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May 17, 2012

I still can remember when I did my travel from here in US to Philippines (by birth country) two years ago and the travel from Philippines to here in US (about five years ago). That was whooping 16 hours or about travel with only one stop, in Manila and the other one is in Taiwan and Manila. You know the time difference of California and Philippines, it is 15 or 16 hours (depending if it is Pacific Daylight *15 hours* Time or, Pacific Standard Time *16 hours*). Now what is the effect? Jetlag! Yes, you read it right. Our eyes get used to the sleeping/night time and the day time on the other hand. Let say, it is daylight here in US and night time there in Philippines. Since our body clock cannot adopt easily to the time zone we often need some sleeping solution of that. Some tend to buy online or at drug store where sleeping aid is easily available just to get the eyes sleep when all of the people are sleeping. You know, we have to adopt to the surroundings too. :-)

Back to the days when it was my first day in the new time zone, it is very hard for me to sleep in their night time and wakes-up during daytime. That is hard, nope that's underestimate, it's very hard. When it comes to body clock, that is such a whew! I can't say more. I am not complaining though. :-)

December 14, 2010

I have a long post already for this post yet because of busy-ness, I clicked something and it vanished all my post. It is automatically saved and yes, it only saved one letter. OMG! That is all I can say. Now, what?! Okay, I am not a careless person, it is an incident. Cacai M. is busy reformatting, oops it is done, I should say reinstalling and updating drivers and utilities on my DH old Windows XP CPU. I input Windows Vista as I cannot find its drivers. No problem as its old drivers was put into good files. Okay, its files (for memory) is in Windows.old. Now I won't forgot it as if I want to remember what is it, all I need on the last minute is just to glance at this post, ooh ha! ;-) 

This time, while doing this post, I am also glancing at the same time the other computer if it is already done with its 98 Windows updates if it is already done as its previous update is already finished and just have to hit the "restart now" button whilst the other Driver Software Installation is installing. Oops, it is now done and ready to use, as in it is already finished as of this moment. It is only the 98 Windows updates is the problem, or should I say the last thing for the computer to restart and do the other installation. The time is it is already 2:00 p.m. . Now, can I still proceed or do I still have to time to prepare myself including foods to eat, then go to post office then to the store? I have to find it myself. Ah! Time management!

July 20, 2010

Ouch! CSJ's author's stomach is in trouble. :( I can still feel the trouble whilst doing this post. It hurts and have my loose bowel movement from time to time. Thanks God that it does not occur as of this moment but I just keep here in front of computer rather than lying in bed hoping to get asleep. I know I cannot do it so to get a bit comfortable (or at least) at the same time of not disturbing my DH (his work for tomorrow at 5 a.m. wake-up is far more important than this), I just have to keep awake -- the better for this situation. As far as I can remember, this stomach trouble (pain, growling, gas dramas) started after I took a bath which was lately at approximately 10:30 p.m. (my time is pacific time), the LBM (or commonly called as diarrhea) started just more than 30 minutes ago and now it is already 2:34 a.m. (I got the time on my PC-- it is Eastern Time so I have to minus the time with three hours. The time difference is three hours behind Eastern Time). You do the math should you like.

Err, it may be gross to those who can imagine but sorry about it. I think it is not that gross as you may think but then again, sorry if it is. Now I can feel only just a bit. Thanks to God. As of this moment, I am multitasking. As I do my thing here in the computer at the same time ready to go comfort room, I am also cooking rice through rice cooker or the electric rice cooking. It is less hassle but I have to check the boiling water from time to time so the rice could be cooked at its exact time. After all, I am waiting of it as it is cook. I need to replace the food or fluid out.

While having the pain, I thought of what its cause why am having this. And it came to my mind, this is due to, first: it is very possible because of the birth control pills lapsed. Supposedly I have to take beginning four days ago, this day should be the fifth but for some reason my DH (with my fault too) forgot to get it in the pharmacy and all that problem or circumstances. First circumstances I got lapsed for four days and as expected this resulted to upset stomach though I just took it at my regular daily time today, nope, I did not took five pills in a row good for five days but just only one pill as in this day should I mark as my first day not my regular day of starting from now on. Yes, I have to expect the upset stomach. Oops, I have to disclose that some of my information about birth control I mentioned of this post should not be put on your mind or get your personal information through this because each one woman should consult a physician/doctor regarding this matter. This is just a note, we may have the same pattern but it is advisable to read your pills leaflet or if cannot comprehend, go to your doctor. Secondly, this upset (or troubled) stomach could be the reason because I did not have a good meal lately good for a dinner and I ate "ice cream shake and malts" to comfort the humidity I experienced lately. Nope, the weather is great but I just took for granted to took a bath, ooh well, my fault so I expect it (but that was better for the situation as to that moment but not advisable). So there you go it could be the first reason or the latter but possibly both. For now, my stomach does not command me to go for comfort after several went. Ah it must be tired. Ha! So I need to go for now to find something to eat (rice is already cooked, just have to find a viand for it) and after eating will rest for a while (will not sit but stand or the better if can have a soundless walk in our living room to and fro in our kitchen for about five to ten minutes then go to sleep. So then, thanks for reading. I have to go now for a journey of a several things to do, begins with a single step after this post. Our water will shut-off tomorrow starting from 11 a.m up to 3 p.m. so I have to save water for personal use in the comfort room as well as here in the kitchen, keep all the in-sinks clean and should all are in order with regards to water which also means to stacking waters completely good for four hours. The stacking of water and taking a bath should I have completely done before 8:30 and it is all-set. I need to have at least five hours of sleep. Time check for now is 3:19, can I manage my time management of waking up at 5 a.m to iron DH shirt for work? How many minutes should I have to budget to prepare food to eat or thinking what viand I have to prepare? Can I still have the minimum time of sleep which is five hours? I have to! Bye for now, I gotta go. ~hugs & kisses~

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