July 07, 2010

This was taken on the 28th of May, that was more than a month already from now counting days back. She is beautiful, smart and big baby. She is American, I could say she is big because her body is not a typical body I used to see back home in my home country. And yes, she is pretty. By just looking at her physique now, her nose is tall already. Ooh well, her parents have tall nose. ;-) I am just describing what I see not because Danielle is my DH relative, close family circle but without bias. Too bad I cannot let you see clearly of her due to my blurry takes on my phone. If only I charged my digital cam battery and a good angle with a steady position, I can have a good picture of her.
Ooh well, I will save it for the next time. See how she smiles. ;-) She was sitting that time on my computer table chair and that is her favorite spot with her hands on my computer. And I love it! Look at her fingers! ;)
She knows I love to spoil her, positively. Every time she went into our home, she directly go on my table and do the typing! Oops, she is learning. :) With only more than year old (turn two years old on September this year), she can already maneuver the mouse and get on the "click" stuffs. We even talked and teased, she will become a computer guru one day. ;-) *wink* But we hope so. Aright, she liked to play on the computer and phone. She ran fast as she can, just a typical smart child, being weak is not her personality and the best is she is not a cry baby. I can say because there are times she stays in our house for a while during day time, nope, I was not the one taking care but her father who is the son of my husband on the other room -- just their bonding time. She is a happy baby, I can say. I hope she can see this once she already on her own. Whoops! -- for other family members and friends too. :) Lab yah baby Danielle. Aunt Cacai and Uncle DM loves yah.. :-)


  1. Dhemz said...
    I can tell she's a beautiful little girl....:)

    agi ko dire kadali madam sis...mag update pako sa akong blog...ehehehe!
    Mama Ko said...
    Ka gwapa gd ani nga baby tsang, imu na pag umangkon? wala ko kabloghop gabii ky natulog ko ug sayo tsang. thanks sa visit and comments.
    anne said...
    shes so cute

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