January 18, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Is saying the word "THANK YOU" is a biggie deal? Is it hard to say thank you to someone who done good to you? Is it a sign of weakness? How do we say the word? Do you say it because the person wants you to say it?

Ohh my...! Lots of questions to answer but do you really know how to say this word? Well, it's for you to find out on yourself but for me, as for my age now, I really appreciate and say such word without any hesitation to the person who did/does good to me. It's been really nice and comfortable to be grateful. Saying and doing heartily to that someone (as to my personal experience).

While I was still young, I had on mind that why am I to say thank you to my parents? It's their responsibility to provide me all I need, basic needs specifically: food, clothes, shelter, education, etc. Some could say, did my parents raised me good? Were they provided me all my basic needs? Well, as you come on maturity (I mean not face or personal looks it's the inside part -- the mind), person understands life and begin to appreciate and counts what's in her, thanking all, especially the people who were/are there through thick and thin. It's a big deal telling and even at the same time sending a note to the person what he/she/they deserves. Ahhh.. thank you everyone for reading my blog! I would like also to grab this opportunity to thank my behalf, parents, grandparents, family circles, and friends and again, you. Have a Pleasant Day All! (~_~)


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