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November 26, 2013

Medicines, is important in our health. Whether you like it or not, I don't believe you haven't taken a medicine ever once in your life, be it as you're a mom, dad, granny or even if you're a teen and such. We just need medicine in our life. I know right, many of us that as much as possible we love home-made medicines or herbal products and opted taking it first before such medicines. I used of doing that before going to the next level, as in if it cannot be healed through such. True enough, when I was still in my birth country Philippines, I used to take such proven over-the-counter medicines and even until now that I'm already here in United States of A, I still know those. And anyone who wants my suggestions of such specific ones, I can still say like flanax is good for flu, or that enervon hp for individuals supplement for strong bones and muscles. And the list could go on. Ask me and I can tell you more. My folks told me about it. And I can never be more thankful of them for teaching me basic over-the-counter meds to which I need to take when situation calls. We don't need to rush to clinic or to doctors if it is not necessary, such are just enough as first-aid.

What about you, do you take over-the-counter medicines?

September 29, 2013

Time check ---> 12:57 A.M. (Pacific Daylight Time or as commonly seen "PDT") as of September 29, 2013. One day to go before the September end day. So how's everyone, what's up?

Me? I have been caught up with a lot of things especially with a two-year old toddler. You know, it is really had being a mom juggling being a home-maker, as a mom and as a wife with no assistant or a help. I have to focus on my child but I also have to cook, clean and everything associated with that house work as well as being myself and keep my sanity intact all the time. I guess, that's all we are all working on, especially the latter, isn't it? Ooh well, you can't relate if you're not a mom yet.

Anyway, have a great Sunday everyone! Spread the positive vibes. By the way positive vibes doesn't mean it doesn't have negative aspects but rather, being positive means overcoming the negative/s! Be optimistic.

Once again, happy Sunday!

August 28, 2012

“Save up for the rainy days.”

That is something my mom would always tell me even I was still a kid. So, I have learned to keep a piggy bank where I can save at least a coin or two a day when I was still a kid. From my savings before I was able to buy for me a dress for our Christmas party and as a reward my parents got me another piggy bank so I can save up for the next Christmas. Indeed, it was very fulfilling when I felt my bank weighed heavy. It also made my mom and dad proud.

However, things are different these days. When one has a family to raise, budgeting is one of the most difficult tasks. It could happen that there are emergency allocations rather than the usual budget for food, clothing, house maintenance, school fees and others that it is just inevitable that we run out of cash at hand. Without savings to tap, it is good to know that personal loans with no credit checks are already possible. At eLoan Personal, the worries of having no cash to use during emergency cases are lessened because they guarantee a quick and easy processing loan grants.

So even if we have not saved enough for the rainy days, we can always knock at some doors which are willing to let us in.

May 29, 2012

There are different time or schedule a person can do his/her shower. It could be early morning, morning, noon, afternoon, evening or before midnight. There are also different ways how to dry our hair but I just split it in two ways which is by electric hair dryer or the air-dry (the old-school type which hair dry is not yet present). Whatever one is using as long as he/she is comfortable and would not harm her body or healthy then, nothing is a problem!

Okay, yours truly is still air-drying my hair. Cacai M. (yours truly) knows she had her shower in the eleventh hour (about an hour before midnight) and it is not fine for the housemates and the neighbors to be hassled by using her electric-dryer. And besides, falling-hair is the result especially if it is a crash drying, like drying it in just five minutes thinking that she has a long hair. I know, that is why I am now here doing my post while air-drying. It was not my typical shower time, in fact, this is my first. But I had to do it because I need to. We will have to depart before five o'clock in the morning and we have only one bathroom so this is the result. :-)

Anyway, good luck to my hair-drying thing. It is not all dried so I have to park now. Until then. Thanks you! Smile. :-)

