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June 20, 2012

There are so many ways to find happiness in your life like hanging out with friends, reading books, shopping, strolling and anything that you think you are happy doing such. Music is one of those which can can bring happiness in our life in a simple way. The life that we continue to journey on.

Through the years, we have been surrounded by music. It has penetrated every era of the modern world. Music is used in so many ways these days. To name a few: to create ambience in different places, entertain us especially in gathering and special event and occasions,  guide our emotions for being happy or sad and yes, many more. Most of the times, we can see people just stepping and stomping their sole jiving such. It brings smile unto us, I know, right? Smile. :-)

Music brings happiness to us but we don’t realized and recognized that music is the one brought it in our mood. We caught someone singing in the shower room, singing when they have their ear plugs in, and sometimes singing inside the car that brings to us a smile in our face. Music also bring emotional feeling to us most especially when we are sad. Music affects our emotion because of its sound and lyrics, that’s what music can bring to us. Ooh yeah, it is all about music, of what it does and brings to us.

Are you a music? If so, then we share the same fond of it. Yes, I love music so much! What about you? How do you like it?

July 18, 2011

Seeing those fireworks during the Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve celebration is such amazing. They are very colorful and would truly liven up any celebration. People of all ages, especially the children adore them and it would be great if you can have one in one of your celebrations in the future, right? The downside is that if you are planning to purchase the kind that you saw on TV, it will actually burn a hole in your pocket as they do not come cheap. But the good news is you do not actually have to be a pyrotechnics expert to be able to make a simple one for your son’s first birthday celebration, for example. You can simply Google the instructions on how to make your own fireworks. And for all your fireworks-making supplies, you may like then to visit and you will be all set. Then your Do-It-Your own journey begun.

As it has been said, this online shop offers everything you might need to make your very own version of a dragon firework. Choose from their wide array of supplies that include chemicals, like sulfur which is one of the basic component on how to make it, and other one chemical is different types of oxidizers. You can also check out  the wide assortment of metals and fuses to choose which ones you would like to use on your very own fireworks. Have fun on your DIY journey of making fireworks!

February 02, 2011

When there are friends, family, alumni-get-together and alike, what would usually is on the center? Yes, I can hear you! Drinks, wine, foods which include dessert and everything but what else? Yes, discotheque (or simply called "disco") or with a live band which everyone celebrates what should have to be celebrated. But what about karaoke? Yes karaoke with the use of its karaoke machine makes the group alive and could shout, oops I mean sing what their hearts out. He he he! And everybody happy! Yes, everybody would be happy with the help of the host/hostess great party. :-) That would be awesome, don't you think? Do you love singing?

Me, I love it that much though I do not have such a very voice. Well, practice makes perfect, right? Ha! What's the use of your own karaoke if you won't use it? How I wish I/we have one. Just for family bonding or for special occasion.

October 18, 2010

(Thanks for the post from Bertha Randall)

While fall means that I can no longer pay an almost daily visit to my local swimming pool there is still a positive. Fall means the return of my favorite shows, including my all time favorite "The Big Bang Theory". As I settled down to watch my favorite fall TV premiere on satellite TV from cannonsatellite. I reflected on just bow bad television had been over the course of the summer. 

While "Persons Unknown" was a bad program with a really good premise, I no longer have to suffer through the convoluted storyline because my favorite show is back on the air. Of course everyone seems to want to talk about the possible new girlfriend for Sheldon but quite frankly I don't care about that. While I have heard tell that they are gong to make sure Sheldon remains completely sexless, I don't buy that they can do that convincingly and still have the girlfriend on the show. I have a feeling she will make an appearance here and there but won't be a major player in the plot of the series. 

I'm far more interested in how they handle Leonard and Penny. I don't want this to turn into a Ross and Rachel thing where the show is almost always focused on will they or wont they, I'd rather they must not and move on with a good friendship.

