May 27, 2010

Today, May 27, 2010, at nine o'clock PM Eastern Time (9:00 PM ET) or six o'clock PM Pacific Daylight Time (6:00 PM PDT) Los Angeles Lakers will play for Game 5 against Phoenix Arizona team at LAL home court, Staples Center. Its game score is tie, meaning for four games --- two won for LAL while two won for Phoenix Arizona too. For this game 5 tomorrow, whichever team will win, will make it then happen or looking forward to game 6 in Phoenix Arizona home court play against one another then game 7, if necessary. Which team is your bet for tomorrow folks? Remember that LAL is doing very good in playoffs when it comes to defending its home court but you can never underestimate Phoenix Arizona team too, so, which is which? I go for my favorite team --- LAL! *wink* You can bet which one you want.. hehehe.. good luck then..

Also, if you like how Boston Celtics team (2009 NBA Champion) play and Orlando Magic, you will be looking forward to its game 6 on Friday (tomorrow) at eight-thirty PM Eastern Time (8:30 PM ET) or five-thirty PM Pacific Daylight Time (5:30 PM PDT) at Boston Celtics home court. So far, Boston lead for 3-2, meaning they have three won while Orlando got only two won. When Orlando Magic, won tomorrows game, there will be game seven but if not, they will go home loss the game or eliminated.

So which is which? ;-)


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