March 08, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Mostly, during weekend especially Sunday I do cook my favorite dishes or anything that is rare food(just uncommon not exotic huh?) on weekdays but today, I don't feel like cooking it today. Am not feeling well that's why. So what I did is just did a little cleaning like wiping some dust in the window and the furniture, and so with the throwing of garbage. And that's all! heheh. I didn't even wash clothes and vacuuming neither went to church. huhuhu. Sorry Lord God- am really not feeling well- promise I will go to the church next week, rain or shine. So then, hubby woke me up at 8:30 am to let me fixed myself to go shopping for the gift for the on-coming birthday of my niece as well as my god daughter. I told him the other day that I have to go shopping for her this weekend so I can mail it on Monday(tomorrow) before I go to school. So, the plan went good. And I have now my gifts for her- already done for mail tomorrow. I know she will love this because this is from her wishlist. I just hope she will receive this package on or before her birthday which is on this coming 13th of this month. Anyway, it's just in Tennessee so I guess it will arrive at time. Some kind of busy too, with that, we just ordered a burgers and some soda for our meal going home lately. We just picked it up. It's just sad to say that hubby don't ordered my burger correctly- instead of cheese hamburger for me, he ordered only hamburger that I don't like 'coz of the salad inside in it- am just glad there's no mustard which I hated most. It turned out to be good then until at home that I just ate 1/3 of it. Whew! I can't really swallow it- am sorry. It seems no good to throw foods but I just did it. But I don't let my husband knew. Don't tell him.. heheh. Ohhh poor hamburger. This food will be my next hunt to learn how to love it . So, instead of hamburger, I just cooked rice and broiled dried fish and yummm!

Beloved First Commenter: _el@i_


  1. _el@i_ said...
    haha, poor hamburger, indeed! ;)
    Meryl said...
    Namiss ko ang isda...haaaay! =(
    Dhemz said...
    hhahah...what a day! sounds like you have a terrible day...nope am just kidding madam sis...hehhe..just cheering you up...:)

    na ako sad uy...never like burger with pickles, tomato, onion, mustard on it...that is why when we go to fastfood...I always order chicken salad...hahhaha....:)

    Anyhow....hope you will get better madam sis....have fun sa school ugma...another assignments na sad dayon....hehhehe...mwah!
    shydub said...
    give that poor hamburger to me cacai,hehehe. get well soon.
    Bill said...
    I enjoy cheese on my hamburger also. We all make mistakes. LOL Have a great week.

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