June 10, 2010

Hello folks, which team is your bet will win for game four? If you already knew that Lakers had a great defense at Celtics home court the day before yesterday (though game 2 Lakers loss), then you will be excited to watch its game 4 which will be this day later at six o'clock post midnight, Pacific Daylight Time (6:00 PM PDT) or nine o'clock post midnight for Eastern Time (9:00 PM ET). The game score is two against one in favor of Los Angeles Lakers (2 wins/1 loss for Lakers while Celtics has 1 win, 2 loss) against Boston Celtics. The latter is a great defensive team on its home court just like Lakers but it is visibly clear how the two teams lost track with its defensive character, so for later, I won't be surprised if it will be Lakers or Celtics will win. What do you think, will Boston got its score back for break even (2-2)? Will Lakers win the game four? Ooh boy.. I am pretty excited about the game later. I am all-set of watching it whatever the result is. Am a big fan of Lakers but I also like Celtics though am more on Lakers.. ha! Let's see folks! If you are fond of good basketball team match-up, then tomorrow is your day! Good luck for both teams fans.. ;-)


  1. Lulu said...
    mareng tie na ang series... agoy this is fun! lol
    Cacai M. said...
    lol.. korek Mareng.. heheh.. later 2.20 hours from now bivo na pod.. woohoo! ;-)

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