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December 12, 2010

Do you know how it feels when a woman still has her "monthly visitor" ? Well, not all the time for me but this time I am "in" with it. Yes, laziness attack on me. Have you observed it to yourself? I know being lazy is not good, maybe you could say there is really a time being lazy that all we can do is to savor the moment. That all left to do is have fun with our self. It is just like we are treating our body to do the usual thing. Now, just do not be immune with laziness or else you will just wake up that he/she do not have something to eat already or the worst being homeless. :-) Just doing it to treat yourself  you know.. :-)

How about you, when did you have your last day of laziness attack? Whenever it is,we will  just have pray and being supportive all the time. Oops, not a support for laziness but how to get over it. Have a great day!

December 09, 2010

Still am in jetlag even it is already two days after I came back here in USA. I also had my "monthly visitor" so that adds with the weak bod. I know I have to cope up with my blogging as I have many posts to finish which were in the dashboards. And maybe this is one of those that could be published later on but the dates we're on schedule. The important thing is I did not fail to blog. Ha! Don't you know that I have to continue reformatting (which Angelie, my friend whom I call PC technician, initially reformatted this back in Gingoog City) my PC as it has still have many drivers to load unto it? Yes that is what I plan to do since I cannot let the video cam on and many others. Also the Internet connection. Currently, I am using my husband PC which is not a normal thing for me since I have my own. Well, just to blog and check emails and etcetera. Again, do not be surprised if this will be published on the later date which its schedule date differs.

Now see yah tomorrow. I still have to check emails and so on. Have fun!

October 23, 2010

Dark spots, dark follicles in our skin. Who want to have blackheads? Errrr.. not me! Not you, I presume and its sureness 100%. :-) It is just like pimples, annoying and would dis-beauty ones personality (externally which most of the times first impression last). That is why blackhead removal is in demand with it. Good thing, it come to the rescue or else, one would be timid because of it (well, not all but mostly). :( I actually have a little few on the tip of my nose before and I hope it won't get back.

How do you like to have pimples? No one would, that is for sure. It is not just quiet leave scarce and dark spots on our skin but also dis-beautify us. Not to mention how it affect to one's confidence. I know how pimple victim would want to have pimple remover the best pimple remover which suits to his/her skin. It is not easy having it. In fact it is a hassle! It is a physical problem, basically. I am sad but fortunately, it could be treated. Good luck then.

October 14, 2010

Have ever one of you experienced the way I experience that sometimes I am hungry every other time? I am not like this before when I was just still on my younger years especially while I was still at school. One thing I can tell when our mind is busy on something or running with the time because we need something to finish before deadline ends, exams, errands and other relative matters (not to mention the devil around our goals). Ooh well, stuffs like that I consider as normal. But uncontrollable cravings, is not. And that makes me think of an appetite control for this. What do you think? Sure, it should have to be controlled or else one would be bulging as balloon! Oops!

September 18, 2010

Sooner or later I have to accept the fact that I could have wrinkles. It may not be visible for a person aged 30 or 30+ but that is all about it. Eye wrinkles are on-the-spot. We talk a person through our eyes, so how can we hide it? We can hide it anyway. It just take some guts and financial. Thanks to science and beautiful mind as it occupies its precious time to invent how to remedy such wrinkles. Okay we will not talk about bucks as it is priceless if one wish being wrinkle-free will be done. Some use eye wrinkle cream for it. If you plan to get it, it is advisable to read for its eye wrinkle cream reviews so you will also know how others view about it. There are also folks undergo surgery but many uses creams. If that time will come for me of having eye wrinkles, I really need a some remedy for it so I am still as young as ever. :-) I hope I could have the guts. Wish me luck (or good luck to us) then. :-)

