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January 27, 2013

 Without a credit/debit card or PayPal, it is really impossible to buy merchandise online or even open a music/video-rental account. For many, they have a credit card, but I am sure they have to limit theirselves from shopping online, otherwise they will be buried from debt.

I actually have PayPal and good thing the store that I planned to shop for a gift online for my friend is accepting such for payment, but the thing is I changed my mind, I won't shop online yet. I have planned to do it this coming weekend at the local store nearby, at least hubby is at home, and he could watch Sarah while I am away for a couple of hours. I have no idea yet on what to buy, but since she is a woman, I am sure it is not hard to look for a gift for her. I want something that she could use, wear, or see it everyday. I just wish she will like it. Anyway, while I am typing here, I am also chatting with my friend on Facebook. Ha ha. Thanks to my little princes for not disturbing me. She is such a darling! :)

November 20, 2012

Honestly, what do you think when it comes to pretzels? Alright, you may think the traditional pretzels to which it can be located under snacks/junk foods or something to munch on. Oops you got to recheck if you think such, that's because what you saw are products from Pretzel Crisps® Deli Style which can be found in deli area of the grocery store. And yes, different texture and taste from the traditional ones.

It has seven (7) different flavors, to names are: Sesame, Buffalo Wings, Original, Garlic Parmesan, Everything, Chipotle Cheddar and Jalapeño Jack. For me, I like most the Everything flavor. Though all are salty but I eat it with something sweet like that of peanut butter. I also like to try the Pretzel Crisps® Deli Style recipes that I saw.

I think this is a great to give as a gift to your mother or friends who loves cooking, as a celebration of Thanksgiving or a way of thanking her in any way when it comes to foods that gives impact on you. :-)

What do you think? And so, Happy Thanksgiving then! All the best!

June 27, 2012

Special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and weddings deserve a special gift. People usually give a unique piece of jewelry to make the celebration journey even more special. If someone close to you is celebrating an important milestone in her life, you may want to give her a gift that she’ll be able to use in many different occasions for a really long time. Verragio Rings are just made of unique pieces of romantic jewelry that you can choose from either made of diamond, platinum and alike . Any of them can be the perfect gift can even become a future family heirloom.

In buying jewelry, consider the occasion as well as the jewelry preference of the recipient. Consider her sense of style. Make sure that you will choose a piece of jewelry that she is most likely to wear frequently. Classic Verragio Jewelery such as a solitaire diamond pendant goes well for those who frequently attend formal occasions. There are various pieces of jewelry that can be worn a daily basis and can be used to accentuate a certain look.

Find a trusted jeweler that can provide you with the quality jewelry that you can give as a gift. Your jeweler will also help you decide which piece of jewelry can be the suitable gift to give.

February 26, 2012

Have you notice something on this blog's header?

Yes, on this blog, CSJ's header. A co-blogger friend of mine, Mel Cole, is tweaking an image of this blog, a little on the header, actually. From personalized picture (located on the left corner) to an avatar. I like it so much. She's doing great of making this. It exceeds my expectation. And to tell you, it's free. So this post, is a thankful post for her. I like how cool blogger she is.  Hayyzt, I wish I have her software and skill as well as time, eh? (*wink*) Despite of her busy schedule, she manage to have time for this. Thank you sis/mommy Mel! I love it!

January 25, 2012

Time flies so fast  and long before you know it, little Cupid will be in the center of everyone’s attention again all there will be loads of hearts, flowers and reds everywhere. A few weeks before the great V day, don’t you think it is about time to hit the mall (or click your mouse, whichever is most convenient to you) and search for that special present for that special someone in your life this Valentines? Of course getting him, or her, the same thing you gave him or her on Christmas or New Year’s or any last special occasion will defeat the element of surprise and would probably fail to put a smile on his or her face. So, forget about expensive jewelries, you might not even afford it and your sweetheart might just end up keeping it in her jewelry box for fear of losing it once he or she has worn it. Think more of a lovely romantic dinner date for two at one of those plush restaurants in the city. Or probably a weekend getaway for two would also do the trick. Or, maybe you can get him or her one of those special Valentines Zenni Optical sunglasses. They are not only fashionable and sturdy, they also make for practical and functional gifts, am sure your sweetheart will love.