May 10, 2012

After a 10 days-detox cleansing diet I had which the ingredients was being given by a good friend Anne, special thanks to her, now a very dear friend (Elaine) too is introducing to me the 30 minutes fruits-before-meal routine (I am making a so-called words, but you can see what is it in the pattern). Yes, I am in that current routine though I still drink some sugar-free or Grade B maple syrup-lemons juice. And I tell you, I can see the good effect on it. I was told to eat fruit/s first before 30 minutes to an hour of eating the normal meal. Friend E told me about fruits, but I am also including the vegetables from soup (like fish soups and alike) though the latter is a bit different with fruits since when eating the meal, I ate (or continue to eat) the vegetables first in the fish soup I made and to tell you what, I don't need to eat rice (I am a rice person, I can't eat a meal without rice or else it seems like I am not eating at all. Makes me more crave in that way.) with it after such. What I did the last time since I like to eat the fish and I can't eat the 1/2 cup of rice I had but I can't also eat the fish without rice, I just decrease the volume of rice. So instead of 1/2 cup, I just the 1/4 or 1/8 of it. And my fish craving had been successfully done. At the same time, I had protein (oops! not sure what we can get with the fish meat, correct me if I am wrong)!

So I am so ready for my other set of diet which is this "30 minutes fruits-before-meal"  for now. Yay! By the way, did you know that I already lost four-five pounds (4-5 lbs) from my detox cleansing diet for 10 days? Yep, a crash diet. First time ever. :-) Hope to maintain it or loss a bit. :-) (I had other post of it)

March 30, 2012

(Guest post written by Cindy Perry)

I think that the best kind of storage or decor is the kind that makes everything look really nice. There's no use in storing things in ways that don't look really nice. That's just no fun! So when I started thinking about a way to organize my closet and all of my accessories. What needs it the most though are my purses. I have so many of them and forget some of the cute ones that I have so I'd like to be able to look through them easily.
But I have no clue as to how to organize them in that way so I looked online to see what I could find. While I was browsing storage solutions I found this debt counseling site that I thought would be a really great resource. So I'm going to consult that about my personal debt and see if it can be of any help.
I did find a couple of cute storage solutions, although I think that I also just need to clean out my closet so that I'll be able to see more of my stuff period.

February 01, 2012

I wish to have a lot of time. Too many things to do, too many thoughts to blog but too little time! I wish I can buy time. Ooh well, but not this time.

Does, it rhyme? Or too many "time" ? Ha!

Alright, just wishing everybody a happy and sweet dreams. Time check: 2:06 a.m. and here I am just going to start my bedtime. Not all the time but most of it. Ooh well. Am not complaining much though, haha! Just kidding. Though I wish to complain but it's not reasonable. Just so you know it's not easy but again, it's not worth to complain. It just not make sense. :-)

And so the journey of being off to "la la land" just begin. Have a great one in yours there! --- Seems like some of you are in the middle of being in a sweet dreams. Others, may have bad dreams. All in all, it's just a part of sleeping journey. :-) It's just great having the first one, a sweet dream, that is. Smile.

July 10, 2011

Nope, I don't have insomnia nor sleepy. It is just that I charged of sleep lately. I had some good relaxation. And aside from those, I have something to do. Yes, am motivated to do it! Rock on! Ha! First, am not stressing myself, okay? I had the ceiling fan here in my computer table on. Just had a little meal. It's okay. I know it's not good to eat at night but I did not eat breakfast because I was still asleep. It is my body clock for a time and I know I did not put my health in peril I got to cook spaghetti, cooked rice and viand. I did some household stuffs and some online family and friends thing. Okay, I am in control of my time, thanks goodness, thanks God. Time check here in my place now is: 12:23 AM Pacific Daylight Time. How about you there, what time is yours? Are you in the best of everything? I hope so, I hope all the best in you, in your personal journey and alike (whatever you do as of the moment)! ~muahhhugs~

June 24, 2011

Are you happy when others are happy? Or,  do you like the crab mentality thing? Or, you just want to remind yourself a hundred times that you are sad? That, you don't want others happy? Ooh, how sad is that?! Unless, if you are that of the first sentence of this paragraph.

Now, comprehend, examine yourself if you are this person or what. For sure, there's that good in you, that one day you twist your understanding that it's really great of being happy of what other's makes them happy. It really makes a huge difference if you do that.