October 13, 2010

(The article written by Victor Flowers)

I was watching Paula Deen again on the satellite TV I got from directstartv, and this time around she was making a recipe I found quite gross at first: Brussels sprouts and Bacon. I was watching Mrs. Deen cook this with my husband, who happens to be a fan of Brussels sprouts, and he asked me if I would be willing to try and make it. I agreed, but on the condition that he had to clean up the mess afterward!

The ingredients seemed simple enough: bacon, onion, garlic, Brussels sprouts, pepper, chicken broth, and butter. I had to fry the bacon, easy enough, then saute the onion and garlic in the grease left over, then add the sprouts. Once they were mixed in it with the broth, it all had to cook for about 20 minutes.

When I tried the quick meal, I found myself surprised at how flavorful it was. The sprouts were delicate, and the bacon added just the right amount of meaty flavor to the broth. My husband loved it, and as promised, he cleaned up the mess I made in the kitchen, and with a smile on his face! I plan on making this recipe again for holiday meals, and I hope these sprouts will be a hit with other people too!

October 06, 2010

(Thanks for the post from Stan Atkins)

Attending a California Bears football game with my 2 children is one of the highlights of my year. At least once annually, we pack up the family and attend a home game at California Memorial Stadium. I absolutely love this place. The stadium is located in Berkeley and offers unique features not seen at any other stadium.
My children's favorite feature is the cannon situated above the stadium on "Tightwad Hill". Every single time the California Bears score a touchdown, the cannon lets out a tremendous blast and the stadium goes crazy. The cannon blast mixed with the raucous fans makes for a great atmosphere. My favorite thing about the stadium is "Tightwad Hill" itself. During big games, spectators that are too cheap to purchase tickets climb the hill and sit in proximity to the cannon. It's loud in the stadium so it must be deafening to those sitting right by it. 

We heard the cannon blast quite often at the last game we attended. On September 11, 2010, the Bears steamrolled the Colorado Buffaloes 52-7. Quarterback Kevin Riley passed for a career-high 4 touchdown passes and left Colorado looking shell-shocked. Cal was up 31-0 going into halftime and forced Colorado into tossing three interceptions and an additional two lost fumbles. Buffalo was rarely able to move the ball and never really threatened Cal. 

The California Bears football program has been outstanding the past few years so I make a point of never missing a Bears football game. When I can't make it to the game, I always watch it on satellite television.

September 24, 2010

(Thanks to Wm Rowe)

I have to admit it -- with all the fancy superheroes and sophisticated, adult comics out there, I still prefer Superman. I've been a fan since I was a toddler, when George Reeves flashed onto the screen in "The Adventures of Superman". You can still catch this great series on TV, along with the wonderful romantic comedy series "Lois and Clark".

Everybody knows the story of Superman and how he was rocketed to earth as an infant by his father Jor-El before their planet Krypton exploded. Raised by a kindly farmer and his wife in an idyllic rural setting, young Kal-El was called Clark Kent and kept his unusual abilities a secret. He became an award-winning investigative journalist for the Metropolis Daily Planet. His brilliant, beautiful co-worker Lois Lane, cigar-smoking boss Perry White and genius arch-enemy Lex Luthor and are almost as famous as he is.
What I love about Superman is that he sets an example. He is a spirit of help and inspiration to the people of Earth. Even other superheroes respect him, for he believes that all living creatures are essentially good and want to do right. 

Superman changed the face of comics. Superheroes had existed before him, notably Doc Savage, but none had captured the public imagination as forcefully as the Man of Steel. His real life story is as legendary as his mythic origin. He was created by schoolboys Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in the mid-1930s. Their original story was about a hero like a modern Samson or Hercules, who would fight for truth and justice, right wrongs and save lives. After being rejected by several publishers Superman found a home with Action Comics, and the rest is history.