December 24, 2011

Christmas shopping does not mean you have to spend a fortune just so you can give every friend, family member and loved ones a present this Christmas. If you know the right places to search and buy gifts, you will have big savings and much worth for every cent you spent. Check out those midnight sale and end-of-season sale where they sell items and products with great discounts. Imagine getting the same quality and brand at a cheaper price. Your friends will thank you for the beautiful gift and your pocket will be delighted, too!

You can also check out warehouse or depot outlets who sell products at a steal. Check out alternative merchants, too, that will give you more value for your hard-earned money. Like this company for example that sell economical eyeglasses and prescription glasses. For a very reasonable price you get a pair that is not only fashionable and durable but also one that would not charge you more with additional expenses on marketing and what-no's. They bring their products directly to the buyers with no middlemen and additional retail expense to worry about.

Giving gifts this Christmas need not be a cause for worry if you know the right place to shop!

December 09, 2011

 It will be only  few more weeks into Christmas plus I bet a lot of us are still looking for things to give our dads or the other men in our lives. I think you will agree when I say that giving gifts to men is no easy feat. It is almost always a struggle to hunt for the best items you’d think they will like. Maybe, for a change, this year. How about gps with bluetooth for that? It is not only useful item to give, but it will also satisfy the techie side of the most important man in your life. How cool is that? :-) We always have to remember that a daddy/husband is one important person in the family. He is the one who brings food in the table (though there are also moms does). Isn't it sweet if you could give him something especial this Christmas to show your love to him? You could make him smile whatever gift you could hand-in as long as a love is there.

As usual, I am hunting the Worldwide-web for possible gift ideas for friends and loved ones. You know Christmas is coming up. Giving gift is something a culture of everyone when its this season of the year. It is one journey of being kind, literally. :-)I bet you are also planning of what to give for your loved ones and friends. For me, hopefully, I would have extra bucks for such and everyone. Well, currently, I am browsing this in ear headphone reviews as I am considering getting some for my music-connoisseur friends as I said earlier, as a Christmas gifts. Almost everyone now owns mobile music players or mp3’s, even children. Would you believe, that I think it best to give them a headphone or any similar accessories that will go well with their latest favorite gadget. I hope I will stumble into a bargain so I can get several items at one time, I don’t think these items will come cheap! Don't you think?

November 17, 2011

Thinking of what better things to give your yogini friend as Christmas presents? Why not check out those beautiful Crystal Singing Bowls while having one of your shopping journey moment. These are lovely handmade singing bowls made from the finest and highest quality Quartz Crystals which your friend can use during her meditations. Crystals are also believed to have healing features that made these singing bowls ideals for healing and therapy sessions. What is even better is these items are available in different sizes so you can choose which one fits your friend’s preference the most. They are also built to be hard-wearing so your friend can enjoy your gift for a long time.

November 16, 2011

It can sometimes be a very daunting task to find the perfect gift for dad, but I guess it just takes a little creativity to make sure you will not be giving dad another pair of shoes, or another tie or another watch just like you did the previous year. Consider dad’s passion and hobbies before trooping to the mall to get him a present. If he spends long hours out in the sun ray ban aviators might just be the best gift you can give him. It will protect his eyes while driving under the heat for hours or helps him work better with his handicap in golf.

The biggest holiday of the year is fast approaching and I am sure a lot of moms out there are hard-pressed on completing their long list of things to do before Christmas approaches, and slowly doing a little Christmas shopping here and there to make sure they are finished with their list way before the month of December approaches. Gifts for the baby and godchildren, including nieces and nephews, check! Gifts for girlfriends and mom friends are also on their way. But, as always, mom struggles to find the perfect gift for the most important man in her life – dad!

