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February 26, 2012

Have you notice something on this blog's header?

Yes, on this blog, CSJ's header. A co-blogger friend of mine, Mel Cole, is tweaking an image of this blog, a little on the header, actually. From personalized picture (located on the left corner) to an avatar. I like it so much. She's doing great of making this. It exceeds my expectation. And to tell you, it's free. So this post, is a thankful post for her. I like how cool blogger she is.  Hayyzt, I wish I have her software and skill as well as time, eh? (*wink*) Despite of her busy schedule, she manage to have time for this. Thank you sis/mommy Mel! I love it!

January 15, 2012

(note: this is a scheduled post)

I just want to greet happy birthday to my Dear Husband. I put it on my shoutout yesterday. Am not shouting as in literally shouting, alright? It's just a term. :-) Giving thanks to God for a responsible husband is something you would have to shout if you are on my shoes. I admit, he's imperfect as just like everyone else, as just like me. The point of this post is to thank him as well. A little post prayer to God to have him,  more years to enjoy his life as well as mine, to enjoy as a family. Our family may not be perfect, my DH may not be perfect, as well as myself. Yes, he don't have a lot foods and goods on his special day but celebrating it as a family and being him healthy, I think made it such special birthday journey of him. We just have to enjoy life as it is precious, priceless just like our child. This birthday of him marks the first birthday having our bundle of Joy, our  baby Sam. Happy birthday again DH!

July 12, 2011

Am a bit of party whore. Ha! Okay, these days I am but not the older days. The baby-in-my-tummy likes to go parties, likes crowds. Ooh yeah, likes in front of many people as mommy said. :-) When I was young, I don't like attending such, I avoid parties though I like mingling people but party is not on my calendar, young-vocabulary or such. But then it changed when I got pregnant. Am always alive when I have invitations even if DH could not come, I insist going alone (okay with friend or friends, oops! even just me!). I don't know where I got my energy but I love it! 

Last Sunday, I had my self-proclaimed statement to my husband, yes a bit of promise that this would be my last party attendance. Teehee! It's not that I don't like anymore but husband and my doctor advised me not to be in crowd because a pregnant woman has a weak immune system and it will affect a child-in-my-tummy whatever will happen to me. Alright, am such a bit of stubborn. What can I do, I have awesome and lovely friends whom I want to be with. And yes, I had attend an awesome first birthday of baby Julianna, Chelle's only daughter (for now *wink*). And she has awesome friends too whom I met when I was there. I have friends as well that made me enjoyed much. Though we haven't been swimming in their pool and sang a song (karaoke) but it's fine, we enjoyed anyway. Thanks to my friend Chelle and her husband Bill for inviting me on their child's First Birthday. Meet and greet and the pigging-out was successful especially that a whole roasted pig and a lotta foods were served, ha! Thanks guys! To Analou and Dennis, thanks for the ride! God bless! (By the way, DH thought I was just going to Airlane Ave, Los Angeles only he find out when I was home that it was in Lake Elsinore, ha! But I was safe and sound and he permitted me so that was no big deal. What a brave prego me, huh! *wink* Ah, pregnancy journey. :-) )

May 06, 2011

My birthday went fine. I thought I would just go to church to lit-up candles but went with some friends afterwards with no plan, okay, a minute plan and then just went. Thanks goodness my friends were able to be with me, they are free and were able to go as a minute-plan went. Ooh well. Thanks to Heaven Above for providing me with them. My DH was able to met them too though he didn't ate anymore as he was just from his office (we ate just few meters at the back of the buildings where my DH works) and was a mood to eat dinner few hours afterwards and it's fine as long as we met-up with friends. :-) Just as planned, I went to church but the church which is near at my friends house as well as the buffet resto where we had our small pig-out. Hehe! Te Claudine gave me awesome perfume and birthday card, Au ordered a delicious personalized mango cake from Red Ribbon with live fresh flower pink tulips in a pot and a birthday card and Dorie and Au managed to bring their kids and Au's husband, Cesar, was able to attend too in my birthday get-together. Their presence are precious and I treasure it (of course not only that day but throughout the whole me)! I am just a simple person and their presence are highly appreciated.

