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March 30, 2012

When I sat-foot here in United States of A, I learned to appreciate the art of NBA sport. If you read my post/s about it which I wrote in the past, then you already know why. Okay, it's not a biggie deal for me to repeat, that I already appreciate the basketball sport even when I was in my younger/little years of age in my birth country, the place where I learn to appreciate the beauty of this world. Yes, where I was raised. And why? That is because basketball has been the famous sport when fiesta celebration is approaching up to the fiesta day. And not only on fiesta times but also when there's other events but the former is when it is famous aside from the fact that it is always present during intramural s day at school.

Now that I have my little one, I am handful, and that also means to more time of watching NBA live in TV especially when Lakers play. I can watch for few minutes but unlike the times when my baby love Sarah is not yet here. I can just reminisce of watching it most at the time of my pregnancy days. I wonder if my Sarah also loves watching NBA, huh! Well, let's see that then. :-)

How about you, do you also love watching NBA live in TV? How do you like it?

March 06, 2011

What team you think won? Is it Lakers this time (after its loss for its first game before at Los Angeles Lakers home court) or Spurs, the second time around? With the score of 99-83, its Lakers this time, Lakers WON at San Antonio Spurs home court. From first quarter up to the fourth, Lakers already is dominant of the score. It even went up to more than 30 difference which of course in favor of Los Angeles Lakers. After being ashamed of being at loss with Spurs at Lakers home court, just lately Lakers got the revenge. :-) 

As the game went on lately, I was about to think Lakers fan goes to San Antonio. Ha! Wonder why? That is because 50/50 of the crowds are also cheering for Lakers! Ooh well, San Antonio is in California State, so many folks also knew the players or just their fans. Am just thinking of the second match-up also of Lakers and Clippers to which are all Los Angeles teams. Ah, I would love to see the crowds too! Ha! How exciting!

January 26, 2011

Last night (25th of January) was a game between Los Angeles Lakers and Utah Jazz. And I did not intend (which is unusual) to know if it is still western conference or playoff already for this year. What I concentrated with was how they played and win or loss, am still there fan. Ha! As the play went on, I had a couple of shout, hubby did not stay for long period as he wanted to have a solitude or if watched, have to be silent. I was not comfortable with our other TV but rather in the bedroom. So what he did was to go to his computer every other time or maybe most of the time. Hehe! He let me had it as he knew I am Lakers fan, win or loss. Ha! To put you no thrill, the game ended with Lakers won!

But the last two games last Sunday and a game or match-up before that time, which was also held at Los Angeles Lakers home court were losses. Too bad Lakers loss against Sacramento Kings and Boston, Celtics. Maybe because they are lack of teamwork unlike the other teams like Celtics, five persons have big scores and have three 3-pointers and such. That is all for now. Hoping they will win next time. Still, am a fan of Lakers. *wink* ;-)

{Now yes, most of this post wordings were from the 26th of last month (January) and I just add something which I saw last Friday (Jan. 28) and Sunday (Jan. 30). You know I was still sick that time and still now and maybe it made me more felt sick, oops, nope you're wrong! I did not watch the game, I just hear it, so I was updated.  ;-) }

Have a great day everyone! My face and head is too hot now, I just force myself for the sake of updating. Don't worry I can manage it, if not, they you will know I can't visit you or I stop writing here. Thanks!

November 11, 2010

Just as this moment, the game ended between a match-up of Los Angeles Lakers between Denver Nuggets at latter's home court (Nugget's basketball court). As I saw it on first and second quarter, it was Lakers on the lead just few points as well on the third quarter. Just as a surprise, Lakers struggling on the fourth quarter and there on the last minute when Pau Gasol did not get to shot the ball, at least it is only two or three points to get in order to tie-up and have an overtime play of five minutes to decide which is the winner. But then it the score ended of six points (107-112) lead by Nuggets. :-( Anyhow, it is Denver Nugget's basketball court, and the players defended it as it has been seen by its score. Being Lakers fan, I loss too. Ha ha ha! But oops, no hurt-aches though its Lakers first loss this season  because it is just yet a season, the thrill here is on the  playoffs, pre-final or final time! What a lucky day for Nuggets (this time)! Credits to Carmelo Anthony of Denver Nuggets for being the top scorer of this game. What a game!

On the other hand, the game before Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Nuggets was Boston Celtics versus Miami Heat, actually it was a rematch of the latter. I was cheering for Miami Heat though I also like Celtics. Seemed like Heat was underdog for 16 points lead by Celtics and the lead went down to three then it ended as was being lead by five points (107-112) by Denver Nuggets.

