July 13, 2010

(Guest post compliments of Amy Miller)
My son Andrew is now three years old. The internet has been an invaluable tool that has aided in his reading skills and language development. Andrew was slow to speak, but he is beginning to pronounce most of his words correctly.

We have Hughes net internet in bozeman mo, and I bought Andrew a computer last Christmas when he was two years old. I started by introducing him to family-friendly TV shows that I enjoyed when I was a kid. He watches those old shows on via his computer. The word games that Andrew plays on websites like WordWorld have aroused his interest in words and reading. He also enjoys watching kids' videos and sing-along videos on YouTube. He laughs and sings along with the videos and even tries to repeat new words he's learned online.

The computer I bought for him is called a net-book, and it was only $300. It is his new favorite toy. I monitor what he watches using satellite internet Montana, of course. I feel that he's getting a jump start on learning. He already knows the alphabet and how to spell basic words by sight reading them. I recommend that any parent invest in a computer as a learning tool for their child.


  1. kat said...
    kinsa diay ng Amy Miller Cai...
    charmie said...
    mao pud na akong pangutana hehehe!
    Cacai M. said...
    mga sistah in blogosphere, sekreto para bivo.. hehehe.. :)

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