March 24, 2012

Saturday has its own journey. It can't be stopped, nor it can be advanced. It steadily go a week after week.

It may not be a great and full of fun Saturday for you but for Saturday, it is already a fun one since it already passed then, don't you think? He! What made me think of such. Alright, it's the start of weekend. I may not be going to shop or stroll the way I want to, I many not be as happy and relax as the other Saturdays but for sure, I am happy that my DH can stay in our house as he don't get up early five o'clock in the morning (5:00 a.m.) for seven o'clock (7:00 a.m.) work and come back at after six o'clock in the afternoon going evening (6:00 pm). He may have stuffs to go which needs him to go out in the house but not that much compared of him working in the office. The catch? I can wash clothes, have a long shower and anything that need attention of our daughter Sam as a sitter. I don't do things which take long or out in the house (doing laundry is meters away out in our apartment though it is just here in the complex) without Sam's sitter.

And so, have a great Saturday! Smile. :-)


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