November 11, 2010

Just as this moment, the game ended between a match-up of Los Angeles Lakers between Denver Nuggets at latter's home court (Nugget's basketball court). As I saw it on first and second quarter, it was Lakers on the lead just few points as well on the third quarter. Just as a surprise, Lakers struggling on the fourth quarter and there on the last minute when Pau Gasol did not get to shot the ball, at least it is only two or three points to get in order to tie-up and have an overtime play of five minutes to decide which is the winner. But then it the score ended of six points (107-112) lead by Nuggets. :-( Anyhow, it is Denver Nugget's basketball court, and the players defended it as it has been seen by its score. Being Lakers fan, I loss too. Ha ha ha! But oops, no hurt-aches though its Lakers first loss this season  because it is just yet a season, the thrill here is on the  playoffs, pre-final or final time! What a lucky day for Nuggets (this time)! Credits to Carmelo Anthony of Denver Nuggets for being the top scorer of this game. What a game!

On the other hand, the game before Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Nuggets was Boston Celtics versus Miami Heat, actually it was a rematch of the latter. I was cheering for Miami Heat though I also like Celtics. Seemed like Heat was underdog for 16 points lead by Celtics and the lead went down to three then it ended as was being lead by five points (107-112) by Denver Nuggets.

As seeing by its score this Veterans Day 2010 Celebration, what have you seen? Any similarity?


  1. analou said...
    I haven't watched the basketball for quite sometime now Baje. Busy with some stuff.....Mayka diha kay grabeng shiagit para magcheer sa imong favorite team. Well, baje gotta go. Miss yah!
    Cacai M. said...
    agoy na mao baje.. singgit jud.. lingaw2x bah.. labaw na jud ni sa playoffs, pre-final den sa final.. hehehe!

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