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December 05, 2012

Stuck in a rut of dull dinner dates? Romantic meals in posh restaurants are no fun at all if there’s no chemistry. Give online dating a go and you’ll bypass all those awkward moments. Many websites look deeper than simple likes and dislikes, finding you the perfect match for a successful first date. For those new to dating online, here’s some advice on things to avoid.

1. Neglecting your online profile Your online profile is the first thing prospective suitors will see, so take the time to present yourself properly. Avoid misleading anyone by uploading only recent photos and being completely honest with your information. Those little white lies about how much you earn can come back to haunt you; save yourself heartache in the future by being upfront about your life experiences.

It’s not just your profile that requires attention. To find the most suitable matches, dating sites in the UK like eHarmony, want to find out exactly what makes you tick. Dedicate some time to think about each question. A good start is to decide what and who you’re looking for – what values and beliefs do you want that person to have? By putting in the effort now, you’ll save yourself from unsuccessful dates with incompatible people.

2. Giving out personal information Online dating is no more dangerous than dating in the real world. However, it’s easy to feel a false sense of security when all your flirting is happening online in your living room. A computer screen isn’t an adequate replacement for common sense; to stay safe online, think carefully before giving out any personal information or your contact details. Likewise, if you do decide to go meet someone, tell a close friend or relative where you’re going.

3. Judging people by their profile picture When a match is found for you online, try not to focus too much on that person’s profile picture. Physical attraction is just a small part of a successful relationship; other factors are important like your beliefs and long-term goals. For Asian dating in the UK, eHarmony is great for matching singles with a shared heritage. Take the time to read through your match’s profile and discover more than you would from a picture alone.

4. Spending too long online It’s easy – and exciting – to get caught up in a flurry of flirty emails. However, it’s all too easy to leave it at that. Before you know it, months have passed with no physical meeting and the initial spark of attraction has fizzled out. Although the relationship starts over the Internet, it’s best to take it offline as soon as you can. Start by chatting over the phone to see if the chemistry is still there. By that first meeting you’ll feel like old friends, but with that tingling of excitement.

5. Not having an open mind Where there was once a stigma about dating online, today more and more singles are turning to cyberspace to find true love. Online dating shouldn’t be seen as an easy alternative to regular dating. True, it can reduce the number of awkward encounters on unsuitable dates. However, you need to put the effort in for it to be a success – just like in real life. Approach online dating with an open mind. You’ll be put in touch with people you wouldn’t normally meet but who match your personality perfectly. Be part of a network of amazing people – one of them could be your soul mate. You don’t know until you give it a go.

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October 09, 2012

Facebook really helps us to connect with our friends and family who are in a distance. Just by posting your photos, sharing what you have been up to and more, your readers, specifically your friends and family will be delighted to hear anything from you. Anyhow, how about personalizing your Facebook page, such as changing the appearance of your page by putting fb cover photos for Timeline? I guess it is more fun if we could change it and have our very own style and design. I know exactly the place where you could get this beautiful and attractive design for your page. Just click the link that I have I provided, and you will see what I was talking about.

August 14, 2012

Sometimes I feel like crazy remembering past negative vibes. So every time it attacks me I have to do something, to make those happenings in positive way. Looking back from the past is not bad but we all know that past has past. It is great to look back when such will do good for the present, otherwise, it is not healthy at all. We must look ahead of our future but we are just human sometimes we cannot avoid to think of it. Ha! Oops!

Anyway, I just remember that one of my old mate is now a successful business woman. I saw her Facebook and remembering the past that mate of mine did not have any plan to be a business woman. I am just happy with her achievement and now she finally has her own business. I am so glad that she did not forget me at all. She added me in her Facebook friends. So still good to remember the past but only those good times and some bad times, well if it would do good for the present (as I said) or for the future, then all is good to go. Yay, what a journey it has been. Smile.

June 27, 2012

Because of the fast changing society which I think that all happened because of modern technology  today. Different kind of social networking site also arises in the steps of the way. And one of the most visited networking site is the Facebook wherein almost all people have been registered to this site regardless with the age. This is the kind of networking site where in you can  easily search the people that are far away from you and you can also do chatting, take a picture, post photos and albums as well as you can post your status that can be share and seen by your friends. On the other hand, you can also be updated with the news and their journey, with some of your friends in the news feed. You can specify the person added on your account if that person is your brother, sister, cousin etc. on the said site. And for now they upgrade more that side, you can already chat with web camera and more updated with the status of your friends, people are addicted to this site because they gain satisfaction not just like other social networking site.

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