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August 28, 2011

(Post contributed by Hilton Miranda)

Moving is always a total money suck but when we had to move the whole family from the east coast to California I thought we’d never get out of the hole. Unfortunately my husband’s new job wasn’t going to be paying for the move so everything from the moving truck to the movers had to be paid for by us. It took 6 days to drive out there, too, with all the kids and cars and such and boy were we too exhausted to do any unpacking when we got there. I concentrated on administrative stuff like calling the security company to come out and going to, and my husband had to work on the AV side. He spent hours putting up our TVs and stereos and we didn’t even have the couch set up to sit and watch it on! Anyway, now it’s three months later and I finally think we’ve paid off all the moving expenses and we’re very nearly moved all the way in. It was a trying time for our family!

February 03, 2011

posted by: Cacai M.

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November 11, 2010

Just as this moment, the game ended between a match-up of Los Angeles Lakers between Denver Nuggets at latter's home court (Nugget's basketball court). As I saw it on first and second quarter, it was Lakers on the lead just few points as well on the third quarter. Just as a surprise, Lakers struggling on the fourth quarter and there on the last minute when Pau Gasol did not get to shot the ball, at least it is only two or three points to get in order to tie-up and have an overtime play of five minutes to decide which is the winner. But then it the score ended of six points (107-112) lead by Nuggets. :-( Anyhow, it is Denver Nugget's basketball court, and the players defended it as it has been seen by its score. Being Lakers fan, I loss too. Ha ha ha! But oops, no hurt-aches though its Lakers first loss this season  because it is just yet a season, the thrill here is on the  playoffs, pre-final or final time! What a lucky day for Nuggets (this time)! Credits to Carmelo Anthony of Denver Nuggets for being the top scorer of this game. What a game!

On the other hand, the game before Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Nuggets was Boston Celtics versus Miami Heat, actually it was a rematch of the latter. I was cheering for Miami Heat though I also like Celtics. Seemed like Heat was underdog for 16 points lead by Celtics and the lead went down to three then it ended as was being lead by five points (107-112) by Denver Nuggets.

As seeing by its score this Veterans Day 2010 Celebration, what have you seen? Any similarity?

October 12, 2010

It's not only in Tampa, Florida where fans of Rays MLB team resides. As what we know, Rays MLB team is a team of Tampa, Florida. There are also from its neighboring city and for sure family from afar cheers too. No doubt, when one would see the game live, fans would get tampa car rental and as well looking and basking up in the Tampa bay's beautiful white sands. It would be great for swimming time and at the same time watching "Team Rays" play baseball. What about you, have you ever been to Tampa, Florida? How was it? Are you "Team Rays" fan? Happy watching!

October 06, 2010

(Thanks for the post from Stan Atkins)

Attending a California Bears football game with my 2 children is one of the highlights of my year. At least once annually, we pack up the family and attend a home game at California Memorial Stadium. I absolutely love this place. The stadium is located in Berkeley and offers unique features not seen at any other stadium.
My children's favorite feature is the cannon situated above the stadium on "Tightwad Hill". Every single time the California Bears score a touchdown, the cannon lets out a tremendous blast and the stadium goes crazy. The cannon blast mixed with the raucous fans makes for a great atmosphere. My favorite thing about the stadium is "Tightwad Hill" itself. During big games, spectators that are too cheap to purchase tickets climb the hill and sit in proximity to the cannon. It's loud in the stadium so it must be deafening to those sitting right by it. 

We heard the cannon blast quite often at the last game we attended. On September 11, 2010, the Bears steamrolled the Colorado Buffaloes 52-7. Quarterback Kevin Riley passed for a career-high 4 touchdown passes and left Colorado looking shell-shocked. Cal was up 31-0 going into halftime and forced Colorado into tossing three interceptions and an additional two lost fumbles. Buffalo was rarely able to move the ball and never really threatened Cal. 

The California Bears football program has been outstanding the past few years so I make a point of never missing a Bears football game. When I can't make it to the game, I always watch it on satellite television.

When I think about slam dunk or a term from basketball sport "dunk" , the next thing I can think is the word "slam dunk 'd funk". Such term registered unto my mind, well, that is actually a song. Now you know I love listening music. :-) Yes, even when I was small. Aright, that is it all about it. So what's the next thing? In basketball, it is great to watch a game which it has dunk which of course players does it. Now you may wonder of how to do it. I cannot blame you since I do to. How to Dunk is quiet a challenge to me and I do not know about you on what you think about it but for sure if one do not have an inborn skill (talent) or haven't been able to study of it, it's pretty sure hard, don't you think? So you know how to do it? Maybe, you are doing great so far. So you're a basketball player! A pro, quiet very sure. Am Lakers fan and I like how players like Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom (and many others) does it or Lebron James, an ex-Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team most renowned for his talent during successive recent years. Basketball sport is really an awesome entertainment watching it with dunks.