Above left was my yummy birthday cake (courtesy of my friend Au and Cesar), then picture-taking on the right.
Above were birthday stuffs. Thnx my precious friends & DH. Below were taken inside the Golden Coast Buffet where we had our pigging-out. Hehe! Thanks much guys!
DH gave me a bouquet of fresh flowers with gift cash (thanks DH, luv u!) for me to buy what I want and I really did. :-) And my friend Analou gave me something for my few jewelry to hang-on, it's a woman-figured. I guess you know how it looked-like. I will show it to you next post as it was in my other camera. Thanks for all your birthday wishes, etc! To all who greeted me here in my blog(s), Facebook, sent me messages, texted and called. Thanks much guys (you know who you are)! I won't forget your kindness and such. Above all, thanks Lord God for giving me another precious age. Am 25forever! ;-) Thanks God for my precious family and friends. ~hugs&kisses~

March 22, 2011

Who says friends are important as any other person? Yes, friends are important but much more important than just any other person. And am glad I have such friends. I may not have many friends here in my place right now, in fact I have only one friend back then. After more than three years which I long to have, I finally have friends (they are three and three-of-a-kind) here in the city where I live. Friends as to whom I can relate. We are click as for me. We laugh and laugh hard which we like to do much. Hehe! Ooh, am so happy I found them though my first friend whom I called bestfriend before still be the same even if she is not here in the city where I live anymore, I told her that and that could not change. Yep, but these new three friends I have now are awesome too and I love them. They are cool and precious like a gem. They come in a right time (ooh well, long time of waiting but worth it, thanks God for them). This I promise, I won't forget them wherever I am (one day if am not here in this city anymore) and they are my forever friends. They are already written in my heart. My new found friends: Te Claudia, Dorie and Preciel. God bless them for they are three-of-a-kinds.

Have you treasure a friend and have seen them a one-of-a-kinds even if they are still new to you? Because I do. As I said, the click points are there. What about you? Whatever it is, God bless, treasure each other and enjoy having friends!

January 09, 2011

You can enlarge the images by clicking it.

I have been meaning to post a surprise Christmas virtual friendship gift of me  which I received the day before yesterday from a blogger mommy virtual friend of mine Mrs. Mary Anne T. (surname is being hidden to protect her privacy but if it's okay with her, I would do it with no second thoughts but for now, this is just what I can tell aside from her three blogs) of Mary Anne's Musings, Little World of Fun and my little home blogs who is from Davao, Philippines. I didn't expect she sent me this as I thought we have only to exchange greeting card (which so sadly haven't been able to do it, even one which I thought it's disappointing of my tradition started wayback two years ago and felt with a word to her that for some reason, I wasn't able to. Thanks she understood. I will just make up to her the next time around.) Actually, she told me days ago (I guess after Christmas, not so sure with the date) that she sent me and if it already arrived. I did not realized that she paid P420 (or $10 at 1=P42) aside from the gift and fare of going to and fro in the post office.  She exerts money, time and effort. With that, she really has to be appreciated, who wouldn't? Wow! I was and still touched with her thoughts (a big bookmark with a very touching thoughts on it as written by Laura Medley as "To: My Very Good Friend" and a native bag (a size of 16 by 14 as length by width) off-white color bag made in the city where she resides now with her daughters. Indeed, who wouldn't be surprised with it? No one but everyone and me if you were on that situation. All smiles, left and right chick. What a day! It made me happy that somehow there is a person whom even I did not meet in real life, appreciates of who I am, and vice versa as I so appreciate of what kind of person she is. A person who is kind, not only to her siblings  (which she selflessly gave-up her house for her siblings) but also to her friends and am glad am one of those. Thanks a bunch sis Anne! You really made my day! God bless you and your family and more blessings to your kind heart! I'll make it up to you sis! Muahhh! ~hugs&kisses~

Diary, keep it in memory.

