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August 30, 2013

I have been keeping a journal since I was in high school. When I reached college, I wrote more or let me say, I made more that in later years. I had a hard time which place should I stock those piles. I don’t like the thought anyone going through my journals while I am still alive.

Someone asked me, what’s in your journal? I told her, oh well, they are personal experiences, mostly what my day was or a weekend like or my aspirations. I also recorded some love moments and even the fights and confused moments. I think keeping journal is a healthy habit. It may look weird for some because it makes an introvert person more introvert, but to me, it’s kind of healthy because if there is no one near you, or if one is not comfortable sharing her deepest thoughts, she has the journal to pour out her feelings.

Keeping a journal is not just for girls. There are men who kept one, too. Even great men have journals. Examples of men who kept a journal or diary are Ralph Waldo Emerson, Kurt Cobain, Ronald Reagan, and Captain Cook. These are just some of them. There are or course a lot of women who can add up to this list.

So, if you want to end up like any of them, keep writing! It does not matter if it’s only for your eyes, the important thing is you write about the moments of your life. :-)

October 09, 2011

I love collecting postcards! That's one hobby of mine. Well, I may not be one to share their enthusiasm but it does bring a delightful feeling getting letters from the mail. And I bet these people spend countless of hours waiting by their mailboxes to check whether a new postcard from Ethiopia or the Philippines has arrived. Maybe they would even consider updating their good old wooden mailbox to one of those Classic Mailboxes or their Gaines Mailboxes, just so they can have a better thing to look at as they expect a mail. Maybe one of them will opt for any of those Keystone Mailboxes available online, it will be a fitting thank you gift for all the goodies their mailboxes are spewing.

I know quite a good number of people who are into swapping postcards with people from different parts of the globe. They are such postcard enthusiasts that they can go on and on about their collection and their rather famous hobby. They would swap with people from as obscure as a little town in India or a very well-distinguished state in America. They also collect different sort of postcards and regard them as their most precious possession.

August 16, 2011

Ha! You guess it right, am in my DH desktop right now as I journey on my blogging hobby. The wife likes using it here because it starts-up easily and I could go on directly to what I want in the world wide web especially when I want a fast connect, emergency log-in that is. Hep! Yeah, he authorizes me (and just me, lucky me, ha ha!) but when he's at home, I should have to use mine, of course (even if he's not home because I have mine, but then...). Bad me but I only use this when, as I said, immediate log-in. My laptop starts up a bit slow because I have many programs installed in there and my anti-virus has to immediate run before it starts aside from I have it leave as automatically updates windows. 

The fact that I don't want to abuse the kindness of my husband's PC, then I just use it for a reasonable time. Yes, I am the one fixing this when problem arises but still I have my computer so it is just fair that I will use mine. I am not ranting, I am just expressing how programs affect a PC memory and such. Ah, speaks about blogging and surfing huh! What else could do when it comes to Internet, right? *wink*

That's all folks, I have to get up and cook now for dinner. Have fun and enjoy the rest of the day! ~hugs&kisses~

August 13, 2011

Do you like swimming like I do? What about diving? Water sports hobby? What water sports do you love most?

I love swimming in any bodies of water but just not that so deep without any guard at my side or precautions and alike or else I could see myself getting into suicide. And you should not too, because when you do that, that is very much likely you got, the very possible outcome. You must take safety measures and swimming accessories like  wearing 3.1MP goggles and other essential swimming accessories specially in deep water like you are going to have a diving adventure.With that, you have the necessary safety measures aside from the notes and advises from the people in-charge. You  just can't do that for yourself especially if you do not know that certain area of water. You do not know there's danger in such. Just like jellyfish, shark or alike. So you have to investigate first before journeying such, if you care for yourself and your family & friends.