Why? Think of your own happiness. There is always a jealousy attitude I know, but when you start telling yourself that you should not do that, instead, tell yourself you are happy about it. Promise, you feel at ease of yourself. Take it from me, mark my word. Do it, not later but now (and see the difference)!

May 28, 2011

We need some jokes to crack-up our moments. A moment that we are sad or even we are angry. :-) Most of the time, it's the joke that make us smile and leave the worries behind. Ooh smile, did I say smile? :-) Can I see you smiling now? What about if we like to hit somebody but we can't? Isn't it fine to wear some funny t-shirts to make such person feel the way we feel or the way we want him/her to feel? Why not, coconut! *wink* Alright, writing is my outlet sometimes (if not most of the time). I can imagine what a person feel if it's just right on your shirt what you want/like to tell him/her, huh! What do you think, is it cool? Because for me it is. It is one way to piss off a person or to express oneself as long as it don't harass (or something like that) somebody. :-) Have a fun, fun memorial weekend folks!

March 29, 2011

Prescription eyeglasses are very much important to those folks who have problems on their eyes. Hence, it is already one of their needs. Do you wear prescription eyeglasses currently? Is it made from a designer? Is it stylish, comfortable to wear on and fit to what you really like to have? How much did you pay for it? I bet you have what you wanted or, maybe not. Of course everyone would like to have that designer made but at this time, it is sophisticated to have a quality yet affordable one. A quality but not from designer but just about the same speaking of what it can offer to your eyes and style. The best thing is one can have as much as ten more of a designer prescription eyeglasses out of it because it is an inexpensive one. I have seen and heard a lot about Zenni Optical and how many people are switching to buy theirs on this, instead of continue buying on the designer ones. Why not having this fashionable and stylish just as about or the same as to the designer ones to which you can have it at a fraction of a cost of your current eyeglasses? I can see there are as much as more than 5,000 prescription glasses from Zenni Optical to choose from. Yes, the choices of shape frames, color, prescription type, style, size and many more! All you need to do is just choose what is the best frame and all that stuff that you see would fit and best on you. My husband and father are planning to see an eye specialist since they sense they would need it. And if they are going to have such, I would recommend to get theirs at Zenni Optical. They can have many styles and colors (for sure they only like to have silver and black) as well as the shape of the frame(s). So instead of getting one, they can have as many as they want. ;-) If you are a prescription glasses user too, I believe Zenni Optical is your smart choice! Even me if my eyes need one, I definitely buy it at Zenni Optical. Ah, great price, fashionable and stylish, what else I can ask for?

February 03, 2011

Hello! How is everybody? I hope everything's fine despite of all the trials, hardships, obstacles and all such! Life is like that. As it has been said a recipe should always have spices to have it taste good or else it does not taste as food, agree? So we need to have courage! Just like me, I almost gave up when I was sick for one week. As in I cannot control my body that was why I can tell "I am dying" but then here I am standing, writing still! And so keep the life going! Life is great!

Well, before I proceed this isn't Friday here in my time but since in other part of the world is Friday already, then food trip Friday time! And my food trip for today is guava. I want to eat a fresh about-to-ripe guava. Though this craving was already in Sunday to which I can found no fresh guava anywhere in the market, I just settled for guava in syrup to at least feel such. But to my dismay, it was being sliced and without its skin already and the worst (sorry for the word), as I took a bite it is too sweet (what is syrup for anyway) for my taste bud this time. I then take the bowl off with its cover and put it in refrigerator hoping I would like to eat it the next time around but not yet as of now. By the way, am pregnant. That maybe the reason am picky. Until now, I don't like to eat and feel nauseous. :( I can settle a milk and one or two piece of cheese bread in the morning, one piece of banana fruit for lunch and another fruit for evening. Thankfully I have vitamins or else. :(
guava in a syrup

Who wants to eat or taste it? It's free, you can have it all should you like {though I don't think you will like the taste too but then as I said, if ever you do}. :-)

