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May 06, 2014

Whew! It has been long time having been here!

How's everything, how's everybody? I hope everyone's treating you fairly! As to my end, nothing much, just my birthday the day before this day. Mayo Cinco, eh? Yep, together I celebrate such commemoration!

So how was it?

I don't really had a blast, but all went fairly well. My DH (Dear Husband) is a home-buddy type of person, as in he likes to stay at home 90% (if not 100%) and it's a little "really" thing 'coz you know, it's some kind of a boring thing, but then, that's what he is. Though, he is like that, he still goes out sometimes or should I say drives me and our daughter to somewhere, well it's only sometimes 'coz there are many appointments during the last day of the week for either one of the three of us or for all of us. You don't want to imagine. That's how hectic our schedule is. Also, I could not remember we traveled together for a week or two-weeks vacation. He use some of the hours in a day to have an important appointment, so it is still totaled into full vacation of two-weeks in a year or so, only that it is being spent through getting hours to hours for as I said important appointments. It is some kind of kinda weird but we are saving it for the future, or the money that could be spent for such just has to be saved, or something like that. We are not an extravagant little family. And we're hoping that one day we could spend it the way we deserve. Okay, so much for that. I will be crying if I could go on and on. Whew! And so I can only wish for a site-seeing for famous attractions nearby to which I was not able to enjoy of about five years of stay here in USA with my husband. I don't like to complain.

And so, a day before my natal was a plan to go to Aquarium of the Pacific and yes, hubby is okay for that as I said a birthday treat as a family. Wink. Wink. And I can only be excited. That day will be Sunday, a weekend. So we have to be there at opening time @ 9:00 - 10:00 A.M. to bet the crowds. That's the plan. And I did plan too of what to bring, prepare, and these and those. Night came. And you bet, our princess was not able to sleep early or, sleep @ 7 P.M. and woke-up @ 11 P.M. then up until 2 A.M. Whew! And yes, I was so tired to wake-up early and I was thinking of our princess. So we slept what our body needs. And decided to go to Huntington Botanical Garden and there we go but they're only up to 4:30 P.M. And we left at home 3:00 PM,hubby drove. "is it worth it? " -- that's what was on our mind in the middle of the road going to Huntington BG. And we talked about it. And suddenly I just said, "we will just go to Rose Garden" in Exposition Park in Los Angeles as hubby suggested as he knows the place and he used to go there as it is near where he live when he was a child until high school. As it's already late and we could not enjoy fully the HBG (to think its entrance is $23 each, though free for child and parking) but Rose Garden is free and up until 6:00 P.M., just pay for $10 parking. And hubby thinks that I enjoy roses very much. Just as we were about to turn to San Marino (it's already near the HBG), hubby turned the wheel on to Rose Garden, just was we decided. Yay! Off we went. Hubby started to talk about his used-to-be life whilst in the Exposition Park and told me what are those big buildings are, and these and those. It was great listening and talking to him!

Yes, Rose Garden in Exposition Park is fantastic! It has 145 varieties of roses. I enjoyed looking at the beds and bushes of beautiful fantastic roses. Then I remember the classic story of a fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast where a place of amazing beautiful roses can only be found. And I don't know if there's a place that you can compare of it. Sure enough, I so enjoyed it there. And the moment we found the area to rest to which it is one of the white-painted beautiful rest house inside the Rose Garden. The moment we rested, I then grabbed a corn-in-a-cob and the "suman" that I brought. I got cold drink. The two (my hubby and about-3-yrs old daughter) didn't want anything but me, so off they enjoyed gazing each other in the walking area of the roses' bushes. I got the chance to capture some great memories of them whilst munching on. Then I was done eating. Getting ready to explore the whole garden. Hubby was tired driving and gazing each other (with my daughter), to which he enjoyed. He stayed with the stroller in the big fountain where it is located in the middle. Just so you know, we stayed in the farthest side, so he still was able to enjoy the half-way, although he used to enjoy it (as I said when he was a child until high school). The little lady and I tour around the garden and take pics, running after each other, laugh out loud and even lying the cool clean grasses. Just pure laugh. And the little miss kept saying "hi" to people she saw whilst they look at her. She's my friendly little bug and I can't be more proud. Smile. And ooh did I say that some big birds flying and did its sound. And I got a shot of such! Sounds cool, isn't it? Yeps, it was great surrounded with beautiful 145 varieties of blooming bushes of roses. We wanna go back there next spring!