September 29, 2010

(Guest post written by Kimmy Dawson)

When me and my fiance signed the papers and bought our apartment together, we moved a lot of our furniture from both of our old apartments in there as a temporary thing.

We've been spending a lot of our time leading up to our wedding registering for stuff for our apartment online after we settled on one of the DIRECTTV internet deals we found when we moved into the new place. There are a lot of things that we need for our apartment that you can't exactly register for, like a couch. But we're just going to see what everyone buys us and has shipped before and right after the wedding before we start buying big pieces like that. However, we're finding a lot of things that will surely come in handy once we're married and I'm a little more domestic, like a salad spinner. I didn't even know those things existed until I bought off the registry for one of our friends that got married this summer. But I was so impressed with it that I knew we needed one too. We don't have a whole lot of kitchen stuff so that's mainly what we're concentrating on. Our place has a good sized kitchen too so we actually have storage space now.

September 09, 2010

(Guest post written by Sheldon Penniford)

I watch NASCAR every now and then with my friends but when I think of Daytona, I think of Daytona Beach, not the huge race that takes place there every year.
My family always went to Daytona Beach so I just love going there each year for my vacation. This year when I was sitting on the beach with my wife and kids under one of those rental umbrellas I was telling them about my summers there with my parents before that but I was having a hard time hearing their part of the conversation. After asking "what" so many times and for them to repeat themselves my wife suggested that I look up Miracle Ear and go to one.

So I did that while I was still relaxed after my vacation. I'm glad that I did because I think that's going to help me create and fully experience even more memories. I think that we're going to go back to the beach during our kids' Christmas break for the shopping, putt putt, driving go karts and other fun things because you can't really swim in the ocean then because it's too cold.

August 26, 2010

Come on guys, it has been days Venus Raj has been in the top of the news everywhere. I do not want to have a follow-up post (my past post two days ago which you can see below or the next page backward) regarding a critic on her (I did not really critic that much) because I need more evidences before I will jump-in. But let us see see this one critic from ABC News and have your say about it.

What do you think?

Looking back on a day as this news hit the top, I was searching while I can which led me to one of what I found. It was in YouTube actually, about her life. Living in a house without electricity with the most of her life, in a nipa hut made of wood and how she practiced herself doing a cat walk in a "pilapil" (rice paddy) to joining oratorical contests, pageants, scholar and became a cum laude at one of prestigious school in PI. How was that? Okay, it made me cry especially on the scene of "Wish Ko Lang" video of her. Hemmm.. :-) Now, am speechless again. Makes me wanna see that video back (and cry again?). Ha! ;-)

July 11, 2010

Boohoo! It was just a minute ago which Netherlands and Spain FIFA teams were having championship game ended. The game had its overtime and extra time. Normally, a game only lasted for 45+45 minutes equals to 90 minutes and when no team scores it would have its overtime for 30 minutes which would turn the game to 120 minutes. If no team scores that time, penalty kicks would do the scoring but lo and behold Spain scored of approximately116 minutes! And so the game continued. It has its extra time of two minutes and then crowd cheering already, yes Spain team was proclaimed as 2010 FIFA Champion! How cool is that? It was a tough game because the score is only one which is apparently Spain got it at the neck of time. So how are you feeling there? ;-) You have got the feel the magic or should I say the intensity and the skills of the players with its technique as well as its luck. Oops, can you say it is luck? It is their skill, isn't it? *wink* Have you seen one Netherlands player got mad at the referee? Bouncing the ball and cursing? Ah! It must be disappointment, frustration or something like that. You know what you thought at watching it. Hem-mm. There must be many crying over it? Whatever it is, I would just like to congratulate the winning team. Congratulation Spain for grabbing the title! The winners must take it all. Ha! ;-)

July 06, 2010

FIFA (Football International Federation Association {or this game is commonly called as "soccer" than football}) 2010 World Cup will end soon. It will be this coming Sunday, July 11th with Netherlands versus which team will win for tomorrow's game between Germany and Spain at 2:30 p.m. EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) or 11:30 PDT(Pacific Daylight Time). I am interested for tomorrow's game, I will give it a shot. I go for either of the two. Ha! I like the two teams and which team wins will then compete to Netherlands this coming Sunday at 2:30 EDT/11:30 p.m. PDT for championship. And on Saturday, July 10th will be the third place game between Uruguay which was loss today against Netherlands versus which team will loss of tomorrow's game. The third place game will start at still 2:30 p.m. EDT/11:30 p.m. PDT. Good luck then to which team will win! I and DH (and perhaps most folks around the world) are excited for tomorrow's game, more so on Sunday! More info of schedules at here.

