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October 10, 2011

Are you moving to a new place? In Charleston, South Carolina? Definitely you will be looking for a new home right? Just in case you are not aware yet, I’m glad to inform you that today, you can enjoy the convenience of a worry and hassle free house hunting. How would that possible? Simply sit back and relax on your favorite couch and have your way to hunting your new home online. Google together with various search engines are there to help you on your search. Or you may want to check out Charleston Real Estate directly if you are looking for best deals and quality houses.

Searching for a home online is very easy and convenient. You can have an overview of the house through the descriptions and details provided on the advertisement. If you are on a budget, you can make your search easier by sorting within your budget limit. Or if you prefer to stay in a certain place, you can have your search within the vicinity that you prefer. Are you having a grasp of it? Well, you’ve got to try it for you to know how convenient it is looking for a home online.

August 28, 2011

(Post contributed by Hilton Miranda)

Moving is always a total money suck but when we had to move the whole family from the east coast to California I thought we’d never get out of the hole. Unfortunately my husband’s new job wasn’t going to be paying for the move so everything from the moving truck to the movers had to be paid for by us. It took 6 days to drive out there, too, with all the kids and cars and such and boy were we too exhausted to do any unpacking when we got there. I concentrated on administrative stuff like calling the security company to come out and going to, and my husband had to work on the AV side. He spent hours putting up our TVs and stereos and we didn’t even have the couch set up to sit and watch it on! Anyway, now it’s three months later and I finally think we’ve paid off all the moving expenses and we’re very nearly moved all the way in. It was a trying time for our family!

August 19, 2011

If you are ready to make that long distance move to Virginia, then you should find reliable Virginia Movers which help to make the transition as smooth as possible in your moving journey. A long distance move may not be as easy as you might think. There are things that you need to do to make sure that every aspect is attended to. After making sure that all the documents that you need for the property you will be moving into has been properly secured, you need to make sure that all your things are properly packed and would get into your destination. There are many Virginia moving companies offer various services not just the actual transfer of all your things in or out of Virginia. 

Virginia movers can assist you in packing all your things. They know how to expertly pack them making sure that it wouldn’t get damaged during the transfer. Virginia International Movers can guide you during the whole process making it easier for you especially if you have no experience in long distance moving. They have websites where they have listed useful tips to those who intend to move in or out of Virginia. Moving to Virginia has never been easier than before. With professional movers offering services from getting the best quotes on rates to the actual moving, the task of moving will not be a burden anymore.

July 12, 2011

When you move-in to a different home, apartment, condominium, townhouse or place, it is great to update your address in a timely manner. I just want you to know that even if you notify or request the postal office (am referring here in United States Postal Service/USPS) about your current address, the standard mails and catalogs sent unto you won't be forwarded. Only the First Class, Priority and Express mails; packages; and newspapers and magazines will be forwarded to the new address but of course it has limited time or expiration dates. Am talking here if the address the sender put is the old address, the postman will be the one to forward to your new address instead of being in "return to sender". Currently, the mail forwarding (from USPS notification), mail forwarding may be available for up to 12 months and covers only certain classes of mail (to which I mentioned above). So it  is best to update address to everyone who sends you (the mover) mail once you have already a mail key to the new place you are going to move-in.

How to update? You can do it by person or by online. By person you can directly go to your post office. And by online, just go to usps(dot)com and (1) search or type-in "change address" in the the space provided or search bar then you will find an answer, click the " Change your address " option and then follow the directions. Or (choice #2), once you're in the website of USPS, you can simply simply click the " Receiving Mail " drop-down menu under " Products & Services " located on the right middle part of USPS homepage next to "Track & Confirm" search bar, then follow directions to fill-up. That's it! It's just easy, isn't it? :-)

Other way to change your address by the way is to call. So it's either, (1) by person, (2) online, or (3) call . For me, I did the three. Don't forget to list the of everyone, the companies/establishments or important people, or like to whom and which you will have to inform on your new address so it's easy to track which or whom of them wasn't yet able to notify. Have a great day! Have a happy new place! Ah, moving journey.. :-)

You know we just moved-in. I and my DH are now living in our new apartment-rented abode. I always told you how better is this than the old one we reside. But there is a flaw. The kitchen sink got rusty when we just came in but then it did not bother that much to us speaking of the general conclusion. But if I/we would be given a chance to remodel it (the remodel fee should be deducted to our rent or the landlord will do it for the tenant), I would have to suggest a new kitchen sinks. I can see it is not that expensive, it could actually cost under a hundred bucks or a little about 60 bucks for one. We have two kitchen sink and yes, both of such goes rusty eventually. The other one is already free (for now) of rust for now but the other one beside has still some. Comet did not get it and I don't know when will it be gone. I already did the scrub and such but to no avail. Though there's only little left but am still hoping it will gone. I don't like looking at it even if it's not that so big. My kitchen journey is better without it and yes, better with new stainless steel 16 gauge kitchen sinks!

June 27, 2011

We are already on our fourth day of staying here in our new apartment abode. I love this place. The paint is light and the carpet too. :-) The important point is we are in the ground floor section to which advantage for a pregnant or mom-to-be like me. I don't have to go up and down just to go to the laundry room or just to throw trash and get mail. :-) DH and I were so busy on our final moving from Friday up to Sunday. The transferring and arranging up to cleaning. I was the one who arranges stuffs. It wasn't stressful for me because I am loving it. I confess I was a bit tired but not stressed. I lift some stuffs to which I just sneaked-in since DH won't allow me to do it. If I waited of his presence (which I can do it by myself) to do it, it would take week or maybe weeks to do it because he had also important stuffs to attend to. And I did it! Now, it is more arranged when you come unto our new abode. :-) Only some minor stuffs like taking the other bed off from our living room which was from our old second bedroom before, Salvation Army will pick this up but have to wait four days from now. Ah, I can't wait to dispose this thing off. During the journey of final moving step of transferring our stuffs, I was not able to cook foods. We just order and eat then rest a while and did again. Finally, I could have more rest now. :-) Not yet to cook foods but maybe this weekend or next week because I still have stuffs to do like address transfers, both online and offline then pregnancy stuffs as well. Good thing is I am not running with the time no more. I don't like seeing crowded boxes in our abode that's why. Thanks goodness I and my baby inside my tummy is perfectly fine. :-) Hooray! :-)

August 11, 2010

(Thanks for the post, Amy Werner)
Moving to a new city can be extremely overwhelming for anyone. Even the best planned out moves, often times have something go wrong. I recently moved to Texas from Illinois. Even thought I had about six months to prepare for the move, it was still an extremely stressful time. Between finding a new place, getting everything planned out for the trip and selling off items that weren’t going to make the cross country trip, those six months were packed full. After finding a home for my family and I, I wanted to make sure that it would be ready for us to move in as soon as we arrived in Texas I called and had a San Antonio home security system put in, so that we would not have to worry about that after we got there. Knowing that was taken care of, left me feeling slightly less frazzled.

The move across the country was long and difficult. The week before we left for the move, we called and had a number of different services turned on at the new home, so we would be as comfortable as possible upon arriving. Having cable turned on and the internet ready for our family was a great treat once we arrived in Arizona. Having all of these things hooked up made the process of unpacking seem not nearly as bad.

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