On my very day, the husband handed me a beautiful big birthday card (with bucks of course. he he he!) with a meaningful and wonderful message, just what I want. :-) A happy birthday, indeed!

(Some pictures in the Rose Garden to be uploaded soon)

November 26, 2013

Medicines, is important in our health. Whether you like it or not, I don't believe you haven't taken a medicine ever once in your life, be it as you're a mom, dad, granny or even if you're a teen and such. We just need medicine in our life. I know right, many of us that as much as possible we love home-made medicines or herbal products and opted taking it first before such medicines. I used of doing that before going to the next level, as in if it cannot be healed through such. True enough, when I was still in my birth country Philippines, I used to take such proven over-the-counter medicines and even until now that I'm already here in United States of A, I still know those. And anyone who wants my suggestions of such specific ones, I can still say like flanax is good for flu, or that enervon hp for individuals supplement for strong bones and muscles. And the list could go on. Ask me and I can tell you more. My folks told me about it. And I can never be more thankful of them for teaching me basic over-the-counter meds to which I need to take when situation calls. We don't need to rush to clinic or to doctors if it is not necessary, such are just enough as first-aid.

What about you, do you take over-the-counter medicines?

April 13, 2013

As a first-time mom and being a mother, my journey has been the most difficult, trying, lonely, confusing, challenging experience I have encountered. I am not complaining because this is what I like and want to be, a mommy and a homemaker. For years, I was in BC and the time that DH and I already planned for a little angel, I was overjoyed when God granted us the desire of our heart. Now our little angel is growing so fast. When she was little, most often, her dad usually bought her toys that are suitable for her age. Now, that she is a little bigger, and ready to explore the outside world, I then bought her a mini scooter just like a kick scooter, to which I helped her in maneuvering it.

I thought this kind of toy is for the boys only. Not until little girls (including my friend C's daughter and son) in the park. When SAM saw them, she also wanted to have herself and so interested to be at it, yes, ride on it. I cannot stop her from doing so because she cried out loud. I gave in, after all, I was with her helping to maneuver the scooter. Furthermore, I tried to position her feet on the scooter’s floor, and put her tiny hands on the bars, she was actually scared but excited as well as so happy about it. Also, when I started to push the scooter slowly, her anxiety started to break off and in just a few minutes, she enjoyed more riding her mini-scooter (with me at her back of course). If the weather is good, especially if the husband has no work, we usually go to the park and let our little angel play, run, walk, swing and the likes. If Sarah is happy, I am happy as well. Her laughter is like music to my ears.

Ooh my SAM. :)

March 12, 2013

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February 18, 2013

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February 08, 2013

Is it okay with you to talk about the end-of-life issues? (Obviously, if you don't like, don't bother to proceed reading ahead)

Haisst! Sorry for my little unpleasant mind. I was just reading about an old man living at the home for the aged for a couple of years. He has lots of plans, in case he died, but no one listens to him. His wife passed away a decade ago, and his children never bothered to visit him even on special days. Only the nurses, workers are his visitors in his room. I feel really sad and almost cried while reading his story. I was wondering why the children never remembered to visit him. Are they living far from that home? Or are they still alive? He mentioned that the last time he saw his youngest son was when he was 50 years old, and now he is 82 years old and wishing that before he died, he wanted to see his children. I prayed that this old man's simple wish would be granted. And I wish the children will read such article in that news and their hearts will be touched to do what is the right thing to do.

December 08, 2012

There are times when I can’t avoid having leftovers. Alright, almost all the time. I do that because I have a young child who always demand my attention. In short, I don't have a lot of time to cook new meals every time. Also, when the husband fails to come home at mealtime or when the husband tag me to eat out during untimely occasions when food had been prepared at home, food may be left over for the next meal. I know it is not good if I throw away the food, but what can I do with that? Well, I never discouraged. I am not a good chef, but I tried my best that I could prepare a new dish from the leftover foods. I have learned this from my experience and it is really effective. You just have to remember that when dealing with leftovers, you have to change their form. A dish of reheated vegetables tastes flat and is devoid of appetite appeal. But wash them and make them into golden omelet, and you have something for the family. To throw away the food is a waste, so be creative and use your imagination to create a new dish from the leftover foods.

