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August 05, 2012

Being a webmaster is not an easy job journey especially if one is maintaining multiple websites. A webmaster’s responsibilities include designing the website, making sure that the web servers, hardware and software are running properly, generating unique content for the website, and even answering queries from the visitors of the website. Most business websites hire the services of a professional webmaster while in cases of personal websites such as blogs; they are mostly handled by the bloggers themselves. Unlike professional webmasters who have technical knowledge required to run and manage a website, private individuals who handle their personal website need to some assistance from time to time. It’s a great thing that there is a website where Webmaster Answers are provided by experts in fields such as SEO, link building, bandwidth requirements, networking, maximizing the use of social media, HTML and other similar subjects. Someone like me who manages her own website can benefit greatly from it. I can use the forum to ask for assistance in issues that relates to proper website management. Experts from different fields will be sharing their knowledge by providing precise instructions as well as helpful and practical articles that everyone can benefit from.

July 17, 2012

I recall when I started to build this site Cacai’s Journey. This supposedly a journey of me and my DH, Cacai and Nad. Okay, I did not expect that this will lead me writing of my journey in life. This was just a matter of hobby and getting fun online with some other friends along and as I said, it was unintended for me alone. Then, an experimental page mold me much in sending information to my readers and followers online. Sorry to say, but I have limitations, of course. I don’t much exposed on what my family and my journey is but most of them has been written here. I am just a simple woman who just really like to share little things and some big things, of my daily journey here.

Now that I have my angel with me then I am not totally free to have time sitting in front of computer. I give much attention to my dear one and of course to our provider which is my hubby dear. Well, I am just thankful that I have this site specifically for my journey in life.

Thank you for being part of this journey. ~hugs&kisses~

More and more homeowners and small commercial business owners are looking for ways on how to setup and run a successful home business performance business. With affiliate licensing franchise, homeowners and small business entrepreneurs are able to have the home energy audit franchise that they need. It is a cost effective way of having a home that is energy efficient and is able to use its resources properly. There has been an increase in the number of homes that have availed of home energy audits that will help identify the factors that may contribute in the increase of their energy bills. These problems are identified by consultants by conducting audits at their client’s property. They will return the next day and hand a comprehensive report on their findings. This will help their clients decide the next best alternative that can create for them a home or small business building that is energy efficient.

There are websites for contractors that will provide potential clients all the information they need about how the latest innovations in the home performance industry can help benefit them. Through their website, they will also be able to address whatever concerns they may have that will help them understand how it would work for them as well.

June 27, 2012

Because of the fast changing society which I think that all happened because of modern technology  today. Different kind of social networking site also arises in the steps of the way. And one of the most visited networking site is the Facebook wherein almost all people have been registered to this site regardless with the age. This is the kind of networking site where in you can  easily search the people that are far away from you and you can also do chatting, take a picture, post photos and albums as well as you can post your status that can be share and seen by your friends. On the other hand, you can also be updated with the news and their journey, with some of your friends in the news feed. You can specify the person added on your account if that person is your brother, sister, cousin etc. on the said site. And for now they upgrade more that side, you can already chat with web camera and more updated with the status of your friends, people are addicted to this site because they gain satisfaction not just like other social networking site.

September 06, 2011

Once in my life I journeyed into being a private employee. Was not turned into a regular one but am happy I gained experience unto it. I was employed in several private commercial companies. I consider such experience as memorable working days, happy moments because I learned to like the job and that's what important. It may not be as what I was aiming and did not last longer, yet, I was contented and respected. Most of my co-workers are good vibes. We treated one another as family. During snacks and lunch times, we went to our lockers first then headed to the cafeteria as a group. I just now realized that every private commercial companies I was in, has also its lockers for the employees. Though it is a commercial locker because it was owned, managed and serves its purpose for commerce, yet we did not rent on it. It's free from company, meaning, every employee is entitled to use one and no payment involved.

Locker is essential, aside from that, it minimize company space and provides security and privacy of every employee. Lockers cannot only be seen in such place but there are also lockers in the postal offices and players, employees, students and alike which folks has to rent so they can use it. Locker is used to go to work, play or going to classroom to which it is amazingly cool!

September 03, 2011

In our shopping journey, we like to have coupon codes to lessen the burden of the price, don't we? Alright, most of us like such. Why not if we can save of a couple of bucks if using it, right?