July 23, 2011

Obviously I am talking of my mood, "mood swing" as some called this. Seems like I have my monthly visitor, but then how can a pregnant woman have a menstruation? Ha! Okay, I am trying to comfort myself but I am not really in mood of writing. I like writing you know, daily grinds, random thoughts that is worth to share or just want to voice-out. :-) What about you, do you have hobby like what I am doing too? Blogging? Do you like writing what you have in mind? Your daily journey? Your likes and wants. The experiences and about to experience. Your steps into something, this and that? If so, then we share the same area when it comes to that. :-) Are we having fun yet? Of course we are. :-) Even if in times of we want to write something but our mood or our body don't, still that is considered fun. *wink* Don't you think? Well, that is a part of this journey. Sometimes it can be a chore because I also set goals. But then, that's it. I won't force myself if I don't like to, though sometimes I do. :-) Ooh well, as I said it is part of the package. I don't like missing something. This also serves as my source of documenting and a note. For now, I have to sign-off. Will have to see you on the next post. You can also share what are you feeling right now if you feel that makes you feel comfortable and makes you feel good. Go ahead. :-) Have a great day everyone!

May 29, 2011

One key of being healthy is to enjoy life to the fullest with a corresponding responsibility. Also, exercise, diet and eating right amount and kinds of foods is very important. Having a hobby like trekking, hunting is also a good form of exercise at the same time enjoying what a nature could bring. Ah, beautiful life! Speaking of hunting, it is always great to bring hunting binoculars every time a person goes to hunting. For me, it is a must for hunters. Therefore, it is essential but for some, they don't care of it at all which is not bad for me. But of course, it is awesome with accessories to enjoy it more. Would you care then to invite me for your hunting time? I would love to! Happy hunting then!

March 13, 2011

Do you love hiking? We know that this is a good form of exercise at the same time enjoying the view of our mother nature (just be sure you are hiking in a safe environments like forest where are bears and grizzlies, okay?). There are many folks having this kind of hobby and am one of them though I does not indulge in extreme ones or the traditional way, hiking and camping. For sure, hikers do have or would like to have a good accessory while doing it just like Leki Hiking Poles to help him/her on his/her journey along the way. Hike like a pro! ;-) I can only think of having one with all the accessories. Whatta hike is it, really. It must be fun. Being an adventurer is fun, don't you think? Do you like hiking or trekking?

February 14, 2011

Biking is one way of exercising. It is a great hobby for oneself. A great family bonding too. I used to have a bicycle before when I was in the Philippines. One day whiles going back from Los Angeles proper to get our ordered foods, I saw a bicycle in a bike rack, it maybe a yakima bike rack (but not so sure as I was not able to read such as it was far, it cannot be read from afar) and it impresses me at the same time reminiscing the fun I had with my bike before. All I did was just smile and look at the bike on the car's back. Such a good feeling reminiscing the good 'ole happy memories, biking how many miles with friends in a cool outfit. ;-)

December 11, 2010

I love biking. I even have a bike way back when I was still in the Philippines. Then I gave it to my uncle, now I missed it. I saw it when I was there but cannot run no more. I wonder why. Well, ooh well. Just this time, I also remembered a couple friend of mine who have their bikes and did it at Huntington Beach during their leisure or exercise time. Now that they have already a baby and their mom with them, they would then surely need a hitch bike racks to put on their other car as their pick-up cannot accommodate them no more especially that they have already a baby. They like to bring their baby whenever they go out as to get a sunlight, an outdoor air or whatever the power of an outdoor. :-) It's a great family bonding too!

November 30, 2010

I love shoes and I buy them in different styles and color.  Unknown to many, when I buy shoes I make sure that I fall in love with it first.  It is important for me to like and love what shoes I am buying because I will wear it for a long time.  My shoe collection ranges from those stringy sandals, running/walking shoes, formal shoes and even boots!  I am a typical woman after all, who likes different styles and likes to accentuate any outfit with a wonderful and beautiful shoes.

I also learned to love collecting dress shoes.  I used not to wear those pumps but as I see it, I see more people that are drawn to wearing those kind.  I can't blame them as pumps are really eye catching and they can be worn even if you are in a dress or pants.  Needless to say, I got a few pairs of that too.