August 18, 2011

Technology indeed has come a long way. There are now many gadgets in the world to which accessible both online and offline. Geeks are journeying on computer gadgets, day to day needs people are fond and interested with. Then develop it from time to time, making it better and more everyday. There are many latest inventions. Like for example they invented household items, computer accessories, geeky gizmos and other cool stuffs folks love to have.  Geeky Gadgets offers that news and information. We sure like to know what are their latest, the "in" thing when it comes to it. You love updates on those cool ones, don't you? 

Geeky Gadgets site does not only updates and entertains you to the cool latest gadgets or the geek news but also provide online coupons, promotion codes, and discounts for online stores just like Nutrisystem discount codes and Weight Watchers coupons, speaking of journeying into weight loss idea. Now that is hitting the two birds at one stone. As in, if you are fond of geek gadgets at the same time looking for coupon codes, then you are in the right place to search for codes to use on buying something you like to get. Checking it out in there help save time and of course money. Now what would you do with those bucks you could save? Can you invite me to have some food trip? Grin. Just kidding. I can be happy if you could give me some discounted cheapest geek stuff that you can see in there. Oops, just kidding again. It's up to you. You can have geeky gadgets idea for your gift plan for special occasions  to your geeky behalf, family and friends. Have fun and all the best!

July 10, 2011

In our life's journey, we have friends. A girl friends and a boy friends. But not girlfriends or boyfriends. See the difference of the two? I know you know. Or unless if you are a psychopath or what, it is your lifestyle but it's really great having friends, alright one girlfriend or one boyfriend is great when it comes to a relationship. The true and honest one. Having said that, each would know each other better, trust more. And when it comes to special occasions or even just an ordinary one that you maybe grateful or just thank him/her for being faithful, cheap girlfriend gifts but quality and meaningful one would do the talking of one's heart. Of what one would like to let him/her feel as of that moment. It makes a difference when there's something that you could hand-on to your special girl. Ah, boys are good with that. And it's not bad. It brings more the image of being romantic and being thoughtful. Every girl loves that!

May 01, 2011

When will be your anniversary? Well, it doesn't matter when actually. As long as you do not forget it. Made/make a plan in advance to surprise your behalf is great to know you have something prepared for. Every anniversary celebration is great, 5th anniversary gift baskets on your 5th is also awesome for you to do it. I do not know if you are celebrating everyday on your love but for me, anniversary is special and essential. :-) Well, it does not need to be expensive. It is just that you will make your partner special! Thoughtful gestures, as they say. So then, have an advance anniversary for you two! Have a great one. ~hugs&kisses~

March 29, 2011

Okay, this is Lenten Season. A time for fasting and abstinence. Next month, specifically on the third week, will be the holy week and then came Easter Sunday. And what's comes next? I mean what family occasion should we celebrate? Do you remember Mother's Day happens every month of May and then for Father's Day for the month of June? Yes, Mother's Day is on the 8th of May (just three days after my birthday). Whew! Time flies so fast! Seems like I was just 21 years old yesterday, hah aha! And then days will come-by and I will be a mom. What a nice feeling it would be. But for now, let us talk about your plan for this Mother's Day celebration which is fast approaching. Do you have some special mothers day gifts planned for your beloved mom? You know it is great to plan and make a list unlike having some difficulty of finding it because we did not plan it. You can just put it on your mind or as I said put it in a list. For sure you would want your mom feel very special on that day. As in, you are very happy having her. Why not?! Grab such opportunity to thank and let her feel on that special day of hers. Good luck then, and all the best on your plan. :-)

February 26, 2011

You maybe one of those folks who collect mugs, like to give mugs as giveaways or any other occasions (okay not all the time) or just give it to your friends and family as remembrance. You are sweet. Your hobby teaches you to be kind and being one of a kind. Alright, I may not be a mug obsessed but I appreciate mugs especially with arts on it. It would be better if it is photo mugs as I love looking up photos of my family and friends. Well, for some kind of unique way instead of photo frame or a photo album kind of stuff. For me, photo mugs are also great for gifts as the receiver is the character in a mug, don't you think it's cool? I don't know what you think but it is cool for me.

