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November 14, 2012

Have you observed among the several birthday parties that you have attended that the menu would
always include a noodle dish? It may be in the form of spaghetti, egg noodle soup, and similar recipes.
According to some beliefs, those dishes are being served to ensure the celebrant’s long life.

No one can tell if this tradition is really serving its purpose. The fact that celebrant is having a
thanksgiving gathering for reaching another year of his or her life, it is like hoping that the succeeding
years would as or more abundant as the present year.

Those noodle dishes are just representations of looking forward for living that long. Others who don’t
believe in traditions ensure longer life by being physically fit, watchful in their diet and living a healthy
lifestyle. It may be a different approach but the main goal is still the same, longer life.

April 08, 2012

Today we Roman Catholic believers all over the world commemorates the rising of Christ from being dead during Holy Friday and Black Saturday, all just to save us humans from the first big sin which inherited from our fore-parents Adam and Eve. Now is the time, the commemoration of Him risen on the third day. This day also starts the first day of Easter Season of Church Four (4) Cycles Calendar.

What have you done for this day? What have you prepared, eaten and drunken? May you all have a great Easter Sunday!

As we begin to the cycle of Easter Season, allow me to wish everyone a joyous season and throughout the rest of the cycle of Catholic Church Calendar Year! Have a great one!

April 05, 2012

It is the time of the year to commemorate lent season. I don't know if other religion celebration Holy Week as much as Roman Catholic's culture.

Yes, today is "Holy Thursday" in United States of A. The day of commemorating Christ Jesus' journey as He was punished for saving human's first sin through Adam and Eve. Tomorrow is the day, "Holy Friday", commemorating the day He died in the cross whilst the day after tomorrow is the second day to which it is called as "Black Saturday". Then on the third day He rose again, that is why it is called "Easter Sunday", the beginning of Easter Season in the Church Calendar. I knew this as I went to Catholic School during my Junior and Senior years in high school as well as I graduated a 4-years course in a Catholic School as well. And we were taught about it, as much as we experienced the commemoration every year.

Since I married to a non-Catholic person (which I did not regret), I cannot really feel the moment and essence of Holy Week here in USA though I still remember what we were doing wayback. And so this post is my way of remembering and commemorating such!

May 19, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

My weekend had been great though am still busy as a bee me. I even had not gone to church. I would like to say sorry to Lord God for not visiting him last two weekends. Promise this coming weekend I will. How I wish it will be spring class vacation already so I can hit up all my works to do. I still have my printer not yet hooked up and telephone to deal with so I could then use the fax machine which hubby wanted so he will not goes to depot store every time he has something to fax on {as well as me to chitchat nation wide unlimited (~_~)}. I don't have yet time to do that now because I want to take works at a time so there's no mess as to the contracts and terms. Hemmm, my student permit to drive will expire soon some time next month(June) and yet I even haven't touch a car's wheel *huhuhuh* , no time for now. I hope it will be soon but it's okey if not I will just take an examination again about it next year (I guess and planned). Lots of works to do at the house too, in blogging too (heheheh).. I will then update, comments, and so forth blah blah. Well, it will be 3 to 4 weeks to go and it will be school vacation. I will not take summer class anymore so I could have some good time and do the other task from the other side so little patience about it. hemmm.. watch me out and I'll be hitting you folks! I mean you know... or just watch me out optimistically... heheh.. muahhh! Lab yah folks! Have a pleasant week!