November 25, 2012

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October 17, 2012

It sounds as if, well, yeah; I was dead tired, but I am not complaining. I ran to the grocery store to buy something that I could prepare for our visitors. I cleaned the kitchen after cooking and of course, nanny-ing to my precious little angel as well. I run from here and there, and I had no time to park myself in a couch. I wish I have a nanny for my daughter, so I could finish all the things earlier. Nevertheless, I am proud of myself for I was able to do all these things all by myself. It’s a great feeling to see that everything has been done. I know being a mom to Sarah, and a wife to my husband is not easy. I have different roles to them, and I wish I would be able to perform my roles very well. Anyhow, it’s time for me to stop now for I need to put Sarah on her bed, and besides, I am sleepy too.

October 09, 2012

Sarah is just one year old, and a few more months I guess, I have to give her a potty training (I get nervous when I think of it). Honestly, I have no idea on how to start with it. I hope there will be no fighting scene between me and Sarah. Ha-ha! I asked hubby about this, and he told me just to give her the potty chair, or I will let her see me sitting in the toilet. Ha-ha! Hubby thought that it is just as simple as that, but for me, this is really a big thing that I should have to learn before Sarah could start her potty training. I actually asked some of my friends who have children about this potty training issue, their own journey about it and the steps. And they shared their experiences; some were funny and some were frustrating. Anyway, I know there are also books that I could read on how to train a child to poop on her potty-chair. I wish I could have it soon so I could start reading on it.

I hope my mommy instinct will work. :-)

October 08, 2012

It’s a first day of the week, and as a stay at home mom, Monday is just an ordinary day for me, not unless if somebody invites us (me and Sarah) for a lunch. :-). But, to my husband, it is the first day of the week at work, and hopefully he has a great week ahead at work. Good thing today is a holiday, Columbus Day!

 I am just glad that I have Sarah to fill my day everyday. Not just like before Sarah came into our lives, I was alone from Monday to Friday during the daytime because hubby was at work. If I could only pull the time faster, I would so that husband would come home soon.

Now, everything has been changed, but the changes have made my life complete. Being a mom is not an easy task, but the feeling of being a mom is wonderful. I know I still have lots of things to learn as a mom because I am a first-time mom, and I mean to learn these motherly tasks for the sake of my daughter. I wouldn’t be a perfect mom, but I will try my very best to be a better mom to Sarah.

October 02, 2012

Anyone will tell you that being in a relationship takes work. To have a strong relationship takes time and effort from both sides – but it is possible! If you’re unsatisfied with how things are, then take a look at these simple tips. Soon you and your partner will be giggling like a couple of teenagers again.

1. Affection

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2. Communication

If you want a strong relationship, you need to communicate – otherwise you’ll never get passed your problems. When people talk about communication and relationships, they’re often referring to talking honestly about your feelings. While this is essential, you need to remember to listen too.

3. Surprises

We’re not talking about diamond necklaces and Rolex watches, but small surprises here and there make a big statement. If your partner is feeling low, bring home a box of chocolates one day. It doesn’t even have to be a gift. Surprise them by cleaning the house unexpectedly.

4. Intimacy
Relationships that are just about s*x never last. However, s*x is vital  if you want to keep the passion alive in your relationship and strengthen the bond between you. Intimacy is an important way to express your love for each other and become closer.

5. Date night

Relive that blissful honeymoon period at the start of your relationship with regular date nights. Switch off your mobile phones, send the kids to their grandparents and enjoy an evening with just each other for company.

A romantic meal or a trip to the cinema will do the trick, but don’t forget to liven it up too. Relationships can lose excitement over time so keep things fresh by trying something totally different like a cookery class – or maybe even skydiving!

