June 18, 2010

Did you watched the championship final game last night? Yes, it was Lakers! Los Angeles Lakers grab the 2010 National Basketball Association Champion! It was a tremendous, "the hardest game by far, Kobe Bryant (the MVP NBA 2010) said last night after the game ended as was being interviewed. As a Lakers fan, it was a joy watching it but the heart was beating fast too as the last quarter game played. Why? It is because Boston Celtics holding the first three quarters scores. Yes, Lakers was outscored seven by first quarter, six by second and four by third quarter. I just shouted at my Facebook wall, " Celtics fans call this a celebration now thinking it's been six points lead by 2nd half and seven lead by first half?" at the end of second half. Ha! It was more of not, but watching and hoping positively that Lakers would get it. ;-) It is sweeter when they get it at home court, on the other hand, sadder when loss. And yes, after Lakers declared as champions, as I joined the fun smiling and looking in front of our TV --- I then typed to plurk (is also integrated in Facebook and Twitter) as " Let's call it a celebration, Lakers win! (banana_cool) I watched and celebrate as Lakers were announce as back to back Champion, woohoo! :) " . Isn't that cool? ;-) Lakers now has 16 titles as NBA Champion, Bryant was in with five out of that 16. Lakers and Celtics as said to be the best teams match-up so far.

Oops, I know Celtics fans were not happy but I also know (not 100% but can have it if they want) that they have their sportsmanship as fans. :)
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  1. David Funk said...
    Congrats to the Lakers for winning the NBA Championship in what turned out to be a scrappy and hard fought Game 7!
    Cacai M. said...
    Yes my friend D. Cheers! ;-)
    Mama Ko said...
    Aguy usa kgyud ka sa nag hugyaw tsang celebrating your teams victory. na akong bana sd nalipay, ang talinis nga simud nabinat pagka daug sa lakers hehehe
    Dhemz said...
    congrats to the Lakers...we were at las vegas strip when we saw the finals....bibo kau mga tawo...ehehehe! way to go....:)

    sensya na madam sis karon lang ko kabalik sa blogland....glad to be back in Cali....lol!

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