As seeing by its score this Veterans Day 2010 Celebration, what have you seen? Any similarity?

June 18, 2010

Did you watched the championship final game last night? Yes, it was Lakers! Los Angeles Lakers grab the 2010 National Basketball Association Champion! It was a tremendous, "the hardest game by far, Kobe Bryant (the MVP NBA 2010) said last night after the game ended as was being interviewed. As a Lakers fan, it was a joy watching it but the heart was beating fast too as the last quarter game played. Why? It is because Boston Celtics holding the first three quarters scores. Yes, Lakers was outscored seven by first quarter, six by second and four by third quarter. I just shouted at my Facebook wall, " Celtics fans call this a celebration now thinking it's been six points lead by 2nd half and seven lead by first half?" at the end of second half. Ha! It was more of not, but watching and hoping positively that Lakers would get it. ;-) It is sweeter when they get it at home court, on the other hand, sadder when loss. And yes, after Lakers declared as champions, as I joined the fun smiling and looking in front of our TV --- I then typed to plurk (is also integrated in Facebook and Twitter) as " Let's call it a celebration, Lakers win! (banana_cool) I watched and celebrate as Lakers were announce as back to back Champion, woohoo! :) " . Isn't that cool? ;-) Lakers now has 16 titles as NBA Champion, Bryant was in with five out of that 16. Lakers and Celtics as said to be the best teams match-up so far.

Oops, I know Celtics fans were not happy but I also know (not 100% but can have it if they want) that they have their sportsmanship as fans. :)
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June 15, 2010

The game six for National Basketball Association for this year is now on-going currently. Time check 6:42 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time as of Charter Communication's time. As I typed this post, I am at the same time watching the game between the green team Boston Celtics against the yellow team Los Angeles Lakers. The game held in Los Angeles Lakers team home court --- Staples Center. By this time, it is already in second quarter as of 8:45 time with the score of 34-22 in favor of Los Angeles Lakers team. So far, Lakers is doing a tremendous defense hoping will win this game so there will be game 7 or to tie up the series score of the match-up. With that then, game seven will be the decision game of which team will be the champion which will be in Staples Center still. On the other hand, when Celtics won this current game, then there will be no game seven, meaning Celtics will then be declared as NBA 2010 Champion. That will be a shameful play for the Lakers if happen knowing it is its home court. Ooh well, I know game won't be judged through a team's home court but it's sadder when Lakers will loss at its home court, am I making sense? Ha! ;-) You know, am Lakers fan but if you followed me from my first post here regarding NBA, then you also know that I also like Celtics team but I admit, am more of Lakers -- just FYI about like Jack Nicholson to Lakers. ;-) For now, time check at second quarter's clock two minutes and 17 seconds before this quarter ends, score is 49-29 in favor of Los Angeles Lakers. I would like to stop now, I have to concentrate on watching the game. It is getting hotter and hotter! Haha! So far, it is 20 points lead by Lakers. Let us see what will happen to this game if Lakers will hold on with its score until this game ends. See yah of which team will win then.. which is your bet?

April 28, 2010

National Basketball Association Playoffs for this year already began. Unfortunately your truly was not able to watch it every time there is a game especially when there is an schedule for Los Angeles Lakers game. Yep, I am a biggest Lakers fan! Woohoo! ;-) Last year, I had a blast because whatever time Lakers play (for playoff) and whatever its opponent was, I watched it. I chased diligently the time and apparently, I was already sitting in front of our television so I watched the whole game.. (LOL).. yep, perhaps some would say that is too much but nope, I heart it fully and I enjoyed it much. Ha! It even ruin my day if I cannot watched it even if Lakers lost the game. With it, I was able to familiarize the great ones in NBA and even knew its name. If you followed and read my posts before, you will be able to know why I love watching basketball since I was elementary. Ha! Yep, that is true.