August 05, 2010

Hi folks, I just want to say hello and happy Thursday!
My yester-week (from the word yesterday week or commonly called "last week") was not good in terms of my Internet connection. I was not pretty sure the cause if it is my computer or my Internet Provider. Actually it is still as is until now though this day was not that very bad. It was already one week and one day today as talking about my intermittent connection problem. It is very frustrating which whenever I was online every 15 minutes it went off and I have to ping or diagnose it which it usually went back after five minutes and then again and again (so and so forth) the other days until it every 4:00 p.m. . Whenever I had something important to do online which I liked to wake up in the morning, I cannot because of what happened. Don't you think it is frustrating? Yep, super! Most of the times I am scheduling what to post or thought about it when just suddenly it was interrupted with my intermittent connection and so the thought was gone and had to go back again what I was thinking. I wanted to jump start so it went smoothly but most of the times I cannot. It is good if that is only what I do but I also have other stuffs, things and have to think to be done. And so! And the worst of all was that lately in the morning as I was dropping off the mails and had to buy stamps at the post office, I was about to collapse right at the post office. Ooh my gosh! That was so shameful but time called for it. It was an accident which I knew it would have to be like that but unfortunately I cannot hold the time. I jogged, ran for an exercise but I stopped directly while my body did not coped it up yet with the fast heart beat. And so the light, bright surroundings just turned gray and dark. I was pale and weak due to sudden stop of my jogging and running activity. I thought I gonna died. It was completely black. Good thing the USPS are very kind. They let me sat with their hands on my shoulders to comfort me. They called 911 (I heard though my body was weak, I was able to tell I was okay, I just need rest. But without my knowing they called. Five minutes after I was fine but our city's USPS manager didn't want me to since 911 health assistance was coming to check for me. That was time I knew they pursue the call. I respect them and I thought also it was good for my body so I can rest more. And so five minutes after five minutes 911 arrived, they're more than five but less than 10. They checked my blood, put four patches on my body for my blood pressure and checked my heart beat. Asked personal questions and my ID. I was obedient. After few more minutes, I signed the paper for being checked and signed the waiver that I was fine with my confirmation since I do not want to get into hospital for emergency or even dropped into our home. Because I knew I am fine already. Thanks to the very nice USPS people in our city, very immediate responsive 911, very nice folks. Thanks am fine and still alive. I have to rest after some more minor chores after this. More details next time should you like to know and be informed should you it will not happen to you. Thankful and happy Thursday! Have a great one, enjoy the rest of the week for weekend is fast approaching, have an extra care! ~hugs&kisses~

June 27, 2010

It has been a long time of not h aving my blue Monday in here. Oops! It is just a literal blue, okay? ;-) As I grew older or a mature individual, I learn how to embrace what I do not like. Just like a color blue, yes, I do not like this particular color before. It is not really that I hate it but I just do not like as what most folks like. My sister likes this color a lot and it actually is her favorite color but not me. But as I said, I now embrace it though it do not become my fave color but ooh, I love it!

Just a good time, last year, my sister gave me a gift -- a blue stuff toy. A teddy bear which I call it teddy. She gave me that blue teddy (pictured above with a card and other stuff) as her first birthday gift for me. Yes, it is first as in first ever birthday gift. ;-) And I kept it, until now it looks like new. :) I am a good keeper so one/she could expect me to do that. With that, I was more happier with my natal commemoration last year. :) And also this year, and hopefully in the next coming years! Have a great Blue Monday everyone! Have a fun weekday!

May 20, 2010

Tags, yes I was tagged by co-blogger friends weeks ago or perhaps month ago. Sorry friends it's just now that I made this due to a hectic schedule of my time for some offline stuffs but I don't really forget it, in fact it's already in my outbox for a period of time --- I just changed the time for now. Thanks a lot for remembering me by that time. You are appreciated for the effort and thinking of me. You guys rock! Thanks to sis Chuchie of "Whereabouts", Mommy Nuts of "embrace life", Ace of "Happy Home Working" for this tenth photo tag you ought to give me and again, thanks a lot! ;-)

That (above photo) is what my tenth photo posted here in this blog (you can view it under label photography/photos should you like to do so). That was my visit of my bessy A home in La Puente, CA. By that time, we had a lot of eating done, fun and picture shows that I was singing (a karaoke song) ha! Can you guess what I sang? Ha! ;-) Seems like I was going to have an audition that time because I was serious? LOL.. you bet? Nope, just for fun.. :-) So that's all folks! The rules by the way are below. If you wish to do it, just post such rule and a link from here. All of you who are reading this, have been tagged by me, so feel free to grab it anytime (should you like to do so). *winkz*

1.Look through your photo archives for the chosen blog and pull out the tenth photo you posted.
2.Tell us a little about it.
3.Tag five more players. 4.Let the fun begin!


Sisterhood Award

One more thing, I've been thankful for and also dedicate this post to my blogger friends who include me of thinking that we are sisters here in blog land or seems like our friendship is like sisterhood. :-) An award below speaks for what is my award all about, yep, a" Sisterhood Award". I love it!