September 16, 2010

Everyone need to eat or else several days of not eating will lead to something (and you know what that something is, I presume). Ooh yeah, I have an appetite of eating viand with rice. When I eat, I eat a lot! I could just only secretly whine to myself afterward. But "what can I do?" , that is the big question. I may not need weight lose pills this time but maybe (hopefully not) in the long run. :( I salute (and always be) to those folks especially to those married ones, who maintained their ideal body weight. I could just imagine how hard they get to maintained it. And also to those successful diet through taking up diet pills. I always heard and comprehend, it is just a matter of being goal-oriented, self-discipline, cooperative time, knowledge and power. Oops did I say power? Financial power, that is. Ooh well. I believe if one make things happen, it is of big possibility it will be realized. :-) As it has been said "the journey of thousand miles begins with a single step" . Broad you may think but when you feel you can get it, then go for it! Remember trusting our heart with our brain is the best! :-)

What do you think an overweight is deeply wishing for when it comes to his/her body weight? You may think of shredding it off, I meant getting rid of it. Thinking of how to burn those fats so one has a great looking-body one would wanted. Maybe for his/her love one, maybe for his/her own confidence and health. Whatever it is, everyone wanted that! And so diet stuffs are to the rescue! Reading diet pill reviews cannot be underestimated but somehow gives an idea of that certain individual. Even me, I consume much of my time reading reviews of previous customers as I can get some ideas through their experience. As for me, reading reviews before buying is a must. How much more if it is about diet pill and the likes which you want to know how it stands in the market and how people see it. :-) Other way is to have a friend or family members who have done it. Either way, would help of the decision-making, don't you think? Good luck and all the best (as always)!

Nah! Not me but someone dear, she is a woman. I just do not disclose who she is (of course or I will be called a "TMI" friend.. hehehe!). And then time and time change. She knew the body she had before is not the body she has now. She then told her goal as losing weight. Oops did I tell you she does not like to go on exercising as often? Yes, that is what she said though she moves her body as doing household chores. Okay, she has a good appetite on food (like me.. weeehh) and every time she sees food, she likes to munch it in. Ooh she cannot help it. Now, she chased on using diet pills. She actually reading diet pill reviews as of this moment as she said it does help every time she buys something or mostly. Well as for me, it does really help. Then weigh-in the pros and cons and apply the common sense and the like. Good luck to her and I wish her all the best on her journey of getting back her body figure.

September 12, 2010

How's everyone? How have you been lately? I guess you are doing your best and that is great! That is what I want to hear from you otherwise, it is another story. Hahah! Oops!

Seems quiet long time (or several days) already haven't been here writing about steps and journey stuffs. :( If you ask, thank you for asking but if not then, thank you still but am more affectionate to those folks who are wondering where am I (of course). ;-) And so where I was? I am just actually around but thinking about offline stuffs made me tired of jotting down my thoughts though that is what I like to do. Looking up or just even thinking about it made me already burnt-out. :( Oops! Sorry to those who cannot relate. But people sometimes have problems (or some have also problems always, sorry about that) which need to tend first especially the important ones other than the former. Hemmm.. :-) But then we just have to smile and embrace that fact though sometimes we just bend for other to be happy. Ooh yeah, life seems unfair but we have the courage and will to do what we will have to do by doing it not for tomorrow but for the present. Okay, the "tomorrow" or for future too. ;-) Smile and be patient more. It will pass anyway, so just go on and do the best for the time. For sure, there will always rainbow after the rain. The journey must go on by doing our best steps. :-) Have a great day everyone! Just saying "hello" and all the best. :-)

September 06, 2010

Addiction is a big problem of a person. It does not only affect oneself but one's family as well. Be it as drug addiction, alcohol and many other alike. I can say it need to be medicated, rehabilitate or recovered from it to be able to achieve a great happy life with one's love ones. To be able to have an active free-addiction life. It is everyone's family and friends wish. Bringing them to rehabilitation centers like Connecticut addiction treatment centers, would be a great help for him/her. It is not a time for blaming, bickering and alike but a time for helping the one involved. Become a life-saver. Helping such person getting back his/her life is a gift of genuine care and love. God bless and good luck and all the best!