Now that a first "ber" month just began, we then look forward to Christmas. Oops, before that there's still Halloween then Thanksgiving Day. Speaking of Halloween Event, folks tend to shop early for the costumes so in time that it is already near, they are already ready for the fun which they won't going to have an impulse or emergency buying and trying to beat the crowd. Even this time, Halloween Promo Codes are already out so folks could maximize it. What a day to start or planning shopping for Halloween costumes, eh? What is your wardrobe preference for you and your kiddos? There are many who prefer to shop online because they can save time and effort as well as money too, since Online Coupons are also available for them to use. For me, I will just wait for a couple of weeks to do that because my princess is yet to come. I want to see her first and take time to choose of her Halloween costume. :-) For sure, I would love to use the Promom Codes. I love being savvy!

Am still in my planning steps for the Halloween thing and looking forward to the good deals I could get. Free Shipping and Coupons, are just two of what is on my mind right now to which I believe I can save for such. Good luck to me on my shopping and planning journey that won't give my pocket a headache (or is there any term like this? Just imagine it *wink*), ha ha!

August 25, 2011

For a company that is just starting its journey, it can be tough to introduce your merchandise in  the marketplace in which it has plenty of service providers or manufacturers already exist. It may be difficult for business to build their mark in the market. They need potential consumers to recognize their products or services that they offer. One major step that they can|do is to set up their unique website. With a reliable website hosting a company can assist of making their website a lot more accessible to the world-wide-web.

Potential clients can now effortlessly access their website and browse through their merchandise at the comfort of their home.  Small businesses can have the choice of acquiring managed hosting. Check out hosting website of what this is about. More on info and details of such.  A dedicated hosting service is often a type of hosting in which the consumer leases an entire server not shared with any other client. The consumer has full control more than the server he uses. This kind of hosting has become increasingly popular simply because companies have realized that they are able to save a lot more if they are utilizing shared information center infrastructure. Whatever kind of hosting a business chooses, what is essential is that they are able to reach out to a lot more. Potential clients by having a website that which is simply available in the world-wide-web. It is an excellent way for them to create their product a lot more known in the Internet then.

August 20, 2011

Having an internet connection is a must especially these days. If you still do not have a dial up connection , then you have to find a reliable Internet Service Provider in town to address your need. You can choose from various internet service providers that have monthly plans that will suit your needs and your budget. You need to find one that is not only reliable but affordable as well. Sometimes pocket status speaks more of a person. There are some that offer additional services like providing excellent privacy policies. This means that this kind of provider uses the latest technology in making sure that the all the information related to the customer is not shared with anyone else. Relevant data such as internet habits of customers does not get shared with another party. Once you have found a dial-up internet  service provider, you can now enjoy the various benefits that an internet offers.

The importance of an internet has never been more pronounced that in recent years. Millions of people use internet everyday for various purposes in life's journey. Students use it to research on various subject matters or to attend an online school. Family members use it to get in touch with one another instantly even how many miles away from home, not even mentioned how many countries afar. Entrepreneurs use the internet to market their products and services more effectively and reach a broader marketplace. These are just some of the major reasons why the internet has become a vital part of people’s lives every single day.

August 16, 2011

Ha! You guess it right, am in my DH desktop right now as I journey on my blogging hobby. The wife likes using it here because it starts-up easily and I could go on directly to what I want in the world wide web especially when I want a fast connect, emergency log-in that is. Hep! Yeah, he authorizes me (and just me, lucky me, ha ha!) but when he's at home, I should have to use mine, of course (even if he's not home because I have mine, but then...). Bad me but I only use this when, as I said, immediate log-in. My laptop starts up a bit slow because I have many programs installed in there and my anti-virus has to immediate run before it starts aside from I have it leave as automatically updates windows. 

