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June 21, 2013

Yes, you read it right --- today, June 21st is the first day of Summer Season 2013 here in USA. Today marks the beginning of Summer Solstice 2013. Yay! Hooray for the summer journey!

I cannot agree more because before this day, it has been about a week, that I feel like always dehydrated because of the weather here in Los Angeles, California. I'm not sure if we have the same weather but really it felt terrible. I was not able to enjoy my days with my little one because of such weather and I felt like I had a fever for days. I even thought that my flu shot was fighting with a flu during those times. Ooh well, summer made its steps before it hit its first day!

There are a lot of ways to combat hot season like eating cold watermelon, drinking cold drinks and any cold stuffs. Also go to shady areas like under the trees.

And so, happy summer everyone! Smile. :)

May 10, 2013

Fried fish, is one of the common viands on the table in my hometown. We usually dipped it with vinegar or lemon, soy sauce, and if you like something spicy, just add a chili. Some people like to dip it in a fish sauce or fermented fish with vinegar or lemon. Or you can make a side dish of tomatoes, onion, fermented fish or fish sauce, and lemon or vinegar. When I was a kid, I just dipped it with soy sauce with vinegar and nothing else. Yesterday, I was craving for it so I went to the grocery store and bought. I cooked it right away when I got home. It has been a long time I have not eaten a deep-fried fish, so yesterday; I enjoyed eating such with one leg up on the chair. Ha!. I have not eaten it all, but I can re-fry it or mix it with green leafy vegetable later.

What about you, how do you eat a fried fish? Or, do you like eating such? How do you like it?

May 06, 2013

Weeeh! Since I arrived here in California, USA, I have never seen a lanzones in any store here. I was surprise when I saw a frozen lanzones a few days ago in an Asian store nearby. Of course, as a person raised in a tropical country where fresh fruits are everywhere, I don’t want to miss a chance to try a frozen lanzones. I couldn't even imagine how it tastes because it was frozen. I actually have question on my mind if these were ripe already before they packed and sealed.
Anyhow, I bought a pack, and I was so excited to eat it. Naturally, the taste is different from fresh, but it is enough to compromise the desire of eating fresh lanzones. It has been a long time since I ate fresh lanzones, and it was in my hometown. Lanzones is one of my favorite fruits, and when I ate it, I even swallow the small seeds. Anyway, the amount I paid for the frozen lanzones was worth enough for my cravings.

May 03, 2013

Do you eat bread? Do you like having bread for dinner, or what. I was born in the Philippines, yes, I am a Filipina but then I live here in USA right now. So mix of rice and bread for a day for me is enough. But for now, I cannot live without rice that is for sure. Americans love bread (and my husband is of course, one of them). And I think bread is what their staple food. Since I am living here, eating bread in the morning is enough and having coffee or tea drink beside is perfect, but for lunch or dinner I must have rice.

Back in my birth country, we're not "used to" to have bread  as our meal. That is only for our  ‘merienda’ or snack. Bread for sure is healthy and with higher carbohydrates too but I cannot exchange it with rice (or at least for now, maybe). Rice as staple food is what  I grew up, eating it three times a day.

But I admit, sometimes, if I feel so lazy to cook then bread is my tummy's best-friend. Bread and rice are both perfect (as staple foods)!

February 13, 2013

Have you ever tried the convenience of home shopping? In my birth country, this is very common. There are companies that offer their merchandise through a house-to-house selling. We usually called their employees as Promo Girls because they are usually young ladies. Here in the USA, home shopping is when you watch TV station offering merchandise such as clothing, home appliance, jewelry and more.

Usually, home shopping can be cheaper because it cuts out the middleman who tends to increase cost. If you want to shop at home, but you are not sure of what’s offered, ask the shopping station to send you a schedule of items when particular items are sold. When you shop from home, it is best to use your credit card, because you are then guarded by a consumer protection policy. In the Philippines, you will pay it in cash, so if there is a problem on the merchandise you bought, you can no longer get back your money.

January 05, 2013

We greeted the day with different interpretations of breakfast: some have become classics in their own cultures and been adapted into others.

Americans, for instance, prepare a flurry of cereals such as corn flakes, oatmeal, porridge and grits. They like to linger over blueberry pancakes, waffles, and French toast, or settle down with a warm bagel or doughnut and brewed coffee. They also have bacon, smoked sausages, and patties.

For Filipinos, we have pork meat with noodles and vegetables (batchoy), arroz caldo (soupy rice with chicken) and sopas (elbow pasta with sausage and vegetable) to warm the stomach. But it is rice reincarnated as sinangag (fried rice), served with daing (dried fish), longganisa (local sausage), tocino (marinated pork meat with a variety of flavors), and the like. That comprises the complete Filipino breakfast. Often, the spread includes an "ulam" (viand) such as paksiw (fish with vinegar) or adobo (Filipinos all time favorite). For simple Filipino breakfast, pan-de-sal and coffee will do.