July 02, 2010

Oops, it is a hit not a Heat! But anyway, perhaps he could be with the Heat (Miami) team too, who knows? Yep, only James Lebron and his agent knows if he will sign-up the agreement directly. But lo and behold because James has a big eye on the courtship of Pat Riley. According to the report from Sports Center of ESPN 9:30 a.m. live as I watched lately on television, Lebron is confident to be in the trio of Dwane Wade and Chris Bosh but still it is not surely one since there is still a meet-up of this "in-demand" free agent great National Basketball Association (NBA) player who shows a great job from succeeding years especially the last season of this year. Would you believe one team agent suitor would like to give me a shot of whooping 120M? Yes, I heard it and confirmed 120 million dollars --- not quiet sure if it a contract of three or five years though. But hey, you do your math --- Paul Pierce was in contract of Boston for three years of 90M and said it is quiet cheap for his talent and said he gave Boston a lot of discount for that. Possibly he will be in other team this next season but possibly also not, just that his salary will be raised. Back to Lebron, so it is very much possible for that 120M for him of three-years contract, huh? Obviously as what you can see from the last season that he played better than Pierce and so your judgment will be heard for this. Surely, I will research for this but am more on that three years or perhaps two? You bet! :) And what about Kobe Bryant? How much is his talent fee or salary then? For sure, that is more than Lebron James. Some other not-so-famous NBA players only got 20-50 million bucks for three to five years. Ooh well. :)

I jumped out from bed lately though my eyes still wanted to asleep as I heard the news on our bedroom television (live at Sports Center, ESPN) that Lebron James had a meeting with Miami Heat and Los Angeles Clippers agents lately (of course along with his agent) aside from a Thursday (yesterday) met -up with New Jersey Nets and New York Knits. And ooh Knits made two offers for him. And so the meet-up with the other agent suitors tomorrow continues with his previous team Cleveland Cavaliers which he was under with for seven years which he garnered twice the Most Valuable Player (MVP). Along with the meet-up tomorrow is Chicago Bulls. So six agent suitors huh? Which team agent next? Orlando Magic? Ooh well just for that six agent teams, is already a bunch. He just deserves as being an "in-demand" because he plays great and yes, has a talent! Don't you think? ;)

June 18, 2010

Did you watched the championship final game last night? Yes, it was Lakers! Los Angeles Lakers grab the 2010 National Basketball Association Champion! It was a tremendous, "the hardest game by far, Kobe Bryant (the MVP NBA 2010) said last night after the game ended as was being interviewed. As a Lakers fan, it was a joy watching it but the heart was beating fast too as the last quarter game played. Why? It is because Boston Celtics holding the first three quarters scores. Yes, Lakers was outscored seven by first quarter, six by second and four by third quarter. I just shouted at my Facebook wall, " Celtics fans call this a celebration now thinking it's been six points lead by 2nd half and seven lead by first half?" at the end of second half. Ha! It was more of not, but watching and hoping positively that Lakers would get it. ;-) It is sweeter when they get it at home court, on the other hand, sadder when loss. And yes, after Lakers declared as champions, as I joined the fun smiling and looking in front of our TV --- I then typed to plurk (is also integrated in Facebook and Twitter) as " Let's call it a celebration, Lakers win! (banana_cool) I watched and celebrate as Lakers were announce as back to back Champion, woohoo! :) " . Isn't that cool? ;-) Lakers now has 16 titles as NBA Champion, Bryant was in with five out of that 16. Lakers and Celtics as said to be the best teams match-up so far.

Oops, I know Celtics fans were not happy but I also know (not 100% but can have it if they want) that they have their sportsmanship as fans. :)
(you can get this image as a wallpaper, instructions there should you like to do so)