The fact that I don't want to abuse the kindness of my husband's PC, then I just use it for a reasonable time. Yes, I am the one fixing this when problem arises but still I have my computer so it is just fair that I will use mine. I am not ranting, I am just expressing how programs affect a PC memory and such. Ah, speaks about blogging and surfing huh! What else could do when it comes to Internet, right? *wink*

That's all folks, I have to get up and cook now for dinner. Have fun and enjoy the rest of the day! ~hugs&kisses~

August 15, 2011

First, I just want to say I am not that good in tweaking blogs. I am no designer or what but I have some knowledge on adjusting fonts and colors, well, I guess most have that knowledge in blogger blogs. After all it is provided in the blogger hosting's platform. One just have time and patience on doing it or else you will end up just letting it go. I mean, it is not easy to do it if you don't have the passion. In my end, I don't know if you like my taste but for me I like it that way (for now, I guess. haha!) than before. Or maybe because I just reformatted and reinstalled the drivers here in my lappy-toppy (it takes about a day for me to do it, huh! A lot to install and I forgot to figure out how to install the network driver. haha! Well, practice makes perfect as they say and I believe on it. I already supplemented of what my friend did and even did several times in my DH desktop but then. Hemmm.. again, makes perfect! After all, my laptop is different from my DH desktop. Experience adds!) and I switched from Windows Vista Ultimate (what my friend installed) to just Windows Vista (the original drivers and utilities of this laptop) to which the fonts and such changed. I don't like looking at the two blogs (this blog "Cacai's Steps and Journey" and my "My Journey Being a Mommy" blog). It took me time knowing some normal way of the blogger platform tweaking were not present so I have to fit what is available with what I want to do. Ah, blogging journey! :-)

And now I redressed my two blogs. Now, I want to ask you, how it looks on your end? Is it too much or what? Thanks in advance by the way and for the visit! ~hugs&kisses~

January 13, 2011

If you ask me that question, it is very much important to me as I live far from my folks. Okay, that is just a minor reason. The fact that most folks now have computers and most transactions can be done through computers (take note "easily done") then it is important as in essential in our home. That is why we have to study about computers so we have ideas how to run and care of it. I have seen if folks cannot buy the brand new ones, they would settle for refurbished computers to respond to the demand. Some people evolve their lives on computer, we cannot blame them as many of them, their work is online.

What about you, how important is computer to you? How do you like refurbished computer?

December 14, 2010

I have a long post already for this post yet because of busy-ness, I clicked something and it vanished all my post. It is automatically saved and yes, it only saved one letter. OMG! That is all I can say. Now, what?! Okay, I am not a careless person, it is an incident. Cacai M. is busy reformatting, oops it is done, I should say reinstalling and updating drivers and utilities on my DH old Windows XP CPU. I input Windows Vista as I cannot find its drivers. No problem as its old drivers was put into good files. Okay, its files (for memory) is in Windows.old. Now I won't forgot it as if I want to remember what is it, all I need on the last minute is just to glance at this post, ooh ha! ;-) 

This time, while doing this post, I am also glancing at the same time the other computer if it is already done with its 98 Windows updates if it is already done as its previous update is already finished and just have to hit the "restart now" button whilst the other Driver Software Installation is installing. Oops, it is now done and ready to use, as in it is already finished as of this moment. It is only the 98 Windows updates is the problem, or should I say the last thing for the computer to restart and do the other installation. The time is it is already 2:00 p.m. . Now, can I still proceed or do I still have to time to prepare myself including foods to eat, then go to post office then to the store? I have to find it myself. Ah! Time management!

November 11, 2010

Basketball is one sport which is very popular here in United States of America. In fact, when talking about National Basketball Association (NBA), the whole worldwide is being with it. Yes, that is how popular it is that even other part of the world, would really wish to go to any of this basketball courts where they play. How much more if it is just here in 48 states folks? Foreigner, local, or national folks would want to get its ticket in many ways and getting it online is one way of having it. is presenting many different team ticket outlets. Los Angeles Lakers Basketball Tickets, is just one of such outlets, and of course it is specifically for Los Angleles Lakers fan (like me *wink*). If you also is a fan of Boston Celtics team, then you may also like to check out Boston Celtics Basketball Tickets to where you can purchase it online.

Moreover, a fan of James Lebron who is  now a part of Miami Heat family and still you are eager to see him doing his talent (or Dwayne Wade and Bosh fans), then Miami Heat Basketball Tickets, is where you may want to have it purchase.You may also want to check out Utah Jazz team playing which you can purchase basketball tickets at Utah Jazz Basketball Tickets and for sure most Michigan folks would like to watch the Detroit Pistons team which its tickets can be purchased at Detroit Pistons Basketball Tickets. Well, that is just few of the many Western and Eastern basketball teams in and its online ticketing outlets. You may like to check out more of which team you will like to watch. 

