October 06, 2010

(Thanks for the post from Stan Atkins)

Attending a California Bears football game with my 2 children is one of the highlights of my year. At least once annually, we pack up the family and attend a home game at California Memorial Stadium. I absolutely love this place. The stadium is located in Berkeley and offers unique features not seen at any other stadium.
My children's favorite feature is the cannon situated above the stadium on "Tightwad Hill". Every single time the California Bears score a touchdown, the cannon lets out a tremendous blast and the stadium goes crazy. The cannon blast mixed with the raucous fans makes for a great atmosphere. My favorite thing about the stadium is "Tightwad Hill" itself. During big games, spectators that are too cheap to purchase tickets climb the hill and sit in proximity to the cannon. It's loud in the stadium so it must be deafening to those sitting right by it. 

We heard the cannon blast quite often at the last game we attended. On September 11, 2010, the Bears steamrolled the Colorado Buffaloes 52-7. Quarterback Kevin Riley passed for a career-high 4 touchdown passes and left Colorado looking shell-shocked. Cal was up 31-0 going into halftime and forced Colorado into tossing three interceptions and an additional two lost fumbles. Buffalo was rarely able to move the ball and never really threatened Cal. 

The California Bears football program has been outstanding the past few years so I make a point of never missing a Bears football game. When I can't make it to the game, I always watch it on satellite television.


  1. Mel Avila Alarilla said...
    I really don't understand American football. It's different from soccer (football) which is famous all over the world. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.
    Cacai M. said...
    Hello Kuya Mel, thanks talaga sa mga komentaryo.. sorry po na di kita madalaw from the successive days, offline stressed-out Kuya Mel. Sorry po, babawi nlng po ako sa susunod.

    @ about football, oo it differs a lot talaga from international game called "football". That is called here soccer by the way. :)
    Hi! I'm Grace said...
    Football. Football. It is everywhere here. It is my husband's stuff, too. Enjoy the season, Cai. :)

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