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February 05, 2011

Just lately these two teams had a match-up and I so love watching it. It is a heart-pounding, oops! The game was held at Golden State team home court. I was interested of watching the game because of Golden State Warriors of Sacramento team as the last time this team beats my ever Los Angeles Lakers for points at Lakers home court. It's only seldom Lakers loss at its home court and it was two times on a row. The next game was with its match-up with Boston Celtics team. Ah! Let us see their asses next time. Oh, ha! And so I bet for Golden State and I was not wrong. They won just for a point. Yes, only one point. Knowing that Chicago Bulls is not an easy match-up, I was then nodding my head to Golden State. This time going great  just like Los Angeles Clippers huh! What you think? Did you watched the game lately? How do you like it?

Now, am thinking of Golden State Warriors of Sacramento against Los Angeles Lakers the next time as well as Lakers and Celtics. Ah! I could not wait. Ha ha! 

Tomorrow am looking forward of football championship between Steelers against Packers. And am betting for Steelers, just FYI. Ha! Sorry Packers but the last team standing would be awesome. Still, am on Steelers. Oops! Good luck for the teams fans for tomorrow!

I wonder which NBA teams will also play tomorrow. Ah, the important is the football because it's championship. So all the best folks! Happy watching and cheering (for tomorrow)!

October 06, 2010

(Thanks for the post from Stan Atkins)

Attending a California Bears football game with my 2 children is one of the highlights of my year. At least once annually, we pack up the family and attend a home game at California Memorial Stadium. I absolutely love this place. The stadium is located in Berkeley and offers unique features not seen at any other stadium.
My children's favorite feature is the cannon situated above the stadium on "Tightwad Hill". Every single time the California Bears score a touchdown, the cannon lets out a tremendous blast and the stadium goes crazy. The cannon blast mixed with the raucous fans makes for a great atmosphere. My favorite thing about the stadium is "Tightwad Hill" itself. During big games, spectators that are too cheap to purchase tickets climb the hill and sit in proximity to the cannon. It's loud in the stadium so it must be deafening to those sitting right by it. 

We heard the cannon blast quite often at the last game we attended. On September 11, 2010, the Bears steamrolled the Colorado Buffaloes 52-7. Quarterback Kevin Riley passed for a career-high 4 touchdown passes and left Colorado looking shell-shocked. Cal was up 31-0 going into halftime and forced Colorado into tossing three interceptions and an additional two lost fumbles. Buffalo was rarely able to move the ball and never really threatened Cal. 

The California Bears football program has been outstanding the past few years so I make a point of never missing a Bears football game. When I can't make it to the game, I always watch it on satellite television.

June 18, 2010

The 2010 FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) World Cup is now on-going. This is by far the 19th football world cup tournament as describe by Wikipedia. Am sure if you are a football fan, used to be a player in your own school, state or country or just simply adore this game, you are now chasing up on your own television and cheer your bet of which team will be declared as champion at the end of this world cu p. Then you wish to have your personalized footballs as a memorabilia, a collection or just a gift to your mates or anyone which fond of football too. If you are a player, you will like to give it as a gift to your coach as gratitude. Such a terrific idea, isn't it? God bless to those who are kind and grateful.

November 09, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Today is Monday, so how's your weekend folks? As for me, it's okay. I got a lot of rest with my hubby. Ooh well bonding moment time when there's no work for him then. At Saturday, just some little cleaning in the house, grocery time, and went to get my dried fish -- well not really the dried fish that I want (bakay) but dried squid I had. Perhaps next time to other store (far though). Anyway, I also got some Indian mackerel fish and I fried it, suddenly hubby liked it! I just got the bones after fried with olive oil (olive oil is good for people on diet) for his convenience. I got also pan-de-leche bread which I love to eat every now and then for snacks and breakfast with coffee and milk. I also got durian fruit which I miss it so much. Then yesterday (Sunday), same as usual daily household chores, cooking, etc. then watched football (college football and the matched-up of San Diego Chargers vs. New York Giants = Chargers won with one point) and sci-fi movies (the old movie Alien vs. Predator, etc). All in all it was okay. I love it having a lazy day.. (~_~) I don't want to get always excited which I got from my hubby who is just cool. (~_~)

August 27, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

National Football League 2009 Season is under the way. How's your pre-fantasy football draft going? Have you checked WaiverWire's "The Stimulus Package" yet? WaiverWire is the most comprehensive source for fantasy football rankings, projections, drafting software, news, stats, and analysis to help you win your fantasy league.

Before finishing my draft, we will talk first about our favorite NFL players. Who are your top three? Who's your best football team so far? For me
, Terryl Owens of the Buffalo Bills, is the best when it comes to the wide receiver position. His exciting and amazing moves, are what make him an outstanding wide receiver. Eric Wood, an offensive linesman of the Buffalo Bills, is my second favorite among the NFL players. The Buffalo Bills, is my favorite team(and my hubby's favorite too) but when it comes to running back, Kris Wilson from San Diego Chargers, is my choice as full back. Well, do not get me wrong, this is only my opinion and we do not know if your players will be the best for this 2009 season. Check out WaiverWire for how and when to draft them.

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The free offer of WaiverWire's "The Stimulus Package" is only limited, so check it out now!


August 18, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Men and women in the USA are all busy in their everyday lives. Everybody is busy in either office works or even house works. Stay at home moms are also busy with their kids and making their house a home but nonetheless when it comes to football and football happenings, everybody wants to be updated.

For people that are so addicted to fantasy football, WaiverWire is the answer in order to receive real time updates of the game and its players. WaiverWire is the most comprehensive source for fantasy football rankings , projections, drafting software, news, statistics and analysis to help you win your fantasy league . WaiverWire also offers a free drafting tool "The Stimulus Package " (which normally cost $19.99)! You just need to sign up and you can have this stimulus package for free. By signing up to this package, you will receive details and updates which are available anywhere. You can get every details live to your email so you will know who to draft and when to draft players for your fantasy team.

In playing fantasy football, I just use to an auto draft tool and change the player if I like to.

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August 10, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Football 2009 season is coming along the way. Hubby and I usually watch National Football League(NFL) season every year and our favorite team is always Buffalo Bills of which where Terrell Owens belongs. And ooh he's our favorite! It is because he has a capability and speed more than the other wide receivers. His ability to receive the ball is an exciting and amazing move which I believe can bet the other team. Moreover, he is my pick with his team that will perform extraordinarily this upcoming 2009 season.

If you want to have the most comprehensive source of fantasy football rankings, projections, drafting software, news, stats, and analysis to help you win your fantasy league, then you might like to check out WaiverWire. After sign-up, you may then proceed to check(just like what I did) its pre-populated player comparison pages for your Fantasy Football Draft. The "Stimulus Package" offer has an
amazing service it offers, you could have it without spending any penny! It's free! And hey, it's only limited so better check it out very soon or else you might miss the current promotion WaiverWire offers like Free fantasy research tools, free real time fantasy player news, and free access to fantasy experts in its Fantasy Forum, etc. Networking with other serious fantasy players and participate in Waiver Wire’s proprietary Guru Challenge Game to create a track record with your own player and spread picks, is one of an awesome feature it has as well. So, what are you waiting of folks, hurry now! Check WaiverWire and sign-up to its current offer which is only limited. Watching football game and having Fantasy Football or even having a draft is a lot of fun! Enjoy!

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