6. Future goals

What do you want out of your relationship? Is marriage on the cards? Do you both want kids one day? It’s easy to get lost in the moment, but if you want your relationship to last a long time, it’s important that you both have similar aspirations for the future.
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7. Understanding

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8. Forgiveness

Last but not least, if you want a strong relationship, it’s important to forgive. You’ll know when a line has been crossed, but don’t sweat the small stuff. If the washing-up hasn’t been done, it’s not worth holding a grudge for weeks.

September 28, 2012

Okay, usually she is in great mood. She smiles a lot which melt everyone's heart. :-)

 I am just glad that my little princess has the extra great mood today. She did not disturb me while I am doing the house chores (and yeah, I even have time to blog like what I am doing now). I give her toys, and all other things that could make her time occupied so I could finish my work before my husband arrive. Even if I was doing the house chores, I had to check her if she is okay. I am just glad that every time I check on her she is playing, talking to her toys (ha-ha! Ahh! Kid. ) and standing (or learning how to talk, grabbing the rails of her playard).

She give me smiles when she sees me and continue playing while I am busy. I am so thankful that I am able to finish some chores. Anyway, since hubby is not at home and Sarah does not eat solid food yet, I will just prepare food enough for myself but I do not know what to cook. Oops! Well, I am not a picky eater, so whatever inside the fridge or in the pantry, I will just cook it. I hope hubby will bring food for tonight so I do not need to cook for tonight’s dinner.

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September 27, 2012

Things have been changed when I became a mother. When I  had no baby yet, I had plenty of time on blogging. I could also go out the house any time during the day (but I am not complaining okay. Smile. :-)). I could visit some of my friends here in our place if I wanted to. Or I will invite them to come over, and we will have fun in the kitchen such as cooking, talking and of course, eating. Our home before was actually empty. It was only me and hubby living in this quiet place. Now, everything has been changed when the bundle of joy arrived. The empty home is now alive, and full of laughter. Despite the problems that we had when my daughter arrived, my husband and I were/are so grateful that we were able to pass all the pains in our heart when Sarah needs to undergo a surgery. With the help of the prayers from family and friends, our little princess is now grown-up and yes, so joyful. :) And because of Sarah, we have a happy and lively home. How happy is that? Yes, very happy despite all the trials and struggles (and all along the way). :-) Life is a beautiful journey and worthy to smile much more with our happy angel. :-)

September 23, 2012

I am glad that hubby doesn't need to work this weekend. He could sleep all day at home, but I know it is impossible because my husband doesn't like to stay in one corner and do nothing. He’s a workaholic husband. He works hard for us, and I am so grateful to the Lord above for he gave me a good provider and a loving, thoughtful, and most of all a faithful husband.

Since, I don’t have a fixed income, and I stayed at home 24/7 days a week just to take care of our bundle of joy, I tried to help my husband’s bills by saving our bills such as energy bills, water bills, and I have never shopped without his approval even if I don’t need to ask him. I know he provided me everything I need specifically my personal needs but I don’t want to take it for granted. We are not a perfect couple. We also have misunderstanding sometimes but that is just part of our journey being a husband and wife. Anyway, since he is at home, I want to cook his favorite food, and I also want to watch a movie later tonight with him. So, it’s a date with him here in our simple abode.

September 03, 2012

It seems like it is always a struggle for me nowadays to get into fresh from my kitchen foods. You know, I am a mommy who is so hands-ful to my family, yes not only to my daughter Sam since I am  not only a mommy but a wife and housewife. :-) Okay, my husband gave me a break since Friday and I hope it would be until Monday (Monday is holiday here in USA honoring for Labor Day holiday). Wink. I said "break" or a bit of day-off because I can sleep as I want (though not too long but it is such sweet if you somebody's does the job you are handling like giving milk to the precious princess, putting the laundry to the washing machine).

Then I woke-up feeling hungry and scouring in the kitchen what to eat (or what to cook). DH likes me to cook corned beef which I just simply turned it down because I like to have an easy-minute food which landed my mouth to a canned fish or sardines which I got to open the "hot ligo sardines" and mixed it with vinegar, salt and a little salt then ate it with rice along with Dr. Pepper soft-drink (my favorite drink as of the moment after meals).