August 30, 2010

Not in terms of transportation or destination, but the drive to something one wants to do. Perhaps some "moolah" or something in exchange of hard work. Now, am inspired to do something and being energetic. Whew! Am I that desperate enough? Ha ha ha! Now your logic is soon be spinning again. Nope, it is not for you to think logically (or not at least, if you can relate on it then great for you) but sometimes it is just have to be this way for some reason. And the reason is for you to find out (if you have not found out yet. What I mean here is if you can relate already, then you already found it; you're on the direction. On the other hand, if not then, don't bother?) What can we imagine for the maintenance and such if we do not have something to finance on it unless if you are rich and just wanted to spend it without any hesitation. Whatever it is, the drive to blog does triggers and evolves a lot of ways. Not just for maintenance but for blogging life in general, life, surroundings, people. Whatever one's thought of blogging and such or how one does in what he/she/they like to do in one's life does count and if one is happy about it. Ooh yes, happiness and contentment, is it really hard to get? Hemmm.. whatever! Be happy, lively and lovely! ;-) Do what is really the right thing and make you happy, responsibly. :-)

August 27, 2010

Ah! It must be " emo " another term for emotion from the word "emote", sad or something in between. But really, instead of complaining, we just have to count the blessings we have and we had. It is because no matter what and how complain we can have, nothing will happen, even if we will be bloody-teary-eyed. But nope, it is impossible having a bloody-tears unless if something in your body happened just like some people in India (or some place which a kid had it) but it is not because of being sad or having an emote (or as I said, in between ha ha). Sometimes a person have to say it but doesn't mean he/she is complaining but just want some sympathy or hugs, maybe. Just to voice-out some feeling. Did you encounter being empty? Alone or you just cannot understand the feeling. There is something lacking. Again, hugs may comfort, perhaps. After all, hugs cost nothing. Give it to those you feel your beloved, family, or friends. Do it before it is too late! Then count your blessings! You are blessed, primarily because you are alive. You have your needs. Or you have what he/she do not have. Share it if you have more (to those responsible ones first)! ~hugs~

I believe the joy of passing the subjects at the end of the semester is a great feeling of a student especially if you get high grades. I believe of continues education. Before, I had in mind that once we graduate college, it is only one more step (master's degree) to get into the edge. Am I wrong? Learning is fun and we have to learn to live fully and longer. We have to learn in our lifetime. The art of how the world revolve to respond our curiosity. Yes, a strong determination to finish what we wanted to at either going to traditional school or taking it online at one of the top online schools will get one a good future. Don't you think? Will you be smart enough if you are not learning? Will you be able to put your talent or skills to what you wanted it to be if you were not supervised by professionals? Will you be able to maintain your parents property given to you if you refuse to learn how to manage it?

August 25, 2010

Today is bumpy ride for me (logically). Ahay I do not want to tell something how it went. I just cannot go and think then write which is not usual when am in a good mood. Now, you know. Ha! Good mood to write, that is. But anyway, you already halfway knew if I am in my low state as I told you in my old post if you are following me. He he he! And now, sometimes I just write it impromptu even if I have some write plans to make. I guess, my mind just need a change. ;-) And so, how was your Wednesday folks? Do you ever have some bumpy ride there this day? Whatever it is, just hold on and we will get to what we wanted to have. Contentment, happiness and being optimistic should not be taken for granted. Thinking optimistically is our hope in dark or even low times. Let us not forget that, there is always rainbow after the rain. Ahhahah! Emo moment.It is a great feeling to say or write what we feel though it does not mean to pinpoint the exact detail. Again, do not think out loud. If you can relate then you know, if not, then do not bother. In due time, you will know. I did not say we would have the same fate but I believe we all have woes, it is just depends on how we handle it. I wish you all the best folks! ~hugs~ Thank you for reading. God bless you (as always)!

August 19, 2010

DH gave me an opportunity to buy vegetables, fruits and other grocery goods different from what he usually eat. It is for me since I wanted it for my moody taste. It is great to have foods which my taste bud used to ate way back then. Yes, I have adapted most of what he ate but I still longing to have such taste. Ooh well. What can I do? It is my taste bud longed for it but how I can have it depends on myself with the help of my DH since it is quiet far from where we live and it is great to have him drive for me than taking a bus or ride a public transportation. Yes, I do not drive and I do not have a car but I am contented. I have my need and I comprehend it is better for me not to have one currently. Perhaps one day or sooner as it comes what may, you never know. Ha ha! You may think I am in US and I do not have a car, poor me(fortunately my DH has), but I do not care! Kiver (expression)! Ha! ;-) Okay, no pressure. ;-) Okay, I have to go ahead now and separate those leaves from the swamp cabbage's (or kangkong) [Thanks by the way to mareng Lulu for letting me know (unknowingly of her) kangkong is swamp cabbage] trunk which is the main ingredient for my viand in a minute.