One match-up with LAL that I watched was its playoff against Oklahoma City Thunders. It's shame to myself that I just watched its playoffs started from game four (4) and game five (5) which the latter was last night. I am thankful my DH told me that Lakers play such time. It was in my mind that LAL versus OKC will play yesterday but I though it was afternoon but alas, it was six-thirty at night until ten o'clock. I watched it the whole game with my laptop on and in front of me doing the thing. Haha! ;-) I was able to do it as serving two kings at the same time.. heheh... ooh no, I can only seriously do my thing at PC when it was time-out and yes, I was happy doing it. ;-) The overall score now on each other playoff game was 3-2, in favor of Los Angeles Lakers.. woohoo! It was really a fun game and I am looking forward of its game six (6) of who will win, will it be Lakers still? Will LAL defend its home court? Hemmm.. that is what to find out for game 6 and if the two teams will still have game seven (7). Its final score by the way last night (game 5) was 111-87. If you are in my shoes, doesn't it that great? I am looking forward for the rest of the teams for this year playoff.. woohoo! That would be fun!

By the way, may I ask if what's your beat what team will win as champion NBA 2010? Which one is your team?

June 14, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Whew! Lately(06/14/2009) at 5:00 PM PDT(Pacific Daylight Time) to 7:30 or 8:00 to 10:30PM ET(Eastern Time) was the game 5 for 2009 NBA Finals and yes! Los Angeles Lakers won over their match-up Orlando Magic at Amway Arena-> Orlando, Florida-- Magic basketball home court. These was the game four quarters score of game 5(a running score): first quarter score was 26-28(2 points in favor of Magic team), second/half quarter was 56-46(10 points lead in favor of Lakers team), 76-51 for the thirds quarter (25 points lead in favor of Lakers), and for the fourth quarter/final the score went up to 99-86(13 points lead in favor of Lakers team). Only at game 5(no game 6 and game 7 because the game score is 4-1, so it's very clear that Lakers dominate the win score of 4 wins and only 1 loss) for 2009 NBA Finals-- Magic team got down! eh? The Los Angeles Lakers went home with a 2009 NBA Champion trophy! Let's celebrate for the Lakers team folks! Cheers! (~_~)

See more posts of previous details of this post here .


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June 11, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

After an emotional and roller-coaster ride game 4 for 2009 NBA Finals lately, Los Angeles Lakers team won against Orlando Magic at Amway Arena at Orlando, Florida(Orlando Magic home court). It last for two and a half (2 1/2) hours plus 5 minutes overtime. You will love the game because both teams are struggling hard to win. And finally the score for game 4 is 99-91, 8 points lead in favor of Los Angeles Lakers. What can you say folks? I know Magic fans got loss but as I said on my previous post -- that's just a game, a sports and entertainment. And we need not take it seriously. As far as am concerned, I enjoyed and entertained of the lately so Kudos to the Lakers!

But hey, will Lakers for the champion? The game score for now is 3-1 (3 wins for Lakers and 1 win for Magic) and there's 3 more games to go... Is Orlando Magic team has really a magic? will they win in Los Angeles Lakers home court for game 5 and game 6? Which is which? Let's see for the upcoming 3 more games...

By the way, still Los Angeles Lakers at Orlando Magic home court for game 5 on Sunday-- June 14,2009 and will be at 5 pm PDT(Pacific Daylight Time) or 8 pm ET)Eastern Time and Orlando Magic team in Los Angeles Lakers home court for game 6 and 7 (if necessary). Game6 on Tuesday-- June 16, 2009 at 6 pm PDT or 9 pm ET. And for game 7 on Thursday-- June 18, 2009 at 6 pm PDT or 9 pm ET. Woohoo! Next week or maybe this Sunday coming we will know which team will be the 2009 NBA Champion! Am excited of the result! (~_~)

For more information and details of this game, see my archive post regarding this more specifically in Label located at the top right side of my side bar, it's labeled-> Basketball . Enjoy!



June 09, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Lately Los Angeles Lakers team was at Orlando Magi c home court for Game 3. And it will be on June 11, 2009--Thursday will be the match-up for the Game 4 playing at same basketball court. Recap to the game 3 play, Magic won over Lakers with the score of 108-104 in favor of Orlando Magic team. It's some kind of a heart-pounding, thrilling game lately because the score seems up and down then turn to tie, then finally Magic team won. But is there really a magic of the Orlando Magic team? Will they still win for the game 4 knowing that it's their(Magic) home court?

Anyway, congrats to the winner as well as to the supporters and fans of the team lately. I just wanna say that whatever the result of the game-- still it's just a game, a sport! And whatever the result is-- the players will be paid for it and let not the fans put it in heart or take it seriously because that's just sport-- and it's for entertainment and fun. So let's have fun! May the winner takes it all! (~_~) See you on game 4 folks!

