March 16, 2010

coated red snapper fillet {I just ate the other piece of fish:) }with tartar, ketchup and hot sauce, french fries, bread, and macaroni salad

Yep, that was the usual lunch of mine during weekends because my dear husband likes to get food from outside and I like it so that I am free from kitchen sometimes (though I like to be in kitchen to prepare foods for my beloved). Did I mention before that I cannot be full without any rice on my food even if it is already a heavy meal for common Americans? Yep, am like that before but not until now. I can now eat without rice and full. :-) Yay! That is one of my great achievement. :-) So, am convincing my tummy and taste buds that I can already live without rice sometimes and perhaps I can already eat a week without eating rice. That would be cool (one day)! So that is my typical lunch of either tilapia and catfish or that red snapper. The tilapia won't need anymore coating but this red snapper and catfish really need one. When it comes to its drink to pair with the lunch. My DH usually get soft drinks or lemonade but sometimes I just only want water. Yep, sometimes weird but at least it saves more that being weird. :-)So, my tummy is already happy and contented! :-)


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