Have fun watching!

October 12, 2010

(Guest post written by Jesse Lipton)

My wife Shirly may be the best cook in the world. Which makes me the luckiest man in the world, I think! She's always concocting new recipes every week. Last week, she made Chicken Mole, which is chicken with chocolate and peanut butter sauce. It sounds a bit strange, but it was actually quite tasty.
Well, last night we had Bill and Patsy, our neighbors, over yesterday for dinner as a congratulations on becoming grandparents. (Their daughter just had a little girl the other week, and they couldn't be more thrilled.) Aside from the celebration, they always like coming over because they know mealtime is no joke in our household, and this time was no different. My wife tried her hand at making Thai food -- so we had curried duck noodles and pad thai. It was beyond amazing! 

We had a great time just talking, too. Bill told us the coolest thing -- he'd apparently gone to Miracle-Ear that morning and signed up for a hearing test for the next day. I had no idea you could do that kind of thing online, but apparently you can! I'm considering it myself. Either way, we had a great time and a great meal. Shirly truly outdid herself.

August 11, 2010

(Thanks for the post, Amy Werner)
Moving to a new city can be extremely overwhelming for anyone. Even the best planned out moves, often times have something go wrong. I recently moved to Texas from Illinois. Even thought I had about six months to prepare for the move, it was still an extremely stressful time. Between finding a new place, getting everything planned out for the trip and selling off items that weren’t going to make the cross country trip, those six months were packed full. After finding a home for my family and I, I wanted to make sure that it would be ready for us to move in as soon as we arrived in Texas I called and had a San Antonio home security system put in, so that we would not have to worry about that after we got there. Knowing that was taken care of, left me feeling slightly less frazzled.

The move across the country was long and difficult. The week before we left for the move, we called and had a number of different services turned on at the new home, so we would be as comfortable as possible upon arriving. Having cable turned on and the internet ready for our family was a great treat once we arrived in Arizona. Having all of these things hooked up made the process of unpacking seem not nearly as bad.

August 05, 2010

Hi folks, I just want to say hello and happy Thursday!
My yester-week (from the word yesterday week or commonly called "last week") was not good in terms of my Internet connection. I was not pretty sure the cause if it is my computer or my Internet Provider. Actually it is still as is until now though this day was not that very bad. It was already one week and one day today as talking about my intermittent connection problem. It is very frustrating which whenever I was online every 15 minutes it went off and I have to ping or diagnose it which it usually went back after five minutes and then again and again (so and so forth) the other days until it every 4:00 p.m. . Whenever I had something important to do online which I liked to wake up in the morning, I cannot because of what happened. Don't you think it is frustrating? Yep, super! Most of the times I am scheduling what to post or thought about it when just suddenly it was interrupted with my intermittent connection and so the thought was gone and had to go back again what I was thinking. I wanted to jump start so it went smoothly but most of the times I cannot. It is good if that is only what I do but I also have other stuffs, things and have to think to be done. And so! And the worst of all was that lately in the morning as I was dropping off the mails and had to buy stamps at the post office, I was about to collapse right at the post office. Ooh my gosh! That was so shameful but time called for it. It was an accident which I knew it would have to be like that but unfortunately I cannot hold the time. I jogged, ran for an exercise but I stopped directly while my body did not coped it up yet with the fast heart beat. And so the light, bright surroundings just turned gray and dark. I was pale and weak due to sudden stop of my jogging and running activity. I thought I gonna died. It was completely black. Good thing the USPS are very kind. They let me sat with their hands on my shoulders to comfort me. They called 911 (I heard though my body was weak, I was able to tell I was okay, I just need rest. But without my knowing they called. Five minutes after I was fine but our city's USPS manager didn't want me to since 911 health assistance was coming to check for me. That was time I knew they pursue the call. I respect them and I thought also it was good for my body so I can rest more. And so five minutes after five minutes 911 arrived, they're more than five but less than 10. They checked my blood, put four patches on my body for my blood pressure and checked my heart beat. Asked personal questions and my ID. I was obedient. After few more minutes, I signed the paper for being checked and signed the waiver that I was fine with my confirmation since I do not want to get into hospital for emergency or even dropped into our home. Because I knew I am fine already. Thanks to the very nice USPS people in our city, very immediate responsive 911, very nice folks. Thanks am fine and still alive. I have to rest after some more minor chores after this. More details next time should you like to know and be informed should you it will not happen to you. Thankful and happy Thursday! Have a great one, enjoy the rest of the week for weekend is fast approaching, have an extra care! ~hugs&kisses~