June 08, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Los Angeles Lakers team won yesterday's game versus Orlando Ma gi c for game 2 of 2009 NBA Finals. And the game score now is 2 Win for Los Angeles Lakers over 0 win for Orlando Magic. Well, the match-up was held at Lakers home court and we can see that they become a good defensive team. Let us see tomorrow for the game 3 as well as the game 4 if they will still win because they will play at Orlando Magic basketball home court in Orlando, FLorida and it has been also known that they are also a great defensive team. By the way, yesterday's game lasted for 2 hours and a half with an overtime play of 5 minutes because the 4th quarter score got tied-up so to make it finalized, they played for it. The final score after the five minutes overtime was 96-101, that was 5 points score win in favor of Los Angeles Lakers team. Woohoo! Let's see what will happen then in the long run if it will end up to game 7 or only in game 4 will the games be over between the two tough teams and be then declared who will be the 2009 NBA Champion. Let us see for the game 3 tomorrow ( June 09, 2009 ) at 5:30 PM PDT/ 8:30 PM ET of Lakers at Orlando...

June 07, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Orlando Magic team is still at Los Angeles Lakers basketball home court(Los Angeles, California) to play with the match-up for Game 2 of this year NBA Finals . Last Thursday --June 4, 2009 was their first game for who will be the 2009 NBA Champion. After Lakers defeat Magic of twenty-five(25) points of the finals game 1 with the score of 100-75, will the Magic win this time? Who's your bet for this game 2 folks?

By the way, the game 2 play will start later at 5 pm PDT(Pacific Daylight Time) or 8 pm ET(Eastern Time) still in Los Angeles Lakers home court. For game 3 and 4 which will be held at Orlando Magic home court, it will be on Tuesday and Thursday next week(June 9 and 11) at 6 pm PDT or 9 pm ET, Game 5 will still be in Orlando Magic home court on Sunday--June 14, 2009 (if necessary). Game 6 and 7 will be in Los Angeles Lakers home court on Tuesdayand Thursday--June 16 and 18, 2009 (if necessary). Happy basketball watching folks!

May 30, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

After the sixth game lately matching up with Denver Nuggets at the latter home court, Los Angeles Lakers won for the Western Conference. The team got the award after the very entertaining game. So, they will advance to NBA Finals Championship as their thirtieth (30th) time to enter the finals. By the way, NBA Championship game will start this coming Thursday--June 04, 2009 at about the same time schedule as to lately. During this period, Eastern and Western champions will be matched up of who is really is the tough team of the two folks. Woohoo...! Who do you think folks? Is it the Lakers, Magic, or Cavaliers? Which is which? Which of the three is your bet folks? hemmm.... let us see!

Wonder why I was away for how many days? For my beloved peeps concerned, thanks a lot for the messages, I really appreciate it. And now, the reason is--it's because I was so busy following the NBA Western and Eastern Conference {(~_~)}. Am proud to say that I haven't missed any game from the very first game 1 up to the very last game of Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Nuggets as well as the Houston Rockets matched up to the first one.. heheheh... And oohh I haven't said also the Eastern Conference first two last matched-up too! I even had a lists of their scores of every game, some has their first quarter up to the fourth... Though I missed to watched the other teams consecutively of the playoffs but of the next I will, I am satisfied of the result. Am glad hubby is kind enough to let me know and remember me if the game is already on the way.. heheheh.. He also is a basketball fan but not so, he's just happy to see me smiling while watching the game (~_~).

By the way, later this day will be the judgment or if there will be a seventh game for the Eastern Conference between Cleveland Cavaliers versus Orlando Magic. It's hard to determine yet folks of which team will be matched-up to Los Angeles Lakers because the two are good enough! Later will be the sixth game for the two. The game score is 3-2 in favor of Orlando Magic. If Orlando Magic will win tomorrow there will be no game 7 just as to what happened with the Los Angeles Lakers versus Denver Nuggets.

James Lebron, who is the captain ball of Cleveland Cavaliers team is preparing for this big event later. As to what we know, this guy also was crowned as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of this year. I have to admit, I am one of his big fan! Are you too? hemmm.. like Kobe, he is also a jaw-dropping player that you could be dreaming of "how I wish I was like him" to play the basketball. A very smart, energetic, and very good team leader is what I admire of him! What a guy! heheheh... Okey, back to the ball game... hahahah! Are you going to watch for the game later folks? If so, enjoy watching... who's your bet?