This award are from sis Ritzchelle of "A Girl Blogg e r", Nova of " History of Supernova and Sweet Pain",Cookie of "Thoughts" and sis Jenie of "at-a-blink". Thanks again guys.. You are appreciated and being applauded of your gestures being given. You are awesome! :)

May 13, 2010

You just can't go wrong without thinking that somebody would surprise me on my birthday. I didn't really expect of it because I wasn't even yet give back to what she gave me last valentines day and now she sent me birthday gifts again. How was that? Won't you be surprised especially if her gifts are all gorgeous? Yep, I bet you it's pretty all awesome in person... I so love it that much that I can't help but so grateful of this blogger friend of mine, so grateful of her presence. Though we haven't yet meet in person but seems we were friends since back then... Ooh well.. it was just one year ago and in just one instance we're already clicked with each other. Do you know the feeling of friendship being "click" with each other? If you know, you can then tell how it is. Yep, it is not that easy to find a friend that you can be with each other, online that is, but you have that such friendship bond that more than an in person ones. Ooh well, she(Demcy)'s full of generosity, thoughtfulness and kindness. I appreciate it that much! Here's what she gave me.
a beautiful cute lavender(my fave color) and blue(color of the year) blouse

Above is another pretty cute lavender racer back shirt, look at the print (Friends fun and peace sign, this coincides with my jersey lavender jersey shorts --- great for hot summer)! Isn't it that pretty? Yes, it is! ;-) It's prettier in person, really it is.

Two pretty "TooFaced" glamorous lip glosses, lavender cute hooked earrings (which I wear until now, my ears are that choosy but this earrings suits its choosiness that's why it's my fave casual hook stone earrings plus it's gorgeous lavender color --- she got my weakness when it comes to pretty lavender ;-) Thanks a lot madam sis Dhemz!

And her beautiful lovely birthday card and a wonderful sweet message

I know words are not enough to express my gratefulness and no beyond expression I can tell but you know how lucky I am to have a friend like you. I know you are great but I have to say you are awesomely best. I really appreciate your kindness and such ({I hope to keep up on your birthday... ;-). I know that if you give, you don't expect in return but I will try my best to keep up on your special day, bday on August}. Thanks a lot! You are a wesomely best! God bless you more and as always... Lab yah.. :-) ~hugs&kisses~

May 04, 2010

CSJ is thankful enough to Entrecard droppers, readers, blog hoppers, commenters, you and all! This time it is my will to have my Top 10 list for the last month from EC dashboard regarding the statistics. And thanks much to:

1. Wirez and Circuitz
: computers, internet, technology, gadgets, movie trailers free downloads

2. Lainy's Musings
A blog showcasing my mutterings, random rants, raves and whinings on life's daily maneuvers.

3. Learning Center
Center for Personal Development, Professional Learning and Education, Finance, Smart Investment, Business Management, Business Strategy, Leadership, Business Success, Computer, Technology Update, Lifestyle Improvement.

4. Online Success Centre
Professional Resources for Online Success.

5. Leomar's Den
Description: A personal blog celebrating Filipino pride. Featuring random thoughts from the author, entertainment news, TV shows, books, latest movies and music.

6. Jean sQuared
: Sometimes it’s the smallest decision that can change your life forever…

7. Business & Life Success
Description: Center for Business Success, Life Success, Management Success and Career Success

8. Smart Money Success
: Personal and Professional Development Center for Money Success.

9. my kids are my world
: This is a blog about my life as a wife and mother of three kids, who are, obviously, my world.

10. Slightly Sarcastic
: Sarcasm, stories and lots of BS

Dropper # of drops
Wirez and Circuitz 30
Lainy's Musings 30
Learning Corner 30
Online Success Centre 29
Leomar's Den 29
Jean sQuared 29
Business & Life Success 29
Smart Money Success 28
my kids are my world 28
Slightly Sarcastic 28

Thanks a lot folks. You guys are awesome! See yah this month end.. Keep rocking! hugs&kisses~

May 03, 2010

It was actually last April 27th brunch time as I was still having my sleep or nap at our couch when somebody knocking at our door then found out that it was a mailman from USPS. I fixed myself and entertained the man, and then minutes after he handed me a medium-big box with my name sticking unto it. I had no clue that Analou and her hubby will give me such present because she told me days ago that she will give me other item but not this. Ooh well, it was then my wordless day. Ha! I was excited to open it and I was more wordless that an elegant lavender gift wrap was in front of me. Lavender is my favorite color and she just knew how I love it that much. Thanks a lot best bud.. ;-)