It is not only the thought of being healthy now. Thinking of have not been a sickly individual or have not have a big health issue ever since, but an issue of how important having a health insurance when time calls. You know it is not apparent when circumstances need but with a health insurance like Medicare plan when being at a minimum particular age, is great to have. Many believe (including me) that it is better to take precautions than being stuck when time comes, don't you think? Whatever it is, health is always a wealth. So we have to take good care of it, take extra care and we have some to lean on when speaking financially rather than paying it in lump sum from our own pocket. I wish you all the best. :-) ~hugs&kisses~

August 18, 2010

Don't you dare to ruin my happiness. In my dreams, I know. Ha! Ha! Ha! Oops, does it have to be that way? ;-) No one can tell you what to do and for sure when, where, how and all the "w's" to make you happy but you should have to be optimistic. Okay, that's all about it. I was about to have messed up my happiness. Yes, I am back. After all the frustrations of my Internet connection, it is now back and my mood corresponds too, though it is not all about Internet but I have to shout " woohoo! " . *wink* And the other which messes my mood (just being immature sometimes, yep, I know we should not be ruined by other people but I have to do it sometimes to give my sentiments and that's life according to me, don't you think, not? Isn't it fair?), I would just prefer not to disclose. It is my right but do not be grounded with it. It is enough that I told you about it (according to me). It does not meant to complicate you because I choose to live happy, lovely and lively! ;-) I don't like to give you headaches. After all, we are responsible of ourselves. Now should you like me to ask you a question (but of course it is your right not to answer or remain silent ;-), how do I know you if you are happy? Because if you ask me, I have to stand-up and tell you "if I talk or write a lot" . Hep, hep hooray! It's a giddy feeling. *wink* It is because if am sad, my mind would also corresponds with which my thoughts would be like it is having a war inside. Troubled mixed thoughts, that is. So I better shut up and sleep. Ha! Okay, I just have to say, yes, I am happy! I hope you too! :-) {I hope I inspire you} ~hugs&kisses~

August 11, 2010

Cacai M. choose her journey and steps to live happy, lovely and lively! Despite of the trials and struggles which I think everyone has whether is shallow as you think, deep or in-between -- I think of that as it is all are spices of life. Simple and complicated are two different words with which are so different with each other. Yes, life is not that simple. It is complicated but you can live it simple as you go through struggles. It maybe hard to define if you have not been through how hard life is but one day you will know. To those who already know, you can relate. But one thing is for sure, bad happenings surely will pass! We just have to hold on, we just have to think that it is just trials and aught us to be strong as ever. We have to live life happily, lovely and lively whatever happens either if we are just in lowest level of individual or in a lowest state of emotion. Happiness is what counts. I choose to have it! Should you do not like to choose it? I challenge you! ;-) God is great, thanks a lot!

(Thanks for the post, Amy Werner)
Moving to a new city can be extremely overwhelming for anyone. Even the best planned out moves, often times have something go wrong. I recently moved to Texas from Illinois. Even thought I had about six months to prepare for the move, it was still an extremely stressful time. Between finding a new place, getting everything planned out for the trip and selling off items that weren’t going to make the cross country trip, those six months were packed full. After finding a home for my family and I, I wanted to make sure that it would be ready for us to move in as soon as we arrived in Texas I called and had a San Antonio home security system put in, so that we would not have to worry about that after we got there. Knowing that was taken care of, left me feeling slightly less frazzled.

The move across the country was long and difficult. The week before we left for the move, we called and had a number of different services turned on at the new home, so we would be as comfortable as possible upon arriving. Having cable turned on and the internet ready for our family was a great treat once we arrived in Arizona. Having all of these things hooked up made the process of unpacking seem not nearly as bad.

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