January 12, 2011

Marked the date as 01.11.11 yesterday. It was also the first time I made a roasted chicken with a piece of turkey ham sandwich loaded with pickles, lettuce, cheese, sandwich spread and of course two slices of bread. DH decided to buy ingredients for such sandwich for him to bring to his office for morning snack. It was the other night he bought it from the favorite store that we shop regularly, it's Ralph's. I had to figure it out how to do arrange it as I just usually made a tuna sandwich which I only put tuna and sandwich spread. No need for me to browse on the Internet, read recipe book or whatsoever alike but just to look at the cover of the turkey ham and do the twist since it only comprises of  lettuce, folds of turkey ham (more of four or five pieces folded) and a slice of big tomato. So what I did for my own version provided with the ingredients which DH bought was put a half of lettuce piece and beautifully fold it in half, then put slices of roasted chicken meat (without its skin, I remove it), then sandwich spread. I then put one thin turkey ham. Over with turkey ham is a halves of pickles (three halves to occupy its space) then a piece of small square cheese. And done! I then put in two pieces of table napkin and put it in a storage freezer bag or with-a-sealed plastic small bag then the last pouch is the brown sandwich bag which I put it inside. Another thing to go with it (which I put it inside the storage freezer bag is the pringles. Nope, he does not want to bring all the high can but just some of it. So for me, that is the highlight of 01.11.11 for me. What about you?

January 10, 2011

Indeed! Nothing much fancy to say except that the host is happy. I managed to tell my SD that her package  (shown on the last post before this is my pressie from her) already arrived, finished some blog postings though not that much. Well, it is already many as compared to my "sick days" not literally but emotionally tired. Not about my husband but some people or maybe am just bored in the house. Haha! Okay, I felt I was productive lately, as in managed to do what I wanted. With that, isn't that enough to say am happy? Whatever it is, whether you agree to me or not ,but really I am. It is what I feel. Hehe! Just give me your nod or blessing. Oops, do I sound exaggerated? Or maybe over? As in, it supposed not to tell because it is already what it is. I know but I just want to put some spices on it if ever you do not understand.  I know you do, but as I said "if ever". :-) If you are the latter, then you are what I meant? It's your turn to answer that. :))

For now, let me express my happiness now though hubby is already sleeping and am here doing my thing.

December 11, 2010

Gosh I cannot imagine being ballooned. I just gained five pounds. Okay, I was 108 before. Then came 115 and I put that in mind to have that maintain. But I was wrong, I now gained five pounds for two weeks during my vacation in Philippines. I know I will going to have this weight. I can eat whatever I want and no time for exercise. I sleep a lot as being tired of going in and out the house. Ooh well, what should a vacation be? Blame it to slow metabolism! :) Blame it to vacation! Oops and also blame it of stopping my BC pills! Ooh no, I could not be heavier. No more blaming, just doing. :-) I cannot imagine of the smile of Lipofuze fat burner towards my body weight. I have to get back the 115 pounds weight, I know. I have to. This is my new goal for my bod. Hopefully I could get it soon, very soon.

Ha ha ha! That is always what one should have to say, well, an optimistic way. What else? ;-)

I actually was at home about four days ago. Jetlag galore, monthly sickness (menstruation, you know..), some sleeping chores as I was exhausted, tired and feeling still in clouds. Ha ha ha! Ooh well, two weeks is just a little time but it is enough to those who are contented and include me to that. I wanted to extend but I know I cannot have everything. The catch is I have the major ones, yey! Speaking of contentment, what more could I ask for? Nothing. Just understanding and appreciation. Nothing more, nothing less. Nyahehe!

I would also like to thank my dear husband for granting me to go alone [oops, he said that would be the last trip of being just me, meaning he will be with me next time or we will be at home together. :-D And that is not bad.]