April 29, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

It's been about 2 weeks that I haven't been to school specifically 6 days of school days absent in my Office Tech class and 1 session for communication class - high level of Speaking and Listening. I was touched lately that my professors and classmates missed me that much. I told my prof though but still I can see the miss they felt. I love them as my school buddies! I missed my communication session not already the other because I have been there lately as I said and this will be continued then. Anyway, I just take my other not yet taken subject one at a time. For now, am in review of Microsoft Word just to enhance my rotten knowledge - imagine how many years already that I didn't use it but am glad am into this class now. It's always been good to be updated so knowledge will be refreshed. It's not my goal before though.. heheh.. I mean I don't like to take classes anymore because am done of it. lol. but nope, it's very important then, it's just now that I realize after thorough thinking of my future - it's then beneficial - who knows I (w/ hubby) could build our own small bus. soon as we settle down in the PI or here after his retirement so the course I took will not go into waste or education is really important whatever the reason is!
Anyway, Am glad I still know the process but some I forgot, so, all in all this is very beneficial to me. I have already finished the Telephone Techniques and the Filing. Thanks God that HE guided me along my education steps that I got an A Grade. And so far, I already have my average of Timed Writing of 46WPM (Words Per Minute) with no error. My target is 50, so long way to go? It conflicts to my blogging sometimes before though but I then got the exact time management. The next thing that I wanna do is then continue my Microsoft Word huge book exercises (am just in 1/3 of it) as fast as I could so I can finish it whole on or before Spring Class end, the better if I can get all as well the 10-key Calculator and the Microsoft Excel in order. Hopefully, wish me luck or I mean pray for me folks! I believe without God in all what we do, we are nothing. Hopefully too as I said in my other post in here that next year it's either to get the Master's Degree in Business Management. I hope it's not that expensive in CSU-LA (California State University - Los Angeles) and I can have all the requirements. Or it depends which one is good for the season, either Web Designing or the first. It's way to go though, I need to have a good decision about it but I know God is always with me so I will not fear in every steps and journey I make. Ohhh well, am so serious now, let's just then end this or I will in emote here.. *wink* but yeah hopefully with God's grace. Hope so. Have a pleasant day everyone!

April 27, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.


This is from Roman Catholic Church Calendar which they distributed to church people and am one of them. The saying was touching for me and I guess you too? I hope so. I was touched because one time in my life I was full to the sense of I have enough of my plate already. Hemmm.. sounds testimony? lol. Am ashamed to say but I have to, to express and hoping this will help such individual who has with this now. As reminisce also and thankful for all the gifts even just in small things. I used to say before, why I have this and they don't have? I could see lots of individuals like of my age who has just a small problems and they have all the things they like. I guess I was just in self-pity and some kind of jealous? Well, I guess. hahah. I said to myself, I don't have anything because I could only see the one that am longing of. I even not appreciated the small things I had nor be thankful of them. As time went on, my mind got matured and already understands the way life in this world. I mean the process and the importance of every individual and small stuffs and things not only physically but most of all spiritually. We need it to grow. If not, then we're not, then one is not yet grown-up even if our age is already old. We need to accept the fact and face the consequences and of course to taste the fruit of our labor. It's matter of understanding and growing mentally to become a fully grown-up individual. With that, one realize how important are the small things and miracles, they help us to realize the beauty of God's larger ones. Have a pleasant first day of the week folks!

April 24, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

What happened is that it seems it's a very big deal to Perez Hilton who is one of the judge of 2009 Miss United States of America pageant who handles or gives question to the contestant. Unluckily because the judge who ask her a question is a gay and it pertains to the gay personality specifically about Same-sex Marriage, that makes Miss California 2009 - Carrie Prejean a very controversial one. And it's a very big deal that some can't understand that it's just her personal opinion as it pertains to her personality. On the other hand, she represents the state so I guess that's also one reason that Perez Hilton and the opposition of her answer on the pageant is thinking. Probably they think that it's not only a personal thought but the whole state she's representing. Well then, whatever it is, she's pretty, sexy, and the First Runner-up of the said search. And that could not be changed, and now she's famous because of the incident. Lots of people congratulates her though..
Below is the video of the Question and Answer portion of the pageant:

Kudos to 2009 Miss California and also to the reigned Miss USA and all the awardees of the pageant! Congratulations!


April 21, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Huhuhuh. Yep! Supposedly or supposed to be my shopping day of two full length coat(black and brown) at Burlington Factory at Baldwin but in any sense I haven't got it even if it's already there and we're there! What? What happened? That is what I sense will then be your question to me folks if am not mistaken. It's just that I guess of my own word it's a punishment of God to me, as I mentioned in my other post . Well, I don't want to talk it on detail, it's just that we (hubby and me) went to the store using our gps because it's our first time to go in there and it's some kind of far from our home. Hubby just drived me there because I can't find it online as I browse at the e-store . I was just unfortunate enough because it's limited and mostly they sell the short-length coat and for the spring and summer clothes. And I really want to buy it even if it didn't fit to the weather now, it is because it's we can save more if we will buy not for the fit season and also I need it when going to school on windy days and inside the room. So then, it's just happened that we run out of time and eager to go home already. Ahhhh, I felt not good when we're there! so postponed! errr... I will just then browse in internet if there is or hubby will then drive me this weekend too to get it. I tell you folks, it's been how many weeks already that I want to buy of it but am no lucky, maybe this weekend or online as I browse in here. I hope so. I hope it's still on sale! lol. (~_~)
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  • FOCA(Freedom of Choice Act)
  • February 24, 2009

    posted by: Cacai M.

