July 06, 2010

Yep, it was a long weekend here in United States of A or the entire America especially to those who were celebrating. Much more to the Thursday-off government employees (like my DH) but pending of works to do which need to be done today if there are backlogs to tend to. The 4th of July fell Sunday, though folks were celebrating on Sunday but the observation of the holiday (commemoration of America's birthday), was yesterday -- Monday. So it was a four-days off for Thursday-off government employees or private establishments exercising the same way. Whatever it is, the thing was it was a fun weekend! How was yours on your side? To those who were celebrating, how was your 4th of July celebration? What did you do?

Mine was a fun though DH and I were just in the house. We just got some foods outside (to and fro for many times in a day, I love it! I took a lot of pictures too, lol) and ate in our humble rented-abode. Just had some internet thing, watched movies and some little house chores in observation of the holiday. It was great to just be lazed and I would like it not to be ended but that is just an imagination. Back to stressful weekdays again. Ha! We just have to manage and hurdle all the stuffs here and there, whatever! ;-)

How was yours on your end? I bet you had a great one on your long weekend journey. That's great (or you can share about it -- should you like to, of course but it's great if you share even just some sentence)! *wink* ;-) ~hugs&kisses~


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