September 09, 2010

(Guest post written by Sheldon Penniford)

I watch NASCAR every now and then with my friends but when I think of Daytona, I think of Daytona Beach, not the huge race that takes place there every year.
My family always went to Daytona Beach so I just love going there each year for my vacation. This year when I was sitting on the beach with my wife and kids under one of those rental umbrellas I was telling them about my summers there with my parents before that but I was having a hard time hearing their part of the conversation. After asking "what" so many times and for them to repeat themselves my wife suggested that I look up Miracle Ear and go to one.

So I did that while I was still relaxed after my vacation. I'm glad that I did because I think that's going to help me create and fully experience even more memories. I think that we're going to go back to the beach during our kids' Christmas break for the shopping, putt putt, driving go karts and other fun things because you can't really swim in the ocean then because it's too cold.

April 12, 2010

An x-box 360, what year it became so famous by the way? I heard a lot of my friends and family circles about it and am somewhat like wanted it. Perhaps for my close ones or for myself but I have to see what my pocket can afford to. This is not just a cheap toy but surely, it is very cool to have one because PC gamers down from the kids to the adults, from men to women, single to married surely love it. I was told by my nephew that it is very "in" nowadays like any other "in" stuffs. :) Well, xbox 360 is really cool to have. For sure, it will entertain folks in family bonding time. I have heard that it is now only P299 which includes 120GB HD, Wireless Controller, 2 Games: PURE & LEGO: Batman and it is free shipping? How cool is that? This is surely a catch to those who are catching for a great price. Good luck PC gamers and all the gift givers.. :) Have fun.. :)

March 21, 2010

For a house to become a home, there should have love for people living on it. Family bonding should be in the first list. I could say, how rich you are and how beautiful your house is but you have a family of no love, then the things and stuffs you have are useless but a simple (or luxury) home with a loving people or family are the one who we can call happy and ideal to which a house is a home. Speaking of bonding moments in the house, it is cool to know when you have that cool home theater seating to watch with. Nice looking TV mounted stuffs in the corner that everybody can watch and have fun. I know, there is nothing important in this world than love so bond as you always can so peace, harmony and love is always there. One can understand and always there through thick and thin, can fight difficulties and trials when love is present, isn't it? What do you think is awesome to have when everyone in the family is present? Watching TV program, that cool movies, sports and other games are just some of several entertainment you can for an entertainment purposes much more if you have that comfortable entertainment stuff a family love. So then, happy family bonding and keep the love burning! :-)

December 13, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

My fiber optic Christmas tree w/ stuffs and lights at night

Christmas day is fast approaching and it's only eleven days to go! Are you excited? Hmmmm... How could you then feel that Christmas is on the way? Can you feel its countdown?

For me, I could feel it through Christmas tree, lights, decorations and songs over th
e radio, on TV, especially in the house and in the neighborhood. I don't know but that's how I basically feel it. Two days ago I told my DH that I couldn't really feel that Christmas is in the air because we don't have decorations in our house yet. Though I already have the stuffs from last year but I didn't felt like doing it. My first time here in America, I felt excited and felt like I did the decorations at the onset of "ber" month and DH laugh at me because he said the tradition is after Thanksgiving Day. Then the next year, I just followed what's the tradition, I did the decoration after TD. Then this year is opposite. But I made up my mind to shop (though hubby was hard to convinced because of the rain) and decorated it afterward (that was two days ago), and did. I can now feel the spirit of the coming holiday. I am like a child, chasing the Christmas tree and the lights always, I feel happy doing it. :-) By the way, I use big and tiny lights (both changing colors and steady), put some lights, and garlands (colorful, single color {white, yellow, and lavender) on the decorations and tree aside from the basic light of the fiber optic (I think that's why the light stands out). By the way, you can click the images to enlarge. :-)

inside (morning) and my very own made wreath in the outside door {wreath looks pale in pic :-( }

outside our home rainy mor ning {look at the sprinkled raindrops on the glass} and night pic below
Advance Merry Christmas everyone!