June 28, 2012

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May 17, 2012

I have to admit this is my first time of this name of apple, Pink Lady, is the name. All I know is that Fuji apple is the best. Well, not anymore now since I have seen this new one. And mind you, it taste like the Fuji, there's nothing difference except that what I just ate was in a bag of little ones whereas in Fuji, I know there are big ones. Who knows there are also big of this. This has grown here in USA and the Fuji is I don't know where it grow. All I know it that it taste very much alike. And it is cheaper than Fuji. I got a dollar and fifty cents for a bag of 12-15 pieces I think. Not bad for a first-timer of this variety huh! I was even skeptical of buying it since most fruits in bags seems like it is not as tasty than the ones that are of pieces (not in a bag). But I was wrong and I am so glad I got this as I can now differentiate what's the difference of the two for now. I will have my journey of finding-out if there is bigger ones of this. I want to try it too if there's any difference to Fuji or the little ones. By the way, it is not very little huh, it seems like medium when compared to the big Fuji I saw (or bought. I bought the big Fuji while bought this one too to the thought of  "what if I don't like this" . :-) I don't have a luxury of going back and forth to the store huh! :-)

So this is it, just making my notes of one of my random memorable journey. :-)

Didn't I told you that I am in diet right now? Yes, you bet! Okay, I told you in my other former posts. So I am in fruit diets. Meaning I eat more fruits nowadays and the 30 minutes-1 hour-fruits eating before the typical meal. And to tell you, even if I am not in diet, this mazanos banana variety is my favorite of all the banana family, alright the variety.

By the way, this is my first time that I know how they call it here (or at least in the grocery store or market). As I bought it, I then looked what the name because I know that it is the banana of my favorite. And yeah, it is "mazanos" (or the "tundan" , "tundal" in "Bisaya" birthplace dialect in the Philippines, Camiguin.

And so now I know. I smile left and right because I now know where to get when I ought to get and eat it. And the great catch is, it is very near of our apartment home rented. Yay! Happy me! :-)

May 04, 2012

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April 20, 2012

Summer has just sprung, soon enough summer is already here. You may be planning a summer vacation to Orlando. With that, to make the most of your quick getaway journey to Orlando, you might want to keep these neat suggestions in mind:
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 I am sure you can include a whole lot of other activities on this list, just make sure you have enough time to do all them. Enjoy!

April 05, 2012

It is the time of the year to commemorate lent season. I don't know if other religion celebration Holy Week as much as Roman Catholic's culture.

Yes, today is "Holy Thursday" in United States of A. The day of commemorating Christ Jesus' journey as He was punished for saving human's first sin through Adam and Eve. Tomorrow is the day, "Holy Friday", commemorating the day He died in the cross whilst the day after tomorrow is the second day to which it is called as "Black Saturday". Then on the third day He rose again, that is why it is called "Easter Sunday", the beginning of Easter Season in the Church Calendar. I knew this as I went to Catholic School during my Junior and Senior years in high school as well as I graduated a 4-years course in a Catholic School as well. And we were taught about it, as much as we experienced the commemoration every year.

Since I married to a non-Catholic person (which I did not regret), I cannot really feel the moment and essence of Holy Week here in USA though I still remember what we were doing wayback. And so this post is my way of remembering and commemorating such!

April 03, 2012

There are foods that you do not like, that is for sure. Just like, I am not a picky-eater but when I arrived here in United States of A, I suddenly became a little of such. It maybe mixed with a home-sickness thing too, I think since I was just new that time. You know, I missed those foods that I grew-up with.

One food that I cannot stand to eat before, was the pizza. Yes, it is. Come to think of it, it is what most of the people here eats. But it just can't get into my taste bud, even into my smell. It got me puked (sorry for that) even if I am already so hungry. But that was before. I already overcame it after how many years. Whew! Pizza is one of my DH fave, so I gotta learn how to embrace it even just its smell. Good thing, I learn to eat it too and you would surprise because it became my favorite too!

Lately, I am just so very glad I already got over of  "not" liking the taste of fresh milk to drink on. Just like how pizza (even its smell) irritates my mood. Oops I was not pregnant those times, okay? It took me years to appreciate its taste. Fresh milk here in USA (specially to my DH) is somewhat like a basic thing in the kitchen, basic thing in the breakfast, basic thing of eating with cookies. And it is just two days ago, I learn its precious taste. The reason? Because I do not have "Nido" dry  milk anymore. The "Nido" by the way is the dry milk I drink in lieu of my favorite dry "Bear Brand" milk. What-ta! Yum!