And then I opened it more excited ;-)... then a box of a cute expandable jewelry box which she said (which I never knew she pursued to bought it online) was my first advance birthday gift. I was laughing and smiled grinning from left to right... lol.. kidding aside but am serious.. I was just so happy because she gave me such before I thought I will buy something like this for my fashion /costume ones.

an image from my camera which the quality is low because of too much light

the actual color from seller's site

It is so pretty and beautiful for on-the-go or just in the house stuff for jewelry. This is perfect for on-the-go for me. I so love it! Below is a pretty cute note along my very first gift. :)

I love it best bud! Thanks a lot to you and to your husband Dennis. So long (and I awe you on your birthday this June)... ;-) wait for such.. :) That's what friends are for! {watch-out for mine.. *winkz*} ~hugs&kisses~

March 27, 2010

free myspace comments

I want to say "Have a great weekend" to you folks.. tomorrow is Sunday and for some other place this day is already Sunday so it is still weekend or for other people who believe that Sunday is the first day of the week, then sorry about this. For me, I consider Sunday as a weekend and a rest day. Time to go to church and just be lazed, bonding with family and friends. :) So then, have a good one all!
Beautiful Blogger Award

I also want to say thank you to David Funk of Basic Bloganomics, sis Liezl of Bloguardian Hellsite : OVERCASHED, sis Ace of Happy Home Working and mommy Carinamodella for giving this beautiful award to me. You guys are awesome. Both of you are handsome and pretty like the award you gave me. Sorry for the late post, and I know you understand me. *kisses*.. :) The three of you always be in my heart forever as a friend of mine. Thank you for the genuine friendship you guys given to me and promise am keeping that and reciprocate of the goodness
you showed to me. Thanks a lot for the friendship, forever and ever. :) To complete the award, I have to list seven things about myself and it's here. Thanks again guys.. ~hugs&kisses~

Have a great day all! Smile.. :)

March 15, 2010

A sunshine award that is simply more than just an award for me. I know that an award for a fellow blogger from a certain blogger sometime is just an award for them that needs to be passed but not for me though there are many that they passed it to their recipients because they like to give it to them, be it as their favorite bloggers, close, worthy for the said award (the meaning is what I mean), as a thank you and some other meaning that such blogger passed it to you. My friend of "Motherly Instinct" blog named Shiela or "Kurdapya" as she wants to be called yet I call her "Yang" as a sweet momma and for some reason I want to call her like that, is the one who give this to me. I really like the image and the message too which only she knows what. :-) Thanks for giving this beautiful "Sunshine Award" to me Yang.. you are such a sunshine to me too.. such a sweet and a dearie momma and a friend. We just met in blog land but seems we already met online and offline already.. see, how clicked we are? heheh... Thanks again my friend for being nice to me and all the thoughts. Be cool and great friend as what you are... You are always a sunshine for that. ~hugs~

Weekend is over and now I have a manic Monday! --- It is not a problem though. :-) I am already charged for this another stressful week... (~_~). After having a two consecutive luxurious sleep (yeah sleeping makes me energetic), I am so happy to announce I am energetic again. :-) Yeah, that is all I want and I guess everyone does want that too. I hope you guys have your best of everything. And also I come to analyze the problem of my handy cam why there is no face detection I can find upon reading and reading on its manual. It was not specified there and I thought there was something I did that it did not showed up what has to show. Ooh my.. I was pissed a bit that time but glad I was able to analyze the problem after several attempts. I was happy then. One thing also that the weekend was a blast to me is it was because of the baptism of my "bessy" baby that I attended. It was really a fun one. We had laughs with the folks attended that it seemed we really were that already friends before. Several of them was my first met but we already clicked with our attitudes and that is the idea of laughing out loud... as in hahaha.. (LOL)... :-) even without that particular topic of discussions but we really can get what it was and just laugh without any hesitation and shyness. And also my DH showed in the last minute and also had a blast! It was such a very happy baptism celebration aside from the many different courses of different nationality of foods.. hehehe.. :-) From sea foods to beef, pork, chicken, desserts as well as exotic ones! Yep, from foods to laughs --- I/We had a blast! I would like to grab this opportunity to the host (or the family) and to the folks attended that made my day. :-)

How was yours folks? I bet you guys was having a great weekend bonding with family and friends as well.. How was it?

