September 29, 2010

(Guest post written by Kimmy Dawson)

When me and my fiance signed the papers and bought our apartment together, we moved a lot of our furniture from both of our old apartments in there as a temporary thing.

We've been spending a lot of our time leading up to our wedding registering for stuff for our apartment online after we settled on one of the DIRECTTV internet deals we found when we moved into the new place. There are a lot of things that we need for our apartment that you can't exactly register for, like a couch. But we're just going to see what everyone buys us and has shipped before and right after the wedding before we start buying big pieces like that. However, we're finding a lot of things that will surely come in handy once we're married and I'm a little more domestic, like a salad spinner. I didn't even know those things existed until I bought off the registry for one of our friends that got married this summer. But I was so impressed with it that I knew we needed one too. We don't have a whole lot of kitchen stuff so that's mainly what we're concentrating on. Our place has a good sized kitchen too so we actually have storage space now.


  1. yen said...
    doing my rounds here Cai
    Dhemz said...
    laag ko dire madam sis...hehehehe...namuot si goryo akong giingnan about atong San Antonio, CA.hahahha....way puangod nga bana...ahahhaa..ingon sya naanad man daw kuno sya ug sulat sa!

    ugma na nako to ipada madam sis kay palit sako ug envelop...para sure mamao ang! gamay nalang kau nabilin ato...igo nalang to para sa!

    thanks for joining tuod atong $35 gc!

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