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May 20, 2011

As in for commerce job, like sales representative, sales associate, account manager and alike? You maybe is expert of that type of department. And now you are in the mood of looking. Well, either you are looking for a job for your livelihood or just to broaden your horizon, the thing is you are serious of having such. Internet is one of the best areas of communication of such. You may like to check out the sales jobs you are looking for as it has been in the input of such. Then check if it is available in your area. Who knows your wanted job is just there waiting of you. That's one of the advantage of Internet because you can have the information with just a snap of your hand then have a research. Ooh well. The power of technology, that is. :-) Good luck then! 

November 12, 2010

There are many jobs though there are also jobless, nope, never mind the latter because when a person has skill, for sure he/she can find a way to land a good one if he/she finished a course for finance jobs which basically it matter on banks, lending entities or any financial companies. Nowadays it is great to know that with the help of technology specifically the computer, one can find it with the help of Internet. One just have to be careful (of course) in giving sensitive information, ooh well, at least there are more resources already aside from information on newspapers, radios and alike but with computer information too! It is cool, isn't it?

April 15, 2010

When you were a graduate of Bachelor of Commerce - Major in Banking and Finance, a possibility of working in a bank or a job that goes with an area of finance is what you would like to get. Anything that surrounds about it comes in handy because it is what you were trained for in school Ooh well, it is just a "chicken" to those who are knowledgeable enough of such work. Now, you are in a finance job search status, and you are not afraid to show-off your skill. Wow! Well, if one has a lot of gained knowledge, then it is not impossible to pass the requirements and all such from an employer. It just depends on how you handle the situation and all that stuff. And if you are on it, then good luck on your search! God is good to those who are doing their best and work smartly. Just be the best! :)

March 04, 2010

When there are a lot of people and only a little work to do, what would be the scenario? It is an economic status to which the demand is high but the supply is low --- this is the status of world economy nowadays or perhaps there are just people who are lazy enough to work hard? Which is which? We cannot deny that having a decent job is what everyone wants to have. Some rock of the family prefers or agreed as advised just to stay at home for the house and partner need, and that is not bad. Being with where you are happy and with the family/love one is the most important thing in this world as long as the partner is good enough to provide the need of the family. Being a homemaker (either a father or mother) is also a job, a decent job for a family. But when speaking about job itself, it means outside the home. Well, there are many jobs out there as long as you are working hard to find it and you have the skill to show then one is good to go with it. Often, we are looking for a job mogul to address what we are looking for. Good luck then with job hunting folks! I hope you all the best... :-)

December 23, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

New York is a very busy city and a nation's most populous. According to the United States Department of Commerce, it is the destination of choice by many foreign investors (according to wiki). With that, is it possible that jobs in New York is scarce or difficult to find? What do you think? For me, I guess if you have skill and determination for the job you like, surely you can have it. It's only the patience and perseverance in finding one is the answer. Perhaps you will have to begin searching through newspapers, searching it in field, or perhaps in the internet? Just believe in yourself, have a good communication, and ask for God's guidance and surely you will get it.

December 10, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Do you find it difficult to find a job nowadays? News and reality said that finding a job is difficult when the knowledge you have doesn't fit in to the desired position. When it comes to a particular position, skill is very important. Some graduated of such degree or whatever diploma he/she has, then finds hard to get in because of lack of patience and perseverance, his/her skill isn't that in-demand as the status of the economy is concern? I believe that there is always a way to find-out. Go and search wherever it is and get the job which is good for you. Using one's skill, surely one will find a way. Good luck!

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