What about you, do you like drinking fresh milk? Do you have some story of it too just like mine? ;-)

Two days ago, I had a friends get-together for the four of us, here in our place. We had it specifically in downtown. We had food trip and of course, the laugh trip. Ha! It is a great moment. The first time being together for the four of us, after more than six months. My second time went-out without my infant with me. And so, the highlight of the food trip was eating in "The Boiling Crab" restaurant, my first time.

The mild cajun dungeness flavor of the shrimps, taste really great! You would forgot that you are in the restaurant. Well, all the people there have their plastic bibs because it is a shell seafood restaurant. So, it is not a shy moment since all eats that way.
(in our table, the two pounder seasonal crab hasn't yet arrived that time in the picture)

And because I cannot get over with the shrimps, I order a pound weight the next day! I eat it in the house with a little share for my DH (he don't like shrimps much). Yay! Happy me! :-)

March 31, 2012

Having friends, is one of the most precious in our lives. They are next to our family. Yes, it is to me.

Today is the last day of March, I did not matter it. I even did not noticed that tomorrow is already the start day of April. I had fun with my friends here in my place. We are four, the first time we're complete of going out (Friend P is always not with us), and first time of how many months the four of us together wayback when I was still pregnant, that is more than six months ago. This month has been good to me (despite of being hard having an infant, ha!). Much better because my friend Au with her family was here in the middle of last week.

It has been weeks Friends P and A along with me planned this, and this day just came. Hooray too because Friend D was with us with her two kiddos. What a together-again friends getaway. We had "siopao" and ate in "The Boiling Crab", my first time eating in the resto crab place and it is really good, much more because we had a great chitchat and a reunited moment of the four of us, the mommies in the block. :-)

All in all, it is a great, great day! I hope yours too! How was your day, by the way?

March 30, 2012

From a Louisiana Kitchen or the famous food chain "Popeye" as for "P" is what I got days ago. DH bought us this for dinner for our (it is just me and DH in the house except if our little one can already eat like this) dinner.
Looks like a KFC-thing. It has corn (only in KFC, the corn is small) mashed potato (I like more its gravy than KFC), biscuit and chicken. The chicken is yummy-licious (or yummy-delicious)! I like the corn in KFC though.

To tell you what, this is my first time (this is one of my firsts) I had eaten from Popeye or Louisiana Kitchen and I love it! Well, you just had knew I like its food. Hoping to have more in the future. Smile. :-)

March 29, 2012

This has been a late post already but since it is already in the draft, I just then have to published it. It may not make sense to you but without Thursday it won't be a complete weekdays! :-)

Yep, "Happy Thursday" to all of you! This is from my time if you excuse if it's not (or it's not yet) Thursday anymore of your time there. Anyway, how's the rest of the weekdays did? I hope it's fine, better yet it already passed. Woohoo! Ooh, yeah right. Now one day more and weekdays already done. Time to face the weekends then. What's new with that? New journey, new steps of the process, way or what you call, ain't it?

And so, what's the plan for the coming last day of the weekdays? I hope you all have a great time upon planning forward. Smile. :-)

March 20, 2012

United States of America has four (4) seasons, namely: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. As in, the seasons divided the year into four (as there are four) to set the season's feel. As to my own thought, Spring Season is the beginning of cold season or snowy time, the Winter. Then the Spring, is the beginning of warm/hot season, the summer (sun tanning time). And spring fun is here!

Today is first day of Spring 2012, March 20. What have you done right now? What are you up to? Any plans? For sure there is if you have something doing there for this day, well, not just the topical day, isn't it? Maybe first warm walk? Whatever it is, enjoy the rest of this first Spring season throughout year 2012!

Happy Spring Season USA folks!

March 18, 2012

I know it's not Sunday anymore in some part of the world that is why I specify my location. Today is Sunday. It is time for church. Family bonding. In short, happy time. Weekend is relaxing time. And greeting time for family and friends (and even acquaintances and not), so, Happy Weekend/Sunday everyone! Enjoy the rest of the day. Enjoy responsibly.

March 13, 2012

Yes, I morning the night and I don't care, of what? I don't care sleeping, alright, I plan to sleep later afternoon when I can have more time, successive time, since she would have her last medicine in the morning by 12 noon with her milk and a little food then, the next is her snack by 3:00 pm or I can have it by 4:00 or 5:00 pm full. So I can have at least 4 hours uninterrupted sleep. I also need to have consecutive naps then to complete the 6-8 hours of sleep, at least 6 hours.

Why I morning the night? The first thing is I have to awake because baby Sam has a fever and I make sure I am always available when she needs me, in the daytime I think I can have my DH but not during night time. So, I need not to sleep. Secondly, I need to update my blog whilst tending her. Of course, she's the priority reason aside from tending my DH's sleeping disorder (yes, having bad dreams or alike). In this way, we're all safe and sound. I have to adjust my time. And so I morning the night. Am fine. I even smile like this: :-) and wink too. ;-) Ha! Good morning USA!

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