet connection is down.. it won't cooperate as in, the obstacles of my blogging journey won't get rid of me that time... Ooh ha! I seriously wanted to do it way-back two days from my birthday (it was Wed is my birthday, so supposedly I should have did it by Friday or Saturday or Sunday! Ha ha! But nope, as I said obstacles won't get rid of me. Aside from house stuffs and family matters bonding and such (both here and Phils through chat and calls), I was out of time. Ooh well, did I rant my blues? And now you understand (if you like to)... ;-) *winkz*... Alright, that's my weekend with blues of my blogging journey but on my family/close family circle and friends moment, it was so very happy... as in all smiles... :-) How was yours, folks? I bet you had a great one! Whatever it is, if not, we still have to be happy (since sadness won't last)! ;-) ~hugs&kisses~


  1. Dhemz said...
    hahhaha...murag busy imong life madam sis..our weekend went blues!!

    agi ko dire ...salamat sa dalaw ug comments...tuod, nadawat na nimo imong daug? if you don't like them just let me know...I can give you a!
    Cacai M. said...
    mao jud madam sis... haaay nag-battle mn akong tyan og PC oi.. :( anyhow, am happy for you that you have yours great! :) And you're welcome about comments and visits.. of course.. best eh.. ;-)

    By the way, wla pa nko nadawat mn madam sis.. perhaps unya ky hapon nmn moabot among mailman dre.. I guess pareha japun sa time pag-abot sa imong surprise bday gift nko.. thanks again about it ha.. and about my won of your auctions in listia, heheheh.. refund mn jud.. take it or leave it bya toa so waz na refund2x... hehehe.. bitaw madam sis, am sure I will like it just like your earrings gift to me, I wear from the time it arrived until now, I so love it. This is the hook I want for my ears, it's my first time of just like this and I love it that much. Thanks a lot! I appreciate it so much!

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