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August 26, 2010

Come on guys, it has been days Venus Raj has been in the top of the news everywhere. I do not want to have a follow-up post (my past post two days ago which you can see below or the next page backward) regarding a critic on her (I did not really critic that much) because I need more evidences before I will jump-in. But let us see see this one critic from ABC News and have your say about it.

What do you think?

Looking back on a day as this news hit the top, I was searching while I can which led me to one of what I found. It was in YouTube actually, about her life. Living in a house without electricity with the most of her life, in a nipa hut made of wood and how she practiced herself doing a cat walk in a "pilapil" (rice paddy) to joining oratorical contests, pageants, scholar and became a cum laude at one of prestigious school in PI. How was that? Okay, it made me cry especially on the scene of "Wish Ko Lang" video of her. Hemmm.. :-) Now, am speechless again. Makes me wanna see that video back (and cry again?). Ha! ;-)

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