And who said that only in the woman sweet sixteen, eighteenth birthday or for a man twenty-first birthday party that it has to be of blast? Yep, that is commonly what is hereby normally-called but oops my friend who will be turning thirty sometime on the third week of April this year is such a special celebration of her! There are lot of reasons why she is doing this. It is because she has accomplished several diplomas already and currently she is working on what she likes which is a nurse on one of the prestigious hospitals in Los Angeles area. Another one is it is because of being thankful of a life she got, and other some couple of reasons. She is single and this is also to celebrate that is now free to accept suitors (granted by her parents after all). :-) With this, she said she needs printing services for her invitations to send to the peeps who she likes to come to her party. She want them to gather on her special day so one of the highlights of the stuffs she want is the invitations. She wanted it to be elegant and more inviting.

To be surrounded with friends and family circles here in USA (her immediate family cannot attend personally , they are in Philippines but they are celebrating as well through web cam and such on that day) is what her deep thought goal for this thirtieth birthday of her. I am planning to be there because she already invited me. I hope there's no circumstances that cannot be avoided of me on that special day of her because I do not want to spoil her special day. I wish her all the best of everything.

March 06, 2010

Dropper # of drops
Traders' Hub 31
EzGreatLife 30
CAP News 30
My Outsourced Brain 29
Computer Aid 28
Monkey Arcade 27
Lakbay Philippines 27
The Sweet Life 27
Pictures Of Despair 27
Teeming With Stupidity And Weirdness 27

Above are the Top 10 Entrecard Droppers for February month. I would like to thank this ten blogs above for the drops you have given for this blog, the time spent and the future drops, reads and visits. From the bottom of big heart, thank you so much. I am so grateful to have you here. I would also like to thank all the visitors, other droppers, readers and all for your continued support and the future supports as well. :-) Thank you so much and God bless you as always! Thankie! :-) ~hugs&kisses~

February 18, 2010


Oops, it is Food Trip Friday time---it is foodies time! Today my food trip entry is sweets. My all-time one of my favorite sweet, Pastel which was Camiguin (my hometown), Philippines delicacy. This was my " pasalubong " given by my virtual friend Dhemz which is coincidentally from Misamis Oriental too (not that so neighbor but not too far). Actually this was my wish the time she and her own family have a vacation in our home country. It seems to me that I was also there vacationing. (~_~) Nope, it is the fact that I miss my hometown that is why this "pasalubong" is so important to me.. hehehe.. Thanks to my madam sis for making it possible.. oops she do not want this to tell that it came from here yet I did, she is just humble. So that is it. Pastel is one of the best of Camiguin aside from its sweet lanzones. If you happen to come there, you might like to try this one--it comes from different flavor like yema, ube, etc. Okay, that is enough or else you might say I am paid for this. I have to tell you not, I am not paid for this! I am just a satisfied eater (lol) :-).

half a dozen pastel

Okay, that is it. Happy Friday food tripping! :-)

January 24, 2010

posted by: Cacai M.
Ooopps I am not a tiger, nor have a tiger attitude. Ahhh okay, I have a tiger attitude to those who are evil but am sure, you're not that's why I could say I don't have a tiger attitude. No, I don't want to confuse you but surely I want to let you think. :-) Yep, that's understandable anyway... :-) Buddy, yes I definitely am a buddy---a blogger buddy, etc. I do like a lot this award image and the thought. Thanks a lot for this Tiger Buddies Award, credit to the creator and to David of Basic Bloganomics and Tsang Shydub of Simple Happy Life blog for being your recipient and awardee. You're my buddies, and you always got a place of heart as my blogger buddies. Thanks a lot and may you never change. If you change, that's for good but don't let me be out of one of your buddy huh? Thanks again.

By the way folks, year 2010 is Year of the Tiger. The year color is turquoise. So, that's it. Have a happy Tiger Year! Enjoy with caution... :-) Have a good one...

January 02, 2010


# of drops

CAP News 31
Secondary Roads 30
Trends Finder 24/7 30
Wirez and Circuitz 30
Jean sQuared 30
$ Secret Money Blog $ by: Bob Matharoo 29
What's Up In Sports Today 28
Lakbay Philippines 27
The Sweet Life 25
Ungkutan 25

I know I am late for posting this--it's half of the next month already but hey, better late than never... :-) I So, those are top 10 December top Entrecard droppers. I expect it would be plus one for this day since it's just more than two hours only after the time change for the new day. I really appreciate you folks on dropping-by on mutually :-).. thanks a lot! See yah at the end of this month.. You guys rock!!!

To those who want to see their respective awesome blogs, feel free to view narrow down the blog dropper column. Have fun and happy entrecarding! :-)

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