October 19, 2010

I know this just put-up or saved-up and it was supposedly published Monday but then here I am. Sorry about that or sorry to myself I wasn't able to do what I wanted to finished, my goal was messed up though it's not that too late, yeah? ;-)And so how's your weekend? Mine went great. I finally able to attend mass after how many Sundays missed. I know, I put it on my FFI meme as planned and hopefully realized (okay, seldom only I missed the filling-ins, okay? Now you're relieved? Hehehe.. :-P) but then circumstances that can't be avoided came to take a place. No worries because am still here and it still published, eh? Thanks to you for reading this.

And so what other happened last weekend passed? Had my grocery which I always enjoy doing. It was just months ago DH let me shopped alone and he's at the parking lot or in the house and as soon as am done, I just have call him. It is not that he do not know how to shop, in fact he does it great, but then I can feel I do it greater! Nyahaha.. yep, because I am in charge in the kitchen, am homemaker you know.. :) and I love it!

What else? Hemmm.. (thinking).. I guess you may like to supply what's missing, I mean how was your weekend?


  1. carinamodella said...
    hi girl! it was a busy week for me last week. time for me to relax on this coming weekend :)
    yen said...
    what a week Cai. passing by today
    Mel Avila Alarilla said...
    Yes, you had a great weekend. You were able to attend mass and do your shopping for some essential items in your home with your hubby bringing you to and picking you up from the department store/supermarket. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.
    Cacai M. said...
    Thanks you ladies and Kuya Mel. :)
    Dhemz said...
    hello madam sis...laag pod ko dire! salamat sa dalaw....:)

    agoy among weekend sige lang man ug ka busy...as always...mao raman jud na among time mag bonding as a family.

    woi madam sis...solo flight diay ka ani paingon sa pinas? sge lang at least maka uli sa atong yutang natawhan...ehehehe!

    enjoy your trip madam sis...mau nuon na ikaww ra sa usa kay bisan asa ka makalaag...ehehehe!

    have a good weekend.
    Michelle said...
    I hope you have an excellent weekend this week as well!
    Thank you so much for the lovely compliment. You're so sweet, but I do have to wonder just how old you think I am LOL. know you are super young and thanks again :)
    Cacai M. said...
    HOizzt madam sis, thanks! Hehehe! ;-)

    Maam Michelle, I call you maam because you are a teacher, a lovely one aside for I believe teachers are respectables! Anyway, I guess you are on 42 or the maximum of my guess, is 45? I hope you don't mind.. hehehe! You are gorgeous, pretty and sexy! Your husband is so lucky to have you.. :)

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