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May 16, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

May 12, 2009 - Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets have their game 4 playoff at Staples Center(Lakers home court) at 7:30 - 10 pm PDT(Pacific Daylight Time) or 10:30- 12 pm ET(Eastern Time). That time their score is 2 against 1, meaning Lakers has to win the game to tie up their game score to Rockets or else they loss their chance for playoffs against the other team. The game ended into regular time without any lapse or overtime in favor of Los Angeles Lakers team with 40 points against the other team. The score is 118-78. There are lots of fouls and touchings, well, that's just normal as to basketball game as long as all the two teams are practicing sportsmanship then no worries about it. On May 14, 2009 - second day after their game is their another playoff and that time in Houston Rockets home court. The Rockets as well are good in their home court that got them won the game of the score 95-80 of 15 points lead the entire game. Artest got so defensive and hot-headed but all in all no trouble happened, Kobe remained cool and calm as he is. Brooks got the game good and scored the highest among his Rockets co-players and it's impressive. The two tall good players wasn't there but still they managed it. Well then, am looking forward of their game tomorrow Sunday May 17 at Staples Center(Los Angeles Lakers home court) starting at 3:30 pm of Pacific Daylight Time. Hubby said don't be too serious about it because whatever happens whether one of who you in favor it will loss or win, still they have salary and huge bucks (heheheh..) but yeah that's true, it's just that I got amazed when watching about it and keeps me lively. Whew! Well then, happy watching later folks!

May 10, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

* President Barrack Obama will to go to the Heart of the Muslim World - Egypt - this early June to give Major Speech of long-awaited address to Muslim Countries. God bless!

** In Basketball playoff update, Houston Rockets defeated Los Angeles Lakers at their home court of the score 99-87 at game 4 lately played at 12:30 - 3:00 pm, their score now is 2-2, meaning Rockets has a loss of 2 games as well as won 2 games, Los Angeles Lakers as well. Am looking forward of the game 5 on Tuesday (May 12, Tuesday) at Staples Center or LA Lakers home court at 10:30 PM ET(Eastern Time) or 7:30 PM PDT(Pacific Daylight Time). By the way, Yao Ming got injured in their third game versus LAL and it takes 8 weeks to let it be cured, so no Yao Ming in the latest game, still they got it. As to recap, Derek Fisher got back in the game already after being suspended in one game as being ejected during the second game.

*** Boston Celtics defeated Orlando Magic with only one point of the score. It is so much overwhelming of the last one second that player from Celtics got it that made them won. Bravo!

May 07, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Last night's playoff between Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets was held at Staples Center in Los Angeles (Lakers home court). I got fascinated that I watched the game from 8:30 pm to 11 of Daylight Pacific Time that supposed to be my blog hopping time. (lol). The first half was kind of a big gap in favor of Lakers team but on the second half it's on match that they came into tie on the third half! waaaa.. I took a shower and hubby paid the rent that time though.. We believe we're the lucky of the game (lol) - just kidding folks. Well then, lots of toughness happened. Rockets had more on 3 points shots that they're about to lapsed the Lakers team on the third half. Also other toughness done was that Kobe got 40 points all in all for the entire play, Derek Fisher then got ejected due to some elbow bouncing from to the other team guard. And the other guy from Rockets team too got ejected for having a misbehavior or displaying his misdemeanor behavior towards Kobe Bryant. In the end, the score is 111- 98 in favor of Los Angeles Lakers team. Woohooo! Kudos to the players! Am looking forward of their rematch game in Houston Rockets home court. Let's see folks who's the tough then!

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April 15, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Last night there's a game between Los Angeles Lakers and Utah Jazz in Staples Center from 8 pm to 10:30 pm. It lasted 2 hours and 30 minutes which is of normal game shown on tv live update. As what we knew that the playoffs will begin soon(April 18) which I mentioned at my last post regarding an update similar to this . So then, as usual I was happy and amazed the two team showed for I am a basketball fanatic . The game ended with the score of 125-112 in favor of Lakers. Yay! Wooohoo! (~_~). Remembering as to the last year event, the team got bumped or played each other for the semi-final that ended up to the team scores 4-2 in favor of LAL. So then, am looking forward of their play for the next time and for the playoffs if they will be fighting for the semi-final again or forward to the next level (final or championship). We (NBA fans) that Lakers(L.A.) and Celtics (Boston) fight or played for the championship last year and it ended to the championship of Celtics. I will surely watch for that championship season this year. Have fun watching basketball folk s!