Being a Filipina, it seems like it is normal for us to collect shoes and purses.  I guess that goes back to being influenced by Imelda Marcos who owns the greatest shoe collection.  Now, if you want to be a shoe collector then, check out  You can shop at their website and look for shoes on sale.  They have quite a wide collection of shoes that I am sure you will love.

August 21, 2010

I love collecting post cards. Be it as international views, local or anywhere as it is friendly and heartily given to me or I bought it are sure thing special. I also love to give (of course) as vice versa to those folks gave, and also to friends and relatives. I just wish they would love what I got for I give it with my heart and smile altogether. :-) For some reason, it is already some kind of hard to get some post cards nowadays especially if the store is located far from where I stay or where one's place of vacation interest. Good thing, we already have now choices of where to buy, not just only in store field as traditional way but online services like postcard printing service, which are just in a click of our computer mouse. Don't you think computer helps us in our day to day living as such like this? Ooh yeah, again, we have now choices. Aside from postcard, I can then too have some mailing services should I like to have my mail look more beautiful. With only printing, we just only have to select where we can find the high quality ones should we like to get those. Now, I can get on those without chasing where I can buy those. Thanks to technology, thanks to computer, I have now a choice. :-)

May 26, 2010

I can tell --- being busy tending to have foods in the table, busy of taking of a family, baby, household chores and having some extra work to have some income is just some of the reasons why sometimes getting some good exercise is out of the plans. Aside from that, most home makers, workers or most individual just love to eat (mostly more than enough, including myself). Ooh that is just fine as long as best fat burners will come to the rescue, to balance the needed body intake and the end process of the foods we ate. Who want to have one? Do you want any? Oops, me too.. *winks* I wish you all the best folks (wish me luck too)! ;-) ~hugs&kisses~

April 12, 2010

I so admire a woman who knows how to ride in a horse and fun riding with it. I wish to know but I guess I could only ride with it but not to maneuver the horse and let it go wherever I want to go but perhaps if am serious enough on how to get on it and work hard with smartness, then I will learn. Being an equestrian is no joke and it requires an effort, time and money but nevertheless, it will be worth it when it is what one desires. Stuffs like equestrian clothing is a must like this below:

lady riding a horse (image is courtesy of an equestrian apparels site)

Is it cute or what? It is really cute and pretty for me! I wonder how she did it. Hmmm.. am now wondering.. interested eh? She has cool outfits and looks she's having so much fun. Enjoying of what you are doing is great especially if you have the stuffs needed on being an equestrian or at least just know how to drive a horse.. :) Cool, isn't it? Well, enjoy... :)

March 05, 2010

Ranunculus Asiaticus

If you only know how healthy and blooming plant is this days ago or if you are a plant lover, you will also feel the nostalgic I feel as I see this yellow Ranunculus Asiaticus plant (together with the red color flowers) dying day by day. I am sad because this has a lot of buds that are about to bloom yet it could not rise anymore. :-) I cannot help it but just hold and embrace the sad journey of my plant. I wanted to do something in order this to live but I can see that it will no longer as alive as I have this a while ago. All I have to do is just witness. :-) This is the second pot plant died here in my new place I called a second home in the care of my hands. I said to my husband that I will just buy another outdoor plant perhaps next week and it would be an outdoor lucky bamboo or a green cactus, in that way I am confident that it will last long because it is already proven by my care. I do not regret of buying this but to the point that I do not know how it looks like the image above, I do! Hmmm.. I have to comfort myself --- that is alright. :-) By the way, I have this plant on my hands during valentines day. It was only about three weeks. :-(

