September 09, 2010

(Guest post written by Sheldon Penniford)

I watch NASCAR every now and then with my friends but when I think of Daytona, I think of Daytona Beach, not the huge race that takes place there every year.
My family always went to Daytona Beach so I just love going there each year for my vacation. This year when I was sitting on the beach with my wife and kids under one of those rental umbrellas I was telling them about my summers there with my parents before that but I was having a hard time hearing their part of the conversation. After asking "what" so many times and for them to repeat themselves my wife suggested that I look up Miracle Ear and go to one.

So I did that while I was still relaxed after my vacation. I'm glad that I did because I think that's going to help me create and fully experience even more memories. I think that we're going to go back to the beach during our kids' Christmas break for the shopping, putt putt, driving go karts and other fun things because you can't really swim in the ocean then because it's too cold.


  1. Mel Avila Alarilla said...
    Daytona is famous for its beaches and for the world famous car races. Great that you can indulge a trip to the beaches of Daytona. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.
    Nova said...
    oi.. my hubby likes nascar and he would love to watch the race live... that's one of the plans we make and hopefully sometime soon we can visit the place
    GAGAY said...
    ate cai!!!sorry for not being here..was busy in school..:(( how's you now?hope ur doin great!!!happy Sunday!

    I am..but GAGAY.
    Pinoy Medical Doctor
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    Lulu Post said...
    agoy ari lagn ko sa taladega mareng kay medyo duol naho... layo man na daytona oi hehehe

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