My mareng Lulu also is one of the few who "save me by the bell", some online chores. Thanks mareng! Your argentina and piniato is on its way (tomorrow).. hehe.. muahhh! To you my folks, friends, ladies and gentlemen. Thanks a lot for remembering me and still be her. A lot of kisses. ~muahhh~ {just being grateful}

December 09, 2010

Still am in jetlag even it is already two days after I came back here in USA. I also had my "monthly visitor" so that adds with the weak bod. I know I have to cope up with my blogging as I have many posts to finish which were in the dashboards. And maybe this is one of those that could be published later on but the dates we're on schedule. The important thing is I did not fail to blog. Ha! Don't you know that I have to continue reformatting (which Angelie, my friend whom I call PC technician, initially reformatted this back in Gingoog City) my PC as it has still have many drivers to load unto it? Yes that is what I plan to do since I cannot let the video cam on and many others. Also the Internet connection. Currently, I am using my husband PC which is not a normal thing for me since I have my own. Well, just to blog and check emails and etcetera. Again, do not be surprised if this will be published on the later date which its schedule date differs.

Now see yah tomorrow. I still have to check emails and so on. Have fun!

December 08, 2010

Here in USA. Here beside my husband's arms. Hehehe! Okay, here in our home, apartment rented home. So glad my travel yesterday was safe. By the way, I am currently using my husband's PC checking and a little write-up at the same time trying to figure out how to continue reformatting it using my drivers. Angelie did great of reformatting this but just have to adapt my place here especially the Internet network, have to connect it. Some drivers are lacking so I have to put it back on. For now, I do not have the guts of doing those things maybe tomorrow or the next day(s). With that, I expect no glory too. Ha! I still have to uploads tons of pics so the extended family back in the Philippines can see it, that is what they are after as of this moment so I may put it in Facebook first then go on with my other backlogs.For the meantime, I will be checking-in my emails and if I have task to do. I will be busy! Busy as a bee! Buzzzzzz.

(This post wasn't published as only half was done. This wasn't published unto its original date wrote but the original date remains it is. Just so if you  are wondering or maybe surprise if you subscribe on my RSS feeds or through email subscription.)

November 12, 2010

It is just now. Friday now here in Pacific Savings Time (I know some part of the world already celebrating its weekend). How time flies but we just have to accept it, live with it so we can have a joyful life. He he he! Oops, so serious dramatic huh! Think logic.

Now here comes this day which some folks do not work because they have their under and overtime for the rest of the workdays of the week but still they have a perfect attendance. Well, how they did it?  it is just that way. They are just having it that way. It is their choice and boss is okay, so what's the problem? He he he! We all have some low moments and I, myself now is also has my way, as in so sleep already. Ooh well, I have to bid bye for now. Happy Friday folks!

October 23, 2010

If you followed me here, you know how I love to cook chicken for my beloved DH. He likes chicken so much and so I love to cook it for him. As a stay-at-home-wife, I could never be happier seeing my dear husband likes how I cook, though there are also few times he does not like it. What I do for that is I have to learn how to do it more. Sometimes also it is not just his taste. Or he prefers to say he likes so I won't be disappointed but then I know it. And I love him more because of that. It inspires me to make it better. So it is just a matter of understanding and loving. :-) And be there with each other. :-)

The last time I was pretty love the party chicken style which is smaller than usual chicken in the market though it is just of the same cut. I guess it is also for a change. Now goes to cooking, I saw Kuya Mel's comment in one post (not on this blog though) that to have a crispy, one must have to put the chicken meat once cooking oil already hot (which is I always do) and it should have to under such cooking oil (which I do not usually do to save cooking oil, Ha ha ha!). Because of the big chicken sizes, I need to have a lot of cooking oil which is I do not like. Ooh well, thanks to the party chicken to which I can minimize such now because small cuts would minimize space in the skillet. But then when I cook fried chicken again, even with big ones, I have to let it be under the oil (I use olive oil for DH health) to make it crispy. Credit to Kuya Mel too. Anyway, below was my finish cooking. I love to hear how he said it is crispier. ;-) I would not sacrifice being thrifty of cooking oil (I usually had it like "on the neck side" of oil part of the chicken) than having a crispy one.

Happy eating! :-D

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