July 25, 2010

Just leaving something before I am heading off to church for a Sunday five o'clock afternoon mass for today. As I can remember, Sunday eleven morning mass is my favorite time hearing the words of God through the bible. Though I was not used to go an 11 a.m. mass as while I was still back in country home but surprisingly I easily adopted it here. And now, for two times in a row, I like more attending this afternoon (going night time) mass. Why? It was because there is a pretty young girl's voice band. Nope, I am not in church just for that but it brings more great ambiance. Yep, not because of the four-seasons banana cake below which is my favorite. ;-) It just feels like a sort of. :)
I bought that yummy foodies above so I do not know how to make it but surely it is yum-o! Signing-off now. I leave that sweet deliciously cook foodies above. I have to prepare myself for such an important and great Sunday celebration -- bonding with God and great folks. Ciao for that banana cakes! ;-) Happy Sunday (or Monday to other parts of the globe) all! :-) ~hugs&kisses~


  1. reyapot said...
    nice photo.. looks yummy..
    musta na sis?
    i hope u can drop by my blogs..
    see u!
    Mom's Place said...
    ah kalami paresan ug kapeng barako..(black coffee)..naa diay na diha Cai hehehehe
    analou said...
    That's good to hear baje that you go to church. By the way we're back from our more than a week camping trip. I am dead tired baje...Bisita lang sa ko dir ekadali ha...I miss you
    Dhemz said...
    agoy lami lagi kau na tan-awon madam sis...murag wala pa galing ko katilaw ana da...ehehehe!

    musta na madam sis? sensya na karon lang tawon ko nagparamdam...son busy man kau akong life woi...makabuang ning mag balhin ta ug puyo...ehehehe!

    hope all is well...btw, pag naa ka time...hope you can join my 2nd giveaway contest.
    Chuchie | Chie Wilks said...
    wow sis..gipalaway ra jud mi nimo ha..hehehehe...karon rjud ko kasuroy balik busy ang line..

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