September 06, 2011

Once in my life I journeyed into being a private employee. Was not turned into a regular one but am happy I gained experience unto it. I was employed in several private commercial companies. I consider such experience as memorable working days, happy moments because I learned to like the job and that's what important. It may not be as what I was aiming and did not last longer, yet, I was contented and respected. Most of my co-workers are good vibes. We treated one another as family. During snacks and lunch times, we went to our lockers first then headed to the cafeteria as a group. I just now realized that every private commercial companies I was in, has also its lockers for the employees. Though it is a commercial locker because it was owned, managed and serves its purpose for commerce, yet we did not rent on it. It's free from company, meaning, every employee is entitled to use one and no payment involved.

Locker is essential, aside from that, it minimize company space and provides security and privacy of every employee. Lockers cannot only be seen in such place but there are also lockers in the postal offices and players, employees, students and alike which folks has to rent so they can use it. Locker is used to go to work, play or going to classroom to which it is amazingly cool!


  1. nurseabie said...
    Lockers is really a great help where you can store your important stuff. Good to be back here cai!
    Cacai M. said...
    Indeed Ab'z. :-) Welcome back!

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