July 13, 2010

(Guest post compliments of Amy Miller)
My son Andrew is now three years old. The internet has been an invaluable tool that has aided in his reading skills and language development. Andrew was slow to speak, but he is beginning to pronounce most of his words correctly.

We have Hughes net internet in bozeman mo, and I bought Andrew a computer last Christmas when he was two years old. I started by introducing him to family-friendly TV shows that I enjoyed when I was a kid. He watches those old shows on via his computer. The word games that Andrew plays on websites like WordWorld have aroused his interest in words and reading. He also enjoys watching kids' videos and sing-along videos on YouTube. He laughs and sings along with the videos and even tries to repeat new words he's learned online.

The computer I bought for him is called a net-book, and it was only $300. It is his new favorite toy. I monitor what he watches using satellite internet Montana, of course. I feel that he's getting a jump start on learning. He already knows the alphabet and how to spell basic words by sight reading them. I recommend that any parent invest in a computer as a learning tool for their child.

July 07, 2010

This was taken on the 28th of May, that was more than a month already from now counting days back. She is beautiful, smart and big baby. She is American, I could say she is big because her body is not a typical body I used to see back home in my home country. And yes, she is pretty. By just looking at her physique now, her nose is tall already. Ooh well, her parents have tall nose. ;-) I am just describing what I see not because Danielle is my DH relative, close family circle but without bias. Too bad I cannot let you see clearly of her due to my blurry takes on my phone. If only I charged my digital cam battery and a good angle with a steady position, I can have a good picture of her.
Ooh well, I will save it for the next time. See how she smiles. ;-) She was sitting that time on my computer table chair and that is her favorite spot with her hands on my computer. And I love it! Look at her fingers! ;)
She knows I love to spoil her, positively. Every time she went into our home, she directly go on my table and do the typing! Oops, she is learning. :) With only more than year old (turn two years old on September this year), she can already maneuver the mouse and get on the "click" stuffs. We even talked and teased, she will become a computer guru one day. ;-) *wink* But we hope so. Aright, she liked to play on the computer and phone. She ran fast as she can, just a typical smart child, being weak is not her personality and the best is she is not a cry baby. I can say because there are times she stays in our house for a while during day time, nope, I was not the one taking care but her father who is the son of my husband on the other room -- just their bonding time. She is a happy baby, I can say. I hope she can see this once she already on her own. Whoops! -- for other family members and friends too. :) Lab yah baby Danielle. Aunt Cacai and Uncle DM loves yah.. :-)

April 15, 2010

When you were a graduate of Bachelor of Commerce - Major in Banking and Finance, a possibility of working in a bank or a job that goes with an area of finance is what you would like to get. Anything that surrounds about it comes in handy because it is what you were trained for in school Ooh well, it is just a "chicken" to those who are knowledgeable enough of such work. Now, you are in a finance job search status, and you are not afraid to show-off your skill. Wow! Well, if one has a lot of gained knowledge, then it is not impossible to pass the requirements and all such from an employer. It just depends on how you handle the situation and all that stuff. And if you are on it, then good luck on your search! God is good to those who are doing their best and work smartly. Just be the best! :)

March 22, 2010

Isn't it Monday yet? :-) Blue Monday is here too! It is not a blue feeling but a blue color hunting but perhaps if you insist you can do your bluer than blue feeling as well. Hehehe... kidding aside... :-) Above is my PC indicator when am on my computer doing something. It just that mean that am connected to a Wi-Fi, internet, powered on, blue tooth and its battery indication. Whenever there's some less (the indicator stuff is not full) on it then there's something going on which is not good and have to look every now and then when it is time to charge or anything I have to do in any of it when it is already time to. When I could care less, then something will happen as I am doing my PC thing or worse will affect on my computer internal memory. So, careful... careful and careful... oops just a reminder to myself. Hahahah...

Have a fun Blue Monday! :-)

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