June 27, 2012

Because of the fast changing society which I think that all happened because of modern technology  today. Different kind of social networking site also arises in the steps of the way. And one of the most visited networking site is the Facebook wherein almost all people have been registered to this site regardless with the age. This is the kind of networking site where in you can  easily search the people that are far away from you and you can also do chatting, take a picture, post photos and albums as well as you can post your status that can be share and seen by your friends. On the other hand, you can also be updated with the news and their journey, with some of your friends in the news feed. You can specify the person added on your account if that person is your brother, sister, cousin etc. on the said site. And for now they upgrade more that side, you can already chat with web camera and more updated with the status of your friends, people are addicted to this site because they gain satisfaction not just like other social networking site.


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