October 06, 2010

When I think about slam dunk or a term from basketball sport "dunk" , the next thing I can think is the word "slam dunk 'd funk". Such term registered unto my mind, well, that is actually a song. Now you know I love listening music. :-) Yes, even when I was small. Aright, that is it all about it. So what's the next thing? In basketball, it is great to watch a game which it has dunk which of course players does it. Now you may wonder of how to do it. I cannot blame you since I do to. How to Dunk is quiet a challenge to me and I do not know about you on what you think about it but for sure if one do not have an inborn skill (talent) or haven't been able to study of it, it's pretty sure hard, don't you think? So you know how to do it? Maybe, you are doing great so far. So you're a basketball player! A pro, quiet very sure. Am Lakers fan and I like how players like Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom (and many others) does it or Lebron James, an ex-Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team most renowned for his talent during successive recent years. Basketball sport is really an awesome entertainment watching it with dunks.

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  1. David Funk said...
    Hi Cacai!

    You know I had to comment on this when the post title includes my last name and 'D in the title! Coincidence? LOL!

    Genetics have a lot to do with dunking a basketball, and being tall does help. I was never a great jumper, but I was able to dunk when I got out of high school(I didn't so in school). I played forward in school for the most part.

    There are several ways to achieve this. I used to use some sort of resistance which for me was to use pool exercises jumping out of the water with most of my body underwater before performing jumps. That's just one way, and I did good with it when I tried it.

    Have a great weekend dear friend!

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