August 15, 2011

First, I just want to say I am not that good in tweaking blogs. I am no designer or what but I have some knowledge on adjusting fonts and colors, well, I guess most have that knowledge in blogger blogs. After all it is provided in the blogger hosting's platform. One just have time and patience on doing it or else you will end up just letting it go. I mean, it is not easy to do it if you don't have the passion. In my end, I don't know if you like my taste but for me I like it that way (for now, I guess. haha!) than before. Or maybe because I just reformatted and reinstalled the drivers here in my lappy-toppy (it takes about a day for me to do it, huh! A lot to install and I forgot to figure out how to install the network driver. haha! Well, practice makes perfect as they say and I believe on it. I already supplemented of what my friend did and even did several times in my DH desktop but then. Hemmm.. again, makes perfect! After all, my laptop is different from my DH desktop. Experience adds!) and I switched from Windows Vista Ultimate (what my friend installed) to just Windows Vista (the original drivers and utilities of this laptop) to which the fonts and such changed. I don't like looking at the two blogs (this blog "Cacai's Steps and Journey" and my "My Journey Being a Mommy" blog). It took me time knowing some normal way of the blogger platform tweaking were not present so I have to fit what is available with what I want to do. Ah, blogging journey! :-)

And now I redressed my two blogs. Now, I want to ask you, how it looks on your end? Is it too much or what? Thanks in advance by the way and for the visit! ~hugs&kisses~


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