July 11, 2010

Boohoo! It was just a minute ago which Netherlands and Spain FIFA teams were having championship game ended. The game had its overtime and extra time. Normally, a game only lasted for 45+45 minutes equals to 90 minutes and when no team scores it would have its overtime for 30 minutes which would turn the game to 120 minutes. If no team scores that time, penalty kicks would do the scoring but lo and behold Spain scored of approximately116 minutes! And so the game continued. It has its extra time of two minutes and then crowd cheering already, yes Spain team was proclaimed as 2010 FIFA Champion! How cool is that? It was a tough game because the score is only one which is apparently Spain got it at the neck of time. So how are you feeling there? ;-) You have got the feel the magic or should I say the intensity and the skills of the players with its technique as well as its luck. Oops, can you say it is luck? It is their skill, isn't it? *wink* Have you seen one Netherlands player got mad at the referee? Bouncing the ball and cursing? Ah! It must be disappointment, frustration or something like that. You know what you thought at watching it. Hem-mm. There must be many crying over it? Whatever it is, I would just like to congratulate the winning team. Congratulation Spain for grabbing the title! The winners must take it all. Ha! ;-)


  1. analou said...
    waz ko ka tan-a dani kay nagwork ko. AKo hinoon hubby kay totok jud sa tv..
    Anne said...
    la, thrill kaau jud syagit2x ko apil hehehe... Spain man diay ka la, ako netherland mao kalooy sad pildi.. hehehe
    Cacai M. said...
    heheh.. mao jud An.. bivo oi! And lola Anne, mao jud.. heheh.. it's exciting because of its score aside from they are great, the best among the best. ;-)
    David Funk said...
    It was a championship game to remember, and I was fortunate to be able to watch it.

    The Netherlands had just one of their players receive a red card, thus giving Spain the one-man advantage. Both teams still had their chances before to score. Spain won all their games in the Knockout stage by the score of 1-0 which is fitting how the World Cup ended by that same score. Congrats to Spain!

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