June 13, 2010

Later this day will be the game five (5) for National Basketball Association Finals at Boston Celtics home court at five o'clock "Post Meridiem" Pacific Daylight Time (5:00 PM PDT) or eight o'clock "Post Meridiem" Eastern Daylight Time (8:00 PM EDT). The match-up tied the series, two won and two loss of each other. The series is great and it really entertained the crowd, how the teams play and its moves makes them a perfect match-up for this year's championship. Boston Celtics team is not easy to get down, Los Angeles Lakers as well. Let's just see what will happen for game 5 later. ;-) I go for Lakers but there is a big possibility Celtics will win as they won year 2008 with each other's match-up then. Fans teasing each other that this will be a "bloody fight", hahaha! Oops not literally huh. Speaking of the team I am cheering (LAL), I would hope there will be no game seven (7) anymore! ;-) Or else, the bet goes down but I am very positive that in series of game 5 and 6, it is impossible Lakers cannot turn down Celtics even once. ;-) Celtics is a very good defensive team but so does Lakers too. When LAL/Boston Celtics got only one win on series of 5 and 6, then there will be game 7 and it will be in Celtics home court. Wow.. whatta game this is! Let us see what will happen later at 5:00 PM PDT. ;-)

June 10, 2010

Hello folks, which team is your bet will win for game four? If you already knew that Lakers had a great defense at Celtics home court the day before yesterday (though game 2 Lakers loss), then you will be excited to watch its game 4 which will be this day later at six o'clock post midnight, Pacific Daylight Time (6:00 PM PDT) or nine o'clock post midnight for Eastern Time (9:00 PM ET). The game score is two against one in favor of Los Angeles Lakers (2 wins/1 loss for Lakers while Celtics has 1 win, 2 loss) against Boston Celtics. The latter is a great defensive team on its home court just like Lakers but it is visibly clear how the two teams lost track with its defensive character, so for later, I won't be surprised if it will be Lakers or Celtics will win. What do you think, will Boston got its score back for break even (2-2)? Will Lakers win the game four? Ooh boy.. I am pretty excited about the game later. I am all-set of watching it whatever the result is. Am a big fan of Lakers but I also like Celtics though am more on Lakers.. ha! Let's see folks! If you are fond of good basketball team match-up, then tomorrow is your day! Good luck for both teams fans.. ;-)

June 04, 2010

Yesterday, June 3, Los Angeles Lakers had a match-up again with Boston Celtics team for National Basketball Association Championship Finals game. Nope, it is not yet final --- it is just game one. There are up to seven games to declare which team is the champion. So, yesterday, the match-up was at Lakers basketball home court at Los Angeles Staples Center, Los Angeles, California. The game began at six o'clock PM Pacific Daylight Time (6PM PDT) or nice o'clock PM Eastern Daylight Time (9 PM EDT). So there, I was excited since the two teams are a great match--up. Though I like Los Angeles Lakers more because of how the team plays beside the location where I live {east Los Angeles ;-) }, I also like the team Boston Celtics. Every time these teams had its game, yours truly always in-sitting watching them playing. It is a great entertainment on how they handle the ball, the techniques, their movement and all that alike. You too, will be entertained.

So then, I just have to say that it was 89-102, the final score for game one --- in favor of Los Angeles Lakers.. ;-) And by Sunday will be each match-up for game two here in Los Angeles Staples Center again. Which is your bet for game two or will be the NBA Champion for this year? Oops, I got to saw these teams match-up for championship last two years ago, it was year 2008 which Boston Celtics won against Lost Angeles Lakers. For now, will Celtics will won again, or this time will be Lakers? Let's stay tuned.. :)

May 27, 2010

Today, May 27, 2010, at nine o'clock PM Eastern Time (9:00 PM ET) or six o'clock PM Pacific Daylight Time (6:00 PM PDT) Los Angeles Lakers will play for Game 5 against Phoenix Arizona team at LAL home court, Staples Center. Its game score is tie, meaning for four games --- two won for LAL while two won for Phoenix Arizona too. For this game 5 tomorrow, whichever team will win, will make it then happen or looking forward to game 6 in Phoenix Arizona home court play against one another then game 7, if necessary. Which team is your bet for tomorrow folks? Remember that LAL is doing very good in playoffs when it comes to defending its home court but you can never underestimate Phoenix Arizona team too, so, which is which? I go for my favorite team --- LAL! *wink* You can bet which one you want.. hehehe.. good luck then..

Also, if you like how Boston Celtics team (2009 NBA Champion) play and Orlando Magic, you will be looking forward to its game 6 on Friday (tomorrow) at eight-thirty PM Eastern Time (8:30 PM ET) or five-thirty PM Pacific Daylight Time (5:30 PM PDT) at Boston Celtics home court. So far, Boston lead for 3-2, meaning they have three won while Orlando got only two won. When Orlando Magic, won tomorrows game, there will be game seven but if not, they will go home loss the game or eliminated.

