April 19, 2010

Mine, was a bit of low. I mean just normal but a lazy weekend. LOL... Ooh well, that is why weekend is a fave of mine.. he he he!.. I can be lazed as I want to. Ooh yeah, I was not able to finish my task. :-( Okay, during weekend hubby is in the house at that time and with that, I am not alone just like weekdays that he is at work. Thought I got used with it but it is still different. Also, hubby likes to spoiled me sometimes and so does me likes to spoiled him to the sense that he orders me an outside foods and I can cook him his fave breakfast foods and some other snacks and heavy meals, yeah I do that on weekdays but not much especially breakfast. DH does not eat breakfast when he is going to work unlike weekend. I am having a great weekend in a slow-pace mode. The thing was I haven't went to church yesterday because I forgot it. Ooh God, please forgive me. It was on my mind but I just remembered it in the neck of time. I was busy, ooh well it is not an excuse, I know. That is why there was really keep on hunting my mind but it cannot came out. That is why because of going to it. Ooh well, promise --- the next Sunday which is this Sunday coming I will really be prepared of it --- rain or shine. :-) Promise to the Heavenly God. Diary, keep it in memory.

What about you, how was your weekend?


  1. Dhemz said...
    agoy kami pod wala na simba simba...pero I pray to God every single day man sad.....ehehhe!

    musta naka diha madam sis? murag napansin nako nga lie-low galing ka sa blogging these days...ehehhehe...busy galing ka himo ug bata da....joke lang po...eheheh!

    laag ko dire kadali kay nag paabot pako sa akong labhanon tawon.....:)
    Cacai M. said...
    heheheh.. lagi madam sis.. busy mn gud sa listia.. lol.. tan-awa na-close-san na nuon ko sa PU2.. lol.. naa pa 3 ka sppos nga ako unta gihuman gahapon og kaya unta to, asus bah nga gitapolan mn pod nagsge mn nuon mi tan-aw og sports.. lol.. from car racing, to basketball og baseball.. waaa.. anyhow, sge lang gihuman na jud nko krn, sa sunod nlng jud ni nga payroll ma-count.. lol.. sge lang oi, weee.. og oo basta mag-pray everyday og we act what HE likes, that's all that matters but better pod to'ng magsimba jud noh, saonz mn if lisod jud kaau i-ad2.. weee.. :-( sorry GOD.

    Thanks madam sis for being here.. muahhh!

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