March 02, 2010

Whoops am a bit late for Music Monday (MM) entry for this week though I have this already in my mind three days ago hoping that I am one of the first five to get on the list of music trippers last Sunday here in my place which is apparently is Monday already in Malaysia (where the host live). Anyhow, I am still not that late because it is not yet Wednesday... :-) I cannot pass this time to put this music trip I heard and wanted to share to you folks especially to the young-at-heart and those who enjoyed texting as well to which this song is dedicated to and some feeling involve. Friendship also has been in mind in this song. This week I am featuring the teen music new star D&A duo (DeAnn and Alex) of their song "Texting". It is so cool to me and I like the tone of the music, as in you will like to dance along with them. And also what made DeAnn one cool star is that her mother is one of the Pinay diva also and perform in prestigious singing entertainment. This fresh music star DeAnn is a look-a-like of her mother or also known as "mother-daughter look-a-like" , what a cool huh! For now, let's watch and jive of D&A music video "Texting", here it is:

music video in courtesy of YouTube
Fore more of my MM entry, it's in here . Enjoy and happy viewing...
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PS: Because of spamming purposes, the linky will be closed on Thursday of each week at midnight, Malaysian Time. Thank you!

January 11, 2010

posted by: Cacai M.

I am dying to wish and hope to get an exercise stuff inside our house. Why such it become my wish? Because it's somewhat like difficult for me to acquire and the explanation is secret as for now.. :-) Okay, I don't want that stuff before since I work my body off mostly everyday but nowadays I am mostly here in the PC doing something, some studying and reading and also some assignments to do and looking forward on going up. I mean you know.. I am mostly on sitting because of stuffs here and there that acquainted more on PC. I don't exercise often, usually I do some brisk walking going downtown (three to five minutes away to where DH and me live) and have some window and little shopping (a great therapy on boredom too at the same you have the exercise). I tell you it also have more on walking part on the store chasing and getting the best on my taste :-). I just hope that I can have one of those ellipticals exercising stuff. For now, it's just a wish but when the plan will move on to move to another house to which we will do after I can have my permanent GC (that we're working these days that will make my mood "no good" everytime there's something going on). I (and my dear behalf) anxious and excited to move in but we will just have to wait. Hopefully with God's permit.

December 27, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

I love receiving postcards. Who doesn't? :-) ... perhaps some just don't but mostly loves receiving it and am one of those. It's pretty nice to receive especially when it comes from different countries or just from friends, families, and some from business partners in the neighborhood. For me, postcards are cool. It creates an idea of good communication and thought of both the receiver and the giver. It is different when you receive a creative unique idea of what the message is all about. Most businesses find a cool way of pleasing their customers, they will send out some postcard. Like if you have a dental appointment or some, they will remind you of either through phone call or sending out one so you won't forget the time and date. It's somewhat like customary already to many of them. You will sometimes surprise that there are advertisements and invitation on your mailbox through such. It's a pretty way of communicating. Well for me, I love it when friends and families send me such and I even becoming it as a hobby like stamp collection, exchanging post cards or buying ones to satisfy my collection stuff. What about you, do you love collecting postcards?

December 12, 2009

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December 04, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Waaaah! -- is a famous expression when somebody is experiencing frustration, pain, desire, and disturbance. Now, it's just not only expression because I saw that your Waaaah could be expressed not only in words but through art as well. It could be into drawing, printing, painting, and any kind of stuffs which will turn into memorable one. I heard that a website has a lot of choices. It could be into fun, silly, truthful, and insightful idea. All in all it can be located at Waaaah store. So if you have something that you like to print onto your shirt, or just anything you would like to do with waaaah on shoppingm. Lots of choices it has.

September 22, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Are you a person who enjoys reading books? Then you must be a bookworm. Great authors provides great books, surely it contains a lot of information that is helpful in our daily living. Some readers tends to find author first then the title(or vice versa)before other info when shopping books, somewhat like a movie that watchers tends to know the leading actor/actress first then the the title(count me one of those for the movie watchers who usually wants to know who the leading actor/actress are). Though I like to read books but not most of the time(I guess am not a bookworm). I view bookworm as reading books is ones hobby and it's on their top(number one) hobby. Okay, enjoy reading (~_~) and thanks a bunch for reading in here, hugs!

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