April 12, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

As I write this post I am as well watch basketball game of Los Angeles Lakers vs. Memphis Grizzlies at Channel 14 in Charter Cable tv from 6:30- 9 pm PST(Pacific Standard Time) of this day (Easter Sunday)live at Staples Center here in Los Angeles, so it's Lakers home court. So then, it's of 4th quarter now with the score of 74-60, in favor of LAL with the time of 8 minutes and 3 seconds to go to finish the game . I will then finish this post when the game will be finished.
So, how was your Easter Sunday folks? This day then, is the last day of Lenten Season and another church calendar cycle will begin tomorrow and another 40 days for the said Roman Catholic Church calendar which is also called the second cycle from 4 for the whole year. So then, where did you went lately and what had you done for this day? For me, I just at sit and sat at my computer , talk to my friend at the phone, cook adobong kangkong with rice to finish for the dinner. Then pizza for snacks bought. Then, lately at 5:00 pm went to church heard mass. For the rest of the day, sleep, sleep, and sleep! (~_~) Did I say sleep? Yep! I couldn't imagine that week went fast and my Spring break from school finished already and tomorrow will be the beginning of the busy days then.. I love it though, I love learning at school! I guess all of us does love learning too, am I right? (~_~)
And now the basketball game already end, but before I reveal the score I just wanna share to you folks who are also basketball fanatic that NBA Playoffs will begin this April 18th. So, I will be then sharing you what gonna be happen then, if you're interested.. are you? Or I will share you the baseball I watched yesterday between Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Arizona, or about hockey of Los Angeles Kings vs. California Sacramento? Ohhh before I forgot NCAA began already, last 2 weeks ago UCLA vs. USC Women's Basketball Category is awesome and dramatic to watched! It's some kind of controversy at the last minute of the game wherein UCLA shoot to make it tie but in the end it's not counted but before the decision there was minutes of decision-making and that's what makes it controversy. So now, before I tacked about football and soccer, I have to tell you now the final score of Lakers vs. Grizzlies - the score is 92-75 of in favor of Lakers. Wooohooo!!! Grizzlies did a job though, it's a heart-pounding at the 3rd quarter down to the 4th. So, lets talk some about soccer and football as well as the other sports next time which I enjoy to watch or worthy to watch folks, com' on share the sports in us!.. How about yours, do tell us about it folks... Anyway, have a HAPPY EASTER SUNDA
Y a


March 12, 2009

You might already knew this but for some peepz, I have to post this.(1) Francis Durango Magalona , who is a famous rapper, song writer, producer,director, actor, and host in the Philippine Music Industry died of leukemia. He's just only 44 years old. How sad for he's just very young to. Well, to the fans out there like me- it's just what it is. God got him already. We will just offer a prayer for him as an honor of his valuable talent endowed and shared to us Filipinos and all.

(2) The Iraqi Journalist
Muntader al-Zaidi, who shot to fame after flinging his shoe at former President George W. Bush during a press conference with their Prime Minister last December in Baghdad, ended with a relatively light three-year sentence before had given already a 3-year of punishment living behind bars. For me, whatever reasons he has, this is a just punishment or should I say is not an enough punishment that he insulted as such as like that to an honorable American President. It should be 7 years or 15 as it's first appeal then, he's lucky enough to have just light 3-years sentenced . How do you like what he's doing guys?

(3) After 2 months from the defeat of Lakers (Los Angeles team) versus Spurs (San Antonio team) for one(1) point only finally came into match again yesterday and Lakers did it for 7 points against Spurs.

And I would like also to give heartily thanks to those friendly and thoughtful fellas(plural of fellow or co-bloggers) who tag and awards me, thank you soo much for including me in your list and am thinking of doing it every weekends for the busy as a bee sched of me during weekdays- you know already guys the reasons. Thanks for the patient of waiting your tag to post in here. Don't yah worry 'coz I will do all the tags and awards you've endowed and entitled for me. Muahhhugs to all of you. I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Check it out guys every weekends.

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February 22, 2009

I watched basketball live at our house lately from 4:00 pm to 6:30. The game was held in Minnesota home court. It is Lakers (Los Angeles team) vs. Timberwolves(Minnesota team). The game was good and entertaining. In the last hour they're of in change of score who's in lead. It's a good fight. I was thrilled too for I am Lakers fan, am glad Kobie got it a nd it ended on their favor- 111 over 108. Woohoo! Lakers won again! By the way, I took the photo from our tv screen.
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posted by: Cacai M.

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