August 05, 2010

Hi folks, I just want to say hello and happy Thursday!
My yester-week (from the word yesterday week or commonly called "last week") was not good in terms of my Internet connection. I was not pretty sure the cause if it is my computer or my Internet Provider. Actually it is still as is until now though this day was not that very bad. It was already one week and one day today as talking about my intermittent connection problem. It is very frustrating which whenever I was online every 15 minutes it went off and I have to ping or diagnose it which it usually went back after five minutes and then again and again (so and so forth) the other days until it every 4:00 p.m. . Whenever I had something important to do online which I liked to wake up in the morning, I cannot because of what happened. Don't you think it is frustrating? Yep, super! Most of the times I am scheduling what to post or thought about it when just suddenly it was interrupted with my intermittent connection and so the thought was gone and had to go back again what I was thinking. I wanted to jump start so it went smoothly but most of the times I cannot. It is good if that is only what I do but I also have other stuffs, things and have to think to be done. And so! And the worst of all was that lately in the morning as I was dropping off the mails and had to buy stamps at the post office, I was about to collapse right at the post office. Ooh my gosh! That was so shameful but time called for it. It was an accident which I knew it would have to be like that but unfortunately I cannot hold the time. I jogged, ran for an exercise but I stopped directly while my body did not coped it up yet with the fast heart beat. And so the light, bright surroundings just turned gray and dark. I was pale and weak due to sudden stop of my jogging and running activity. I thought I gonna died. It was completely black. Good thing the USPS are very kind. They let me sat with their hands on my shoulders to comfort me. They called 911 (I heard though my body was weak, I was able to tell I was okay, I just need rest. But without my knowing they called. Five minutes after I was fine but our city's USPS manager didn't want me to since 911 health assistance was coming to check for me. That was time I knew they pursue the call. I respect them and I thought also it was good for my body so I can rest more. And so five minutes after five minutes 911 arrived, they're more than five but less than 10. They checked my blood, put four patches on my body for my blood pressure and checked my heart beat. Asked personal questions and my ID. I was obedient. After few more minutes, I signed the paper for being checked and signed the waiver that I was fine with my confirmation since I do not want to get into hospital for emergency or even dropped into our home. Because I knew I am fine already. Thanks to the very nice USPS people in our city, very immediate responsive 911, very nice folks. Thanks am fine and still alive. I have to rest after some more minor chores after this. More details next time should you like to know and be informed should you it will not happen to you. Thankful and happy Thursday! Have a great one, enjoy the rest of the week for weekend is fast approaching, have an extra care! ~hugs&kisses~


  1. analou said...
    I am glad Baje that you are okay now. I told my hubby about what you write in here and he told me that there might be something other than you run and stop immediately at the post office. You probably has an empty stomach that's why you collapsed. Next time baje just be extra careful, ok?
    Dhemz said...
    my gosh...babaye....kulbaan man sad ta sa imo...glad you are ok now madam sis....agoy tawon, ayaw palabi ug dagan....I guess you exert to much effort maong nag collapse ka...mau gani kay buotan ang mga tawo diha madam sis...agoy maimagine nako ang nahitabo....unsa man si banana nimo gosh...glad to know you are ok.
    anne said...
    I am glad your fine girl, kaya din pala you did not update much your blogs because of the connection well it happen to me not only once but a million of times, btw have you gone for a check up baka ano na yan kasi you should take care girl
    *♥Shydub♥* said...
    Glad to hear your okay tsang, next time take it easy. baisn na sobraan to sa exercise and you missed lunch or something. but anyways, good to know you are perfectly fine now

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