August 16, 2011

Ha! You guess it right, am in my DH desktop right now as I journey on my blogging hobby. The wife likes using it here because it starts-up easily and I could go on directly to what I want in the world wide web especially when I want a fast connect, emergency log-in that is. Hep! Yeah, he authorizes me (and just me, lucky me, ha ha!) but when he's at home, I should have to use mine, of course (even if he's not home because I have mine, but then...). Bad me but I only use this when, as I said, immediate log-in. My laptop starts up a bit slow because I have many programs installed in there and my anti-virus has to immediate run before it starts aside from I have it leave as automatically updates windows. 

The fact that I don't want to abuse the kindness of my husband's PC, then I just use it for a reasonable time. Yes, I am the one fixing this when problem arises but still I have my computer so it is just fair that I will use mine. I am not ranting, I am just expressing how programs affect a PC memory and such. Ah, speaks about blogging and surfing huh! What else could do when it comes to Internet, right? *wink*

That's all folks, I have to get up and cook now for dinner. Have fun and enjoy the rest of the day! ~hugs&kisses~


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