January 19, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

For Roman Catholic, the Lord's Day is Sunday. As the Lord's Day, Sunday should be filled with worship, relaxation and family time, not errands and work. So, I went to mass that day. I was in the church 2 hours before the mass started. With that two hours, I pray, lighted up the candle I bought and after it I search the place of the newsletter. In there I grabbed the leaflet and saw the written letter to the church attenders to fight FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act). It has been said that it endangers Women and silency the voices of everyday American. As what we knew, the President-Elect said which he address to Planned Parenthood "The first thing I'd do as a President is sign the Freedom of Choice Act. And that's the first thing I'd do."
That was what my Sunday experience as the DAy of the Lord. Have a Nice Day Everyone! How do you like it?

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