May 24, 2010

My weekend with my dear husband went well. It's pretty great though I wasn't able to go to church (sorry Lord, promise I will go next Sunday --- rain or shine) but other than that, our plan went smoothly. We went to places that we planned to went and even had our photos together as well as pictures for my passport for renewal and stuffs like that. I went twice to photo center to get additional copies and also had a big photocopied picture together. Then lo and behold, our fun together watching movie and NBA western conference final (though Los Angeles Lakers loss for game 3 against Phoenix Arizona team but that's okay because the first 2 games against each other were in favor of my favorite team, Lakers. waaa.. ;-) Its 4th game (LA Lakers vs Phoenix Arizona) by the way will be tomorrow at 8 PM ET or 5 PM PDT.

To continue my wit with my weekend, I had some cooking and doing some pending household chores. Last night, myself was able to finished the movie "Rudy" though it ended up to eleven o'clock but slow volume of just two. You know.. DH already asleep because he wakes up five o'clock every work days, am just glad that he let me finished to watch the movie. I just liked it (the movie) because it is a struggle over patience and perseverance with his hard work and smartness to acquire his dream, to get into a famous school "Notre Dame" and its football team, Fighting Irish in such school. He's juggling over a lot of trials to get into it (in addition of his inspiration after his bestfriend's death) until he's about to give up, just so glad that he didn't bought the negative thought and his team mates and inspirations was with him at about end. It was a great movie (though DH said it's a dull one.. waaa.. well, that is also because he can't watched it because he needed to get a good sleep). So that was it, I (and DH) was also able to grab pizza hut's deal $10 all size (small, medium, large --- it is still its prize nowadays, you can grab it if you like to eat pizza) with an order meat lover's (our fave) with a lot of green bell peppers and olives, soft drinks also at the side with an equal bill of $17 bucks delivered unto our home apartment. It's a great weekend!

How was yours?

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  1. Dhemz said...
    agoy...kakapoy sa weekend...ehhehehe...sos akong tiil g hawoy ug nilakaw...nag adto man jud me sa asian festival....ehehhehe

    agi ko dire madam sis...salamat sa dalaw...sensya na karon lang ko kabalik....:)

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