January 10, 2011

 Few days ago, if am not mistaken Christmas time, my stepdaughter kept on bugging my husband asking if her gift (actually "gifts" because it has for me too and her niece (a daughter of her paternal brother which we called with Donald a niece too, who is Danielle) already arrived. Knowing her she wants her greeting card, gifts or pressie to arrive on-time. She never mind if it cost much to mail it just to let the recipient know and appreciate it on-time. But sad to say it did not arrive on-time because it arrived today. But nevertheless because it arrived safe and sound. He he he! My husband has a box of three pieces of handkerchief and a classic necktie clip, Danielle got teddy and a beautiful little princess book. And I got a pretty sparkling necklace from Forever 21.Now, I will just make it up to you Rochelle! Thanks a bunch! Really appreciated. I actually wearing it now. Thanks again. God bless!

December 24, 2010

When it comes to kids, Elmo is such a common thing. Kids adore it and wanted it like their mom. Oops! Okay, it is kids stuff. This time of year, giving gifts to kids is such memorable to them. I would not believe it is one of their happy moments (if not happiest) the whole year round. If you want your kids to be merry, you may like to give him/him personalized elmo apparel especially if they are Elmo fans. For sure, they would not forget you. Now, it is not only you are happy but the kids you love too! Merry Christmas!

December 14, 2010

Love is the greatest gift of all we can have for Christmas but of course it is great to have the material things as we live in a material world. Oops, we have to give love not only for Christmas. Nah! It is most celebrated during this season that is why it is important to have something for your love one. Family and friends often exchanging gifts.  Many likes an idea of giving cell phones to their kids or family circle as this is important for communicating each other and often well-wished. Well, cellphones are expensive and mostly expensive stuffs are most looked or loved aside from it is precious to family. For me, I only want Christmas cards excluding from my hubby. He he he! Okay, I also allocate and reserve some idea too for him. It is not good to just receive and nothing to give (excluding to those who do not have really), agree? To everyone, advance merry Christmas and enjoy giving gifts!

August 30, 2010

It was how many weeks I was not able to print photos to give to my sweet step daughter. She sent me pictures telling it is for me though my DH is also entitled of it (of course aside from it is her daughter) as we are couple. Well, it was such a nice feeling thinking about giving regards and some hi and hello on the phone through her dad. She even sent (first time she sent for me and for her dad, usually a greeting card) us gifts from her savings and she said it was being sent with love. It is humbly given since the gifts was awesome from bath and body works. Not just two but a large flat rate USPS box for the two of us (DH and I). Okay, it arrived after DH and I's anniversary. :-) Now with it were pictures too and a card, without happy anniversary but just a gift. It was cool and sweet, for me. If it is not for you, then I do not know how you call it. Now, it was already weeks have passed contemplating about my running of ink and some busy stuffs. I am planning to have those pictures to be printed to send to her through online printing, in this way I could also print the others for album safe keeping. It also good for professional print. All I can then do is upload those pics and l instruct how I would like it to be printed or how many pieces each of those pictures. Hemm.. now tell me if it is not a good decision then. All I wanna have to do for the meantime then is to see my shell of savings for the printing jobs. I have to do more counting back and see how many could I came up.

August 27, 2010

Who among you in here like to give gifts to your husband, wife, kids, family or friend? I guess, most of you. Don't you feel special when you receive a gift with your name on it? Hemm.. that must be sweet and a great feeling from you. Such giver maybe got it from personalized gifts for all occasions. What money is for by the way, right? ;-) Though it is a general thought that we have to be thrifty and such for rainy days but we should also not to forget that we live in a present. Gift need not be expensive. It does not need to be big and many. After all, it is the thought what counts. But of course, a need should be placed in the first place. You may like to give one for his/her need or such. :-)

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