April 21, 2009

Whew! it was two days that I'd been struggling to get my internet connection back to normal! Uh-uh last days it's so frustrating that it's always on it's ranting mode! but now it's over, at last! My internet service provider then offered to add ten bucks every month to make it as better as normal so I expect this not to on and off anymore because we got the company offered. Well, the internet connection is also the reason why in two days I haven't been posting here. Supposedly, I have two posts to do aside from the awards and tags but what the heck had been done. Ohhh well, enough for this angst and two days of internet connection frustration of mine because as I said it's over now. I mean the signal is back to normal already and I would like to thank the technician and of course the Good Lord for that even though I haven't been in the church last Sunday. Maybe that's also the punishment God gave me.. heheheh. So then, if ever it is, it's over now! So, how have you doing folks? By the way, I have something to give you good information guys about how to drop ec in a little time. I just discovered this yesterday and am working of my own droplist soon so it will be easy for me then to drop on your blog folks! My blogroll peepz has been my daily routine to visit their respective blog or some have blogs and it makes me sick if I can't visit them so I find way to make it easier. I am currently working on this and as soon I finished it already, I will then disclose it to you my friends, just bear with me in a little time and you will also can benefit of this. The only requirement is you have a high speed of internet and mozilla browser. And we will be happy entrecarding! muahhh!


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  1. Anonymous said...
    ay naku ganun din ako diko nga alam kong sa connection kc di rin ako maka bloghop ang tagal bago maopen yung mga site na bloghop ko

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