    For those who have families and friends who wants to know with the American Time specially Pacific Standard Time(PST), ST(Southern Time/or some not), Nothern Time, Eastern Time(ET)all who wants to know when the
    Daylight Saving Time begins- it's this coming MARCH 08, 2009(SUNDAY) . I just want to inform you fellas for the 1 hour forward counting, as what I had said it is called "Daylight Saving Time". So watch out for the workers, students, employees and all who are concerned especially those don't have automatic watch to change it's time. For those who have AT&T mobile phones, don't worry we are lucky because it will automatically change the time. heheheh... And maybe some cellphone providers too or maybe all. Check out if it change automatically of the date I mentioned on my first sentence in here. Or else you guys will be late . And for those folks in Philippines, the 16 hours ahead of time in here is back, no 15 hours anymore. And also for religious Roman Catholic believers, this is the second(2nd) Sunday of Lenten Cycle which is called as a Holy Name Sunday . Don't worry folks, this is an accurate information for I have a very reliable outside source and I dig it though it's sweaty.. whew! but of course worth keeping. If you want to know more about this, please leave me a comment below and it's my pleasure to answer all your questions for further info. . By the way, Daylight Saving Time ends on All Saints Day- November 1, 2009 . After November 01- is the start of backward 1 hour counting then.

    Beloved First Commenter : Bill

    February 22, 2009

    posted by: Cacai M.

    How are you ladies and gentlemen, friends and acquaintances, fellas, folks, and all names out there, how are you all? I hope everybody is doing great and fine. Today is Sunday here and what I did lately was I went to church and I had a very nice time in there. I can still remember the words or sermon of the priest, the word of the Lord being written in celebration of this day, and the first reading as well as the second one. It all summed-up to preparation for the Lenten Season which starts this coming Wednesday (February 25). Ohhh the Ash Wednesday is on this coming week- Feb. 25 and the Holy Week is fast approaching! Whew!!! The Lenten Cycle will end on April 12, so obviously the Holy Thursday and Good Friday is on A pril 09-10. Well then, NO MEAT- for FASTING on Feb. 25(ASH WED.), Feb. 27(FRIDAY), March 6(TUESDAY), March 13(FRIDAY), March 20(TUESDAY), March 27(FRIDAY), April 3(TUESDAY), and April 10(FRIDAY) - Be sure to have a communion folks on or before this day... did you remember? And Holy Saturday is April 11 and great festivity, lavish foods is on April 12, 2009- EASTER SUNDAY . Woohoo! Invite me in your house. heheheh(joke).. (~_~). Well, this is how we celebrate this Catholic Cycle of Calendar. It's exactly 40 days and another cycle begins. Well then for Roman Catholics like me, Advance Happy Holy Week Everyone! And for those who's not Catholics, am sure you also have your story about this, right? And we Catholics respects it as you respect us too for whatever our beliefs and religion is- we unite in one common goal and believes in God, am I right? And for the Pagans and Atheist, you also have your story then. Have a pleasant day to all! Be sure to confess on or before Good Friday huh? God Bless and More Power All! (~_~)


    Beloved First Commenter: Swee tgirl

    January 19, 2009

    posted by: Cacai M.

    For Roman Catholic, the Lord's Day is Sunday. As the Lord's Day, Sunday should be filled with worship, relaxation and family time, not errands and work. So, I went to mass that day. I was in the church 2 hours before the mass started. With that two hours, I pray, lighted up the candle I bought and after it I search the place of the newsletter. In there I grabbed the leaflet and saw the written letter to the church attenders to fight FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act). It has been said that it endangers Women and silency the voices of everyday American. As what we knew, the President-Elect said which he address to Planned Parenthood "The first thing I'd do as a President is sign the Freedom of Choice Act. And that's the first thing I'd do."
    That was what my Sunday experience as the DAy of the Lord. Have a Nice Day Everyone! How do you like it?

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