So which is which? ;-)

May 24, 2010

My weekend with my dear husband went well. It's pretty great though I wasn't able to go to church (sorry Lord, promise I will go next Sunday --- rain or shine) but other than that, our plan went smoothly. We went to places that we planned to went and even had our photos together as well as pictures for my passport for renewal and stuffs like that. I went twice to photo center to get additional copies and also had a big photocopied picture together. Then lo and behold, our fun together watching movie and NBA western conference final (though Los Angeles Lakers loss for game 3 against Phoenix Arizona team but that's okay because the first 2 games against each other were in favor of my favorite team, Lakers. waaa.. ;-) Its 4th game (LA Lakers vs Phoenix Arizona) by the way will be tomorrow at 8 PM ET or 5 PM PDT.

To continue my wit with my weekend, I had some cooking and doing some pending household chores. Last night, myself was able to finished the movie "Rudy" though it ended up to eleven o'clock but slow volume of just two. You know.. DH already asleep because he wakes up five o'clock every work days, am just glad that he let me finished to watch the movie. I just liked it (the movie) because it is a struggle over patience and perseverance with his hard work and smartness to acquire his dream, to get into a famous school "Notre Dame" and its football team, Fighting Irish in such school. He's juggling over a lot of trials to get into it (in addition of his inspiration after his bestfriend's death) until he's about to give up, just so glad that he didn't bought the negative thought and his team mates and inspirations was with him at about end. It was a great movie (though DH said it's a dull one.. waaa.. well, that is also because he can't watched it because he needed to get a good sleep). So that was it, I (and DH) was also able to grab pizza hut's deal $10 all size (small, medium, large --- it is still its prize nowadays, you can grab it if you like to eat pizza) with an order meat lover's (our fave) with a lot of green bell peppers and olives, soft drinks also at the side with an equal bill of $17 bucks delivered unto our home apartment. It's a great weekend!

How was yours?

April 28, 2010

National Basketball Association Playoffs for this year already began. Unfortunately your truly was not able to watch it every time there is a game especially when there is an schedule for Los Angeles Lakers game. Yep, I am a biggest Lakers fan! Woohoo! ;-) Last year, I had a blast because whatever time Lakers play (for playoff) and whatever its opponent was, I watched it. I chased diligently the time and apparently, I was already sitting in front of our television so I watched the whole game.. (LOL).. yep, perhaps some would say that is too much but nope, I heart it fully and I enjoyed it much. Ha! It even ruin my day if I cannot watched it even if Lakers lost the game. With it, I was able to familiarize the great ones in NBA and even knew its name. If you followed and read my posts before, you will be able to know why I love watching basketball since I was elementary. Ha! Yep, that is true.

One match-up with LAL that I watched was its playoff against Oklahoma City Thunders. It's shame to myself that I just watched its playoffs started from game four (4) and game five (5) which the latter was last night. I am thankful my DH told me that Lakers play such time. It was in my mind that LAL versus OKC will play yesterday but I though it was afternoon but alas, it was six-thirty at night until ten o'clock. I watched it the whole game with my laptop on and in front of me doing the thing. Haha! ;-) I was able to do it as serving two kings at the same time.. heheh... ooh no, I can only seriously do my thing at PC when it was time-out and yes, I was happy doing it. ;-) The overall score now on each other playoff game was 3-2, in favor of Los Angeles Lakers.. woohoo! It was really a fun game and I am looking forward of its game six (6) of who will win, will it be Lakers still? Will LAL defend its home court? Hemmm.. that is what to find out for game 6 and if the two teams will still have game seven (7). Its final score by the way last night (game 5) was 111-87. If you are in my shoes, doesn't it that great? I am looking forward for the rest of the teams for this year playoff.. woohoo! That would be fun!

By the way, may I ask if what's your beat what team will win as champion NBA 2010? Which one is your team?

April 12, 2010

This week am featuring a Christian song "Let it Rain" sung by Jon Bon Jovi (a rock star) and Luciano Pavarotti (a classical star) which the duo held during a concert of Pavarotti and his friends for Liberia (cause). Yeah, you might be wondering what Jon Bon Jovi did in his concert singing with him his classical tone musics. :) Wow! I so like Jon Bon Jovi as his music fan and he really blend well of singing this song with Pavarotti. You need to listen and watch the music video below so you can see how Jon Bon Jovi did it well should you like to do so. I promise, you (Christian and music believer) will be delighted with it. At first, I was like in "ooh".. lol.. but really it so touching and a very cool music and I am really sort of a shock Bon sung with him. :) Really, this made a great hit in YouTube and commenters said in great positive blending. Great! I also played it again and again (even playing until now). It's a soothing music for me. Here it is:

music video in courtesy of YouTube
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