November 25, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.


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November 20, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Billiard is a great sport where men and women excel in its own unique way. Players doesn't exert more force to do it unlike the football, boxing, rowing, and other sports. I guess it depends on its talent how they got it and how discipline they are when it comes to its capability. Most said pool cues does a great part of this sport. How it is handled and how good the stuff is.

I just know recently that billiard pool cues comes into different style and definitely the cost as well. Yeah, I wonder how each other vary but what am sure is that when one is expensive that means the quality of it is far more better than the cheap one. Well, I guess there are tips and tricks on how to buy of this. Well, only good billiard players knows about the quality of pool cues they would get that fit to its capability or that gives advantage to the player.

Well, if you're one of the person who likes to play this sport, I know that pool cues is important for you much more if you like to put up a billiard room on your house. It will be a great steps so you can have the privacy at your own place. Have fun playing!

November 04, 2009

What's good with an LCD TV? For me, aside from it is an "in" thing for a modern technology television, it provides good space since it is thin. If you have a small place to put your soon television in, then buy a stuff like this - an LCD. one It has a high definition which makes the picture clear. It is light also to which you can mount it anywhere you like, whether you hang it over on your living room, kitchen, and everywhere - it's just okay unlike the former style. Well, that's all what I can say about an LCD TV for now. Am sure years from now there will be another added stuff to this LCD TV features since technology is changing fast. What's more? Let's find out..

October 22, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

A unique Z-Line design of tv stand is what captures my eyes lately. This is good for 36-50" size of flat panel television.

Do you like the image above? That's the tv stand I like. Isn't it that unique and nice one to organize your home? I don't like to admit but this is my first time to see this kind of tv stand. And you know what, this is only 150 bucks plus free shipping nationwide. Am not a seller but I just like you to see and figure out what am talking in here. How I wish to own this one.. lol. Do you like it? Am sure you will love to watch your television setting of this kind of stand as I do. Well, see for yourself ... (~_~). What do you think?

September 25, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

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 ((( UPDATE!!! )))
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August 25, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Do you have a problem with multiple remotes at home? How's your multiple remotes doing? What are your frustrations in having multiple remote? How does it affect you and your family member? Do you want to simplify your entertainment system with only a single remote?

our multiple remotes at home

The above image is our multiple remote
. We have remotes for television, DVR, DVD player, component, and portable DVD player. Though, our remotes come in different sizes it is still difficult to identify which is which. Many times when we want to turn on the television we must first get the other remote. Usually, hubby tune-in the television with the component remote. It is a hassle because we cannot directly tune in what we want. It is time consuming and frustrating. Whew! Too many remotes, too many buttons!

Yamaha neoHD remote is the answer of this problem. I reviewed this product recently and I found out that it is family-friendly . It is a remote that meet our need and easy to use. My husband is a simple person and definitely he likes simple things. With advanced technology and user-friendly operation of Yamaha neoHD, he will surely check this out. With one remote, we can have complete control of our entertainment system, with an immersive sound equals endless of enjoyment!

check out how to use Yamaha neoHD at If you are a Facebook user, follow neoHD on Facebook for more details.

Please leave a comment on this post if you have had an experience with multiple remotes that you would like to share.

July 20, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

How do you like to watch soap operas, news, and etc on your television? Are you comfortable with it's stand? Are you currently planning or perhaps looking for tv stands? For me, I really like to see those televisions hang at the wall. One time I thought if it's just easy for it to fell down since it's just in the wall. And later I figure out that those were engineered and designed beautifully before it passed on to the consumers and if there's some mechanical problems, it will then be changed directly and it's the least possible cause. Anyway, am comfortable for what we have in our house now but if ever hubby would like to get new tv stands for our bedroom, below and above are my choices to have or either one of the chief or sanus tv stand name. I guess women and men do like stands like these, do you? (~_~) Have a pleasant day folks! Enjoy!

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