August 11, 2010

(Thanks for the post, Amy Werner)
Moving to a new city can be extremely overwhelming for anyone. Even the best planned out moves, often times have something go wrong. I recently moved to Texas from Illinois. Even thought I had about six months to prepare for the move, it was still an extremely stressful time. Between finding a new place, getting everything planned out for the trip and selling off items that weren’t going to make the cross country trip, those six months were packed full. After finding a home for my family and I, I wanted to make sure that it would be ready for us to move in as soon as we arrived in Texas I called and had a San Antonio home security system put in, so that we would not have to worry about that after we got there. Knowing that was taken care of, left me feeling slightly less frazzled.

The move across the country was long and difficult. The week before we left for the move, we called and had a number of different services turned on at the new home, so we would be as comfortable as possible upon arriving. Having cable turned on and the internet ready for our family was a great treat once we arrived in Arizona. Having all of these things hooked up made the process of unpacking seem not nearly as bad.

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    sorry kau cai...please forgive me.. ako na guibalik ang badhe bahala wala na arrange ug ayo.Actually , dili man gud ako ga make sa akong badge mao nga di pa ko kabalo ani.
    ako na gui add pud your blogs sa bloglist.

    Can you please for give? Unsa ako buhaton para mapasaylo ko nimo ? huhuhuhuhuhu.

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