May 17, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

It's pretty one week past that me and my hubby went to my co-blogger and friend as well as neighbor in Gingoog City and in Los Angeles (hemm.. lots of adjectives huh? heheh..) - Analou's home in Westchester to visit her. While we're there hubby took a pic of me and my friend as to remembrance. I also have something for my immediate family and she offers to bring it for me. She's one very nice and accommodating friend. I appreciate it. Anyway, hubby got amazed of their garden, I like it too. Her husband have a lovely house too. We could be very near if the old house in front of them is for sale but unfortunately it's not. The good thing about it is that it's near the airport and the house is quiet old and it's just need renovation, the cost is just not too expensive as we(hubby,me, and my friends) saw the face value. Well, that's okay perhaps we're just unlucky about it. The following were the pic for the remembrance.

In the middle of Ann's house going to the rooftop and the billiard hall, wanna play?

my humble friend Ann and me at their garden and at their other room, I love the paintings!

Analou works as a manager at one of RD Pawnshop wayback as she was in our homeland before and she's also working here in Los Angeles now as a sales associate in BBB store. She's one lovely friend and one of the good people I found and treasured. Anyway, she is travelling now going to my one hometown- Gingoog City. I hope all is well. It will be fiesta in there soon on coming May 22, so, Happy Fiesta Gingoognons! Kudos!


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  1. Maus said...
    hello cacai
    i have a friend here in Germany she is also from ginoog city.
    passing by here
    have a nice weekdays ahead

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