Then suddenly DH requested again to cook for corned beef to which I wrongfully-thought lately for me to eat it. Ha! The thing is, he requested it for him to eat or viand. Ha! And so I cooked the big can of "Pam" corned beef I bought online. It is my first time to try this corned beef and I can say it is delicious. I heat it up with a diced of garlic and onions (of course a little olive oil with it to brown), along with a dash of salt. Minutes after it was cooked. But before that, I got to cook for rice. And so dinner had been great. I even ate twice. Ha! :-)

September 02, 2012

Thinking of preparing a food for the table is sometimes made me hard to think. As much as possible, I wanted to prepare food that hubby would like to eat as well. He is not picky, but there are foods that he is not allowed to eat. I wouldn't like to prepare a food that only me will eat. If that’s the case, I would just cook a little. As I mentioned on my previous post, I cooked shrimps, and I ate it all. Geee! I know it is not good for me if I ate too much. I would surely break my figure (Oh! As if I have a perfect figure, but for hubby, yes I have. Lol).

By the way, my little princess has been doing great these past few days, and I am so glad that after her surgery, I could see improvements on her health. She can now play, smile, and enjoy her milk. My journey as a mother has just been started, and I will try my very best that I could give her a good life with the help of my husband, of course. I know I still have a lot of things that I should learn as a mother, and I am willing to learn these things for the sake of my child. Back to the food that I wanted to prepare for tonight, Uh! Oh, I still don't know yet. I guess I have to check first what's in the fridge or pantry right now, so I could decide what to cook for tonight.

A tight embrace, a warm blanket, a cup of coffee. Sometimes we just long for that warm fuzzy feeling. It makes us feel safe, protected and distant from the cares and stresses of everyday life. I am a first-time mom and taking care of my little angel alone is really stressful, especially if we need to send her back to her pediatrician. I am just lucky that my husband, despite his hectic schedule at work has time for us.

Whenever he comes home from work, instead of asking him how was his work, he was the one who asked me how was my day with our little princess. I understand that he is so worried about me taking care of our little princess because I am a first-time mom, and no one will teach me on how to take care our baby except the pediatrician and my little experience taking care of my cousins a while yesteryears ago.

One night, hubby told me that I deserved a great reward for taking care of Sam and him. My eyes were big as the dinner plate when I heard this. I thought he would bring me to a shopping mall, and shop whatever I want. However, the reward is more than I expected. He wanted a romantic place for us, just the two of us, and our daughter will stay at my mother-in-law while we are away for our second honeymoon.

The next morning, I couldn’t wait to open my laptop and search for a place that we could pamper ourselves again. Fortunately, I found a romantic place for us, a truly a world-class holiday for couples only. Yes, the place is perfect for newly wed couples, and lovers. It is also a romantic place for a man to propose marriage to her girlfriend. I am certain that hubby would like to experience in st lucia honeymoon for us. With the best food, wine and accommodation they offer, I am sure that we will have a perfect honeymoon once again. Woot! :-D

If you are planning far in advance to visit a popular vacation destination during tourist season, assume that prices are higher compared to off-season. At Rendezvous, if you book now or on or before the end of October, you could save up to 40% discount on your room rates. That is really cool, right? I could book now and stay later. I couldn’t wait hubby to come home today so I could tell him this perfect romantic holiday for us.

How about you, are you planning to have a soon-honeymoon or second honeymoon journey too? It would be a great step to find and book in advance as soon as possible to save to save time, money and effort. Happy honeymoon then! :-)

August 31, 2012

A car is now a necessity more than a luxury. Sure there are a lot of public vehicles or taxis we can call but in cases when one needs to go to a particular place at the least possible time, the convenience of having our own car is incomparable. A life's journey here USA with a car, makes a difference.

Personally, it doesn’t matter to me whether the car is a brand new unit or a slightly used car as long as it is still in the best condition. And speaking of used cars on sale, while I was browsing the web this morning, I came across a website of a company based in Tampa Bay, Forida that sells tampa used cars which are still in their best condition.

For a considerably easy credit approval, clients have a wide array of choices such as SUV, Ford 150 or even trucks. They might not be the latest trending car units but again what counts more is the quality and their durability. There are also used car videos to watch when online clients need ideas as to how the products look like. But of course, they still encourage clients to personally visit them